This Eagle is Ready to Fly in Canada:Eruzione Signs with Surrey Team in British Columbia Hockey League

Danny Eruzione won’t have a hard time getting recognized as a member of the Surrey Eagles of the British Columbia Hockey League (BCHL).

 Anyone who follows hockey knows that Danny’s uncle, Michael, was the captain of the last U.S.A. team to win an Olympic gold medal – and scored a somewhat significant goal versus the Soviet Union along the way. Danny’s father, Vinnie, played three Division 1 college sports at Holy Cross and is the director of athletics at Curry College.

Danny will be trying to carve out a name for himself in the elite Canadian Junior ‘A’ hockey league (widely known as Juniors) that features top prep school players, college and NHL prospects.

Eruzione just wrapped up a stellar three-year career at Cushing Academy following his two seasons in the Winthrop High School program where he was an NEC All-Star left winger and teamed with NHL draft pick Chris LeBlanc (Merrimack) on a high-scoring Vikings’ line.

One of those players inspiring Eruzione to consider the BCHL for a proving ground was Winthrop’s Mark Hamilton. “I saw what Mark did in Juniors and how well he developed as a hockey player and he’s at Maine now playing Division 1 hockey.”

Interestingly, Eruzione works regularly on his strength and conditioning at RPM Fitness, which is owned by Marie Hamilton, Mark’s mother.

 Eruzione’s Eagles team has had a slew of NHL draft picks in the past. “I can’t wait to get started and playing on the team,” said Eruzione, who will be living 10 minutes outside of Vancouver.

Eruzione impressed Surrey Eagles coach Blaine Neufeld throughout the team’s recruiting and signing process.

“When we do our recruiting we are looking at many different aspects,” said Neufeld, “First off, can the player skate and Danny is a tremendous skater. Secondly, can he contribute offensively, and Danny has great stick handling and can make plays happen out of nowhere. Finally, we ask what intangibles set the player apart from others and Danny has those intangibles you look for.”

Eruzione, who competed in a wif

Danny Eruzione will be playing for the Surrey Eagles in the British Columbia Hockey League.

Danny Eruzione will be playing for the Surrey Eagles in the British
Columbia Hockey League.

fleball tournament Saturday at Coughlin Park, thanked his family for their support throughout his hockey career and in his decision to sign a contract with the Surrey Eagles.

“My father was the biggest role model in why I started playing hockey, as well as my uncle, Mike. My brother played four years of baseball at Bentley University. I also have two sisters whom I love dearly, as well as my mother who does everything for me.”

(Information and quotes from the Surrey Eagles Web site were used in this story with permission from the team).

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