Police Blotter 07-16-2015

Saturday, July 4

Report of a loud party on Shirley Street. Officer reports speaking with residents who agreed to end the party for the night.

Another report of a loud party on Beach Road. Officers spoke with subject’s party over peace restored.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports a NJ motor vehicle hit his metal fence. Driver exited the car stating he was there for his girlfriend. He then got back in and drove down Pleasant toward the point. Possible OUI. Described as male, possibly Hispanic, mid to late 20’s. He had a diamond earring in his left ear with a hat on backwards. All units BOLO.

Calling party states while walking his dog near the back entrance to the rink, he found a manhole missing the cover and there are exposed wires. Officer was able to put the cover back on but the bolt to lock it is broken. DPW notified.

Report of a man sleeping on the second floor in the hallway in house on Shore Drive. Officers report subject is leaving town for the day and has cleared the scene.

Report of a dog attacking another dog on Francis Street. Officers report all parties have been advised and ACO was notified of this situation.

Calling party on Shirley Street states a baby at her home is having a seizure. EMS notified.

Party on Loring Road reports he observed a light blue motor vehicle with Florida plates driving slowly through the neighborhood. Caller thought the party was acting suspiciously. Units notified to BOLO.

Caller reports a car on Shore and Hawthorn Avenue hit a person on a bike. Fire and medical notified. Officer reports talking to the male on the bike. A door that was being opened hit him. He is okay and wants no action or medical attention.

Sgt. Hickey off with rowdy mariners at the Public Landing. All checked out and they were sent on their way.

Daughter on Locust Street called to report that her father needs a transport to the hospital. Fire and EMS will handle.

Call of a disturbance on Hermon Street. Detective reports he had them quiet down and they will leave shortly.

Party on Somerset Avenue stated he was on vacation in the state of Washington a year or so back and he lost his Ugandan passport. Something written by the police is needed to renew his passport.

Reports of people in the middle of Pleasant Street lighting off fireworks. Officer reports no noise or people in the street.

Very excited young female Main Street called to report that her mother can’t breath. Fire, EMS and an officer notified and report the mother is okay.

Party on Siren Street called to report that people are shooting off very loud fireworks and embers are landing on houses. Officers report speaking with subject who will stop.

Female called to stay her sister is near the water on the left of Main Street when you enter from East Boston and someone in a moving car threw water on her. Officer will check the marsh on Morton Street and he reports a few small groups but no one waved him down. A few minutes later a lady came into the station and stated she was the victim of this water-throwing incident. She also told us that the car came by a second time. She did not obtain a plate number. It was black, four door full of white males.

Report of massive fireworks display across from the Arms. Officers report having them stop.

Officers assigned to Delby’s Corner report a fight near Irwin Street. All units report moving the group and sending all out of the area.

Report of kids lighting fireworks on Veterans Road and now there is grass smoldering. Fire notified.

Kids drinking open containers of alcohol in Coughlin Playground. Parent is in the area and will take them home.

Delby’s Corner officers report people walking by with alcohol. W94 officers report they have one under arrest for public drinking.

Officer reports drink female with three children on Shirley Street. Requests medical, one transported to the Whidden. Children with her brought to the station and the grandfather arrived at the station after calls were made to the father. The father gave permission for the grandfather to take the children.

Father on Loring Road called to repot that his daughter is a problem and very drunk. Officers report she is being transported to Children’s Hospital.

Mother on Cliff Avenue called to report that her daughter is in the garage burning stuff. Officers report they would like Det. Armistead to respond. They all report that the female needs to go to the hospital for an evaluation under Section 12. Officers report EMS responding for transport.

Call of fireworks in the area of Yirrell Beach. Officers report he has had them stop and move on.

Report of fireworks in the area of Undine Avenue. Officer reports nothing showing.

Young female called to report she is being harassed by a male in a grey 4-door vehicle at Pleasant and Bellevue Avenue. He keeps driving by her and asking her what she is doing and if she wants to go with him. Officers report they checked the area to no avail. W96 Carter and Dutra took the young lady home.

Report of people breaking glass near the Revere Street Dunkin Donuts. Officers had them clean it up.


Sunday, July 5

Calling party on Elmwood Avenue stated there is a large party in the area. Sergeant and officers report they had the crowd go into the house with a stern warning.

Party on Shirley Street stated that her mother is having stomach pains. EMS notified.

Call from a party on Elmwood Avenue reports that kids will not disperse. Officers report (as officers were being sent, another call of a fight in the street), they have a large crowd. Chief reports they split the crowd into two groups, one sent down River Road and the other up Washington Avenue. Cruisers are following the groups.

Caller reports a group on a front porch on the corner on Beach and Myrtle Avenue being loud and obnoxious. Officers report nothing going on.

Party reports almost hitting someone walking in the street hitchhiking on Revere Street. Officer located the subject and sent him home.

Off. Brokmeier responded to Pearl Avenue to have the subject stop making remarks on Twitter regarding an arrest made earlier on July 4th.

Caller on South Main Street requesting EMS for mother-in-law.

Clerk at Cumberland Farms states that there is a person refusing to leave the store. Subject was sent out of the area.

Party on Hawthorne Street reports that his brother is acting up tossing things and shouting. Officers report speaking to both subjects who will try to get along.

An off-duty Chelsea Police dispatcher called to inform us that on his way home to Main Street he came across a stolen vehicle that was stolen out of Chelsea last night. It was last seen in East Boston heading towards Revere. Officers notified. BPD located the car and arrested the subject.

Party came into the station to report he believes someone is up on the roof at Executive Apartments sleeping and staying there at night. Officers report no signs of anybody entering the roof area. Calling party was advised to call via phone the next time.

Male party walked into the station to report that his motorcycle tires were slashed and he believes it is his ex-girlfriend.

Party on Cutler Street believes her boyfriend is having a heart attack. Transferred to EMS.

Employee at Cumberland Farms called regarding a male sleeping in a car out front. Party has been sent out of the area once again.

Party came to the station and reports that her ex-boyfriend just struck the rear end of her rented motor vehicle near Thompson’s Towne Liquor and continued up Washington Avenue. Officer erupts damage done to the vehicle.

Report of person stuck inside the lobby of the ARM at Bank of America on Main Street. Two people were let out.

Medical aid for a person who hit his head on Hermon Street. EMS notified.

Caller on Banks Street reports he thinks a motor vehicle is following him around. He wants it on record.

Party reports someone going nuts in the area of Shirley Street. Officers report peace restored after a small disagreement.

FAA reports five kit flyers in the area of Court Road. This is off 22L. Officers reports unable to locate the source. The deputy EM Evans also checked the area by boat to no avail. MSP Logan Sgt. reports the kite flyers were located on Constitution Beach in East Boston.

Dep. Evans reports a vessel aground off of Court Road. The parties are safe and awaiting high tide.

Party on Sunset Road reports she could hear a female shouting at her mother inside. Officers spoke with a couple of parties in the area and have not heard a sound.

Caller on Myrtle Avenue would like to see an officer regarding a past breaking and entering.

Caller on Wilshire Street states that her sister is having a reaction to medication.

Party on Bowdoin Street states that several days ago she was awakened by a woman calling out for “stop, stop” and then all went quiet. Several minutes ago she heard it again and she believes it could be domestic violence. Units responded to the area. All quiet at this time.

Monday, July 6

Reports of a possible leak of water on Lorean Terrace near Johnson Avenue. DPW notified.

Caller on Sunnyside Avenue reports a Mazda parked there since last Wednesday. Car listed out of Somerville and placed on 72-hour list. Officer will place a sticker on the vehicle.

Dog walker on Shirley Street called to report a fire alarm going off near there. Referred to fire.

Sgt. Dalrymple reports a large tree branch is blocking the sidewalk at Putnam and Buchanan Street. DPW notified.

Report of a lost or stolen cell phone. The phone was pinged and pinging comes back to Crest Avenue area, near the laundry. Officer reports checking the area without any findings. He checked the merchant sin the area and all the employees let him check their phones.

Report of a male down on Shore Drive near Irwin Street. Caller said the male was walking unsteadily and then flopped down. Fire notified. Officer spoke to the party who is known to us and he declined any assistance. He appeared to be okay at this time, just trying to keep out of the sun.

Caller at Executive Apartments reports hearing loud arguing from the 2nd floor and a possible gunshot. Officers report possible firecracker went off outside the building and the arguing was the residents on their balconies trying to figure out who lit the incendiary devise off.

A smashed phone found in the center was brought to the station.

Reports of a male passed out on the porch on Sea Foam Avenue and caller doesn’t think that he lives there. Officer spoke to the male, which was the same individual from the previous call who effused medical. Male was warned to stay off other people’s property. He refused any medical.

Caller at Alia Ristorante reports a male party slumped over the wheel of his motor vehicle. Winthrop fire and units notified and report the party checked out and sent on his way.

Party on Shore Drive reports a male came into his yard near his steps and then fled towards Irwin Street. Second call from a woman for the same party who now is at Irwin and Shore Drive. All units tied up. 935 left from the station with Section 12 paperwork.

Caller reports a black motor vehicle with a female driver was tailgating him as he passed Yirrell Beach. Caller then called back to report the party followed him to Deer Island and was yelling at him and then she left. Units tied up on various calls. BOLOed the vehicle. The caller then called back and said she was back again and then left. W91 and W92 located the party on Shirley Street. The officers spoke to the female who was upset and frustrated regarding a relationship breakup. She was given a warning and sent back to Revere.

Party called to report losing his wallet on Yirrell Beach yesterday. It contained his debit card and two credit cards, some cash and miscellaneous papers.

Party reports someone left a backpack at the bus stop at Golden Driver.

Party on Winthrop Street reports a female slumped over the wheel of a motor vehicle. Units report female party being transported to the Whidden. Family notified and will respond to the hospital.

Caller reports cars are parked on the bridge. Officer spoke with one operator who will remove his motor vehicle from the bridge.

Reports that two males were arguing near the construction site of the high school. W91 requests 92 to assist. W92 reports one party was uncooperative and walked away. Other party came into the station to make a report for ACO. Another party came to the station to file a report regarding the incident involving their dogs. ACO notified and will follow up with the parties on Wednesday.

Party on Shirley Street reports residents in party going on in the building and causing a disturbance. Units report only two people in the apartment and everything is quiet.

Officer reports motor vehicle stop at Main and Pleasant Street revealed that the operator was unlicensed. A parent was contacted to retrieve the vehicle. Criminal complaint to be filed.

Tuesday, July 7

Nurse reporting a head injury on Lincoln Street. Referred to fire.

Crystal Cove Inn reports a fired driver is now picking up fares in his own private motor vehicle.

Report of someone putting a dumpster in the middle of Beal Street/ Officer reports being dumpster being moved into the yard.

Reports of two street lights out at lower end near stairs on Hale Avenue. DPW notified.

Received a call from Boston stating they received a call from the Coast Guard who received information from a truck drier that a boat was taking on water off Deer Island there may be two people in the water. At the same time W94 was monitoring the radio from Boston. W94 proceeded to the Island. Fire notified and they notified the harbormaster. The State Police as also notified. Boston units and State units were assisted to the island by W93 and W91. W94 reports nothing showing yet. Some have moved over to check the area off of the breakers (Five Sisters). W93 will go to Shore Drive area and check from Beacon Circle area down. W94 reports that State and fire will do a check on the Yirrill Beach side for any signs. W93 checked Temple Avenue extension, Halford Beach, Highlands and no sign of anything. W94 reports checking the entire perimeter of the Island on foot with fire and the State and there was nothing showing. Winthrop Police and fire are now clearing. W94 reports there are still multiple vessels in the water around the island.

Caller on Pleasant Court repots a party there making threats.

A needle was brought to the station that was found in the rear of the CVS parking lot. It was placed in the container.

A juvenile came to the station inquiring about a case that occurred in Weymouth. Mother and daughter were referred to Weymouth PD and/or Quincy District Court.

Party came to the station to report being threatened by a resident of Winthrop over some flea market items. The party filled out a victim/witness form. Officers listened to a cell phone message. No threats heard but referred to Revere for a harassment order and to take a report. The incident originated in Revere or someplace else.

Unit reports a motor vehicle with four flat tires at Delby’s Corner. Vehicle was put on 72-hour list days ago. G&J notified and will respond. Unit reports vehicle towed for violation.

Wednesday, July 8

Multiple calls for a motor vehicle accident at Bartlett and Pleasant Street. Units respond and report major accident. G&J was requested for both vehicles. Fire and medical on the scene. 94 reports passenger of vehicle one fled the scene prior to their arrival. Paul Revere buses are being rerouted down Winthrop Street. A cab was requested to the scene. Parties from both vehicles refused transport. 94 states a citation was issued to operator of Vehicle one.

Report of an altercation between tow truck operator and resident at Governors Park. Units report Enterprise Rent-A-Car was reclaiming a rental that the resident refused to return. Units kept the peace while the vehicle was removed.

Detectives will respond and assist investigators from the Attorney General’s Office to subject on Main Street.

Report of trespass tow for vehicle at Governors Park.

Ambulance needed for male subject on Winthrop Street. Fire, EMS and officer will respond and report transport to MGH.

Manager at Executive Apartments reports a male subject that does not reside there has been sneaking onto the roof of the building and spending the night there. Units report a misunderstanding due to language barrier. The individual is a technician working on the air conditioners on the roof. No service necessary.

Caller on Somerset Avenue called to report that kids hang in her hallway and come and go ringing the bell. Officer reports the person in question is an older woman and was headed towards the Center. Off. Carter will assist in looking for her and they report the area checked to no avail.

Fire Department called to report a large tree branch is down at Main and Marshall Street. Officer reports there are two large tree branches down. DPW will remove.

Daughter called to report that her mother thinks someone moved her air conditioner at Viking Gardens and they think someone tried to get in. Officer reports there are palm prints. Det. Callinan will assist. The air conditioner is pushed in and to one side, plus the screen was pulled.

A female called to report she might have some information about the unidentified child found on Deer Island. Information was given to Det. Carter who spoke to the caller.

Revere unit requested an officer to Morton and Russell Street for some contraband. 94C was removed from the bench there. The subjects had fled the area.

Manager at Viking Taxi reports a recently fired employee has called him several times in threatening conversations. He wants to speak to Det. Jaworski but would like to have units make checks around the taxi stand. Units will check the area in their travels.

Party reports that his wife is having a confrontation in the parking area of Dunkin Donut on Main Street. Officer reports speaking to both parties who were name calling each other. One party was very upset over the other female having parked in a handicap parking spot. Both subjects were advised they were wrong and sent on their way.

Mother called to report that her daughter did not return home after coming to Winthrop on the Fourth of July. She reports that she was visiting a friend, but no further information was available. No answer at any of the numbers given by the mother. The daughter’s phone was not traceable. A friend called to state that the daughter was with him on the Fourth but left close to midnight taking a cab to the Heights. Winthrop cab was checked and they stated they picked up a fare at the friend’s address with the matching telephone number of the missing female and took her to Orient Heights. Information given to the mother and to Newton PD.

Subject walked into the station to report that he needs to go to a detox facility. Winthrop Fire and ambulance notified and took him to the Whidden.

Party called to report that while he was out walking his dog at Locust and Myrtle Avenue four males followed him home on bicycles without lights. The caller believes these males were trying to intimidate him. He said he spoke to them about riding down the hill of Locust Street into traffic without stopping. That is when they started to follow him. The caller believes they are approximately 18 years of age. Units BOLOed.

Thursday, July 9

Concierge on Lincoln Street requests an ambulance transport for a resident per doctor’s orders.

Report of equipment in a shed being stolen on Winthrop Street.

While on the 209A call, Off. Carter reports there is a buzzing sound coming from an electric box on top of a pole at lower end near the marsh on Pleasant Street. Fire will assist and they report no danger. National Grid called.

Detectives report they have a motor vehicle stopped at Winthrop and Ocean View Street. The vehicle comes back with revoked license. G&J will tow.

Report of a past shoplifting incident at Woodside Hardware. W92 reports he has information and will submit a report.

Report of an abandoned bicycle on Crescent Street. W91 reports he has the bike and will place it in the garage.

Caller on Morton Street reports a small dog or puppy is tied up to a pole and is now barking. ACO notified and reports nothing in the area.

Party reports that a woman is yelling at another woman and waving a stick on Lincoln Street. Officers report problem with an autistic daughter. All is okay.

Party reports tripping and falling in a hole in the sidewalk on Edgehill Road. WFD notified to assess the injuries. W92 responded to Edgehill Road and reports shoveled out hole near the hydrant with a cone placed near it. DPW notified.

Newton Police called to request we go by on Forrest Street and check on a female that was staying there but had left over the Fourth of July. W92 Ramadani reports nobody home. Newton PD was left a message.

Report of a smell of gas on Pleasant near Bartlett Road.

Female came in to report that her motor vehicle has been vandalized several times on Revere Street by a group of gang members from East Boston. This is a result of an incident that occurred in East Boston and the gang members have been targeting her vehicle while parked in Winthrop.

Social Worker called to report that her client needed medical attention on Winthrop Street. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Party on Loring Road called to report that a woman with two children is in the area selling cookbooks door to door. W91 reports a ministry group who state they do not need a permit from the town. Officer advised the group to check in with the police station so we can advise the callers.

Manager at Alcohol & Drug Free Lodging Home called to report an unwanted guest at the home making threats. Units report 30-year-old male transported to Whidden and advised under group rules not to return for three days.

Three calls of a fire outside the 7-11 in the donation box. Transferred to fire.

Units report assisting arson investigator with film evidence from previous call on Revere Street.

Caller reports being involved in a motor vehicle accident on Pleasant and Main Street. Units request fire and ambulance. Units report two went to MGH for minor injuries.

Friday, July 10

DCF hotline operator requests we do a person check on Winthrop Street for a 13 year old who may be home alone. Officer reports speaking with the party’s mother. She is home and not in the hospital.

Female employee of Showcase Laundromat reports that there has been a black bike in front of the store since she opened at 7 a.m. and thinks it might be stolen. Bike was put into the police station’s garage.

Unidentified female party reports that someone is getting their roof done on Sargent Street and is out of town. But now she has to listen to the excessive noise. Officer sent by the area to hear the sounds being made and reports they are actively working on the address with several workers, but nothing being done is extremely loud.

Medical needed on Sturgis Street.

Party on Shirley Street reports that someone used her information and shut down her Verizon cell phone as well as having made charges on her credit card in hear name. She will stop in and fill out a victim/witness statement, so that Verizon will investigate the matter further.

Off-duty police officer reports missing juvenile on Sunset Road. T he juvenile ran from police and was caught on Read Street. Officers transporting the juvenile to Brooks Court House.

Party on Overlook Drive reports a male party has fallen and hit his head and he is bleeding. Transferred to EMS.

Caller requests EMD for a party that fell at Winthrop Senior Center. WFD and EMS notified.

Code Enforcement Officer advises that he just gave people on Shirley Street a cease order to stop burning debris and to obtain a building permit for work being done there.

Female party came to the station to report a white van parked in a handicap spot taking pictures of planes on Shirley Street. Officer reports the vehicle is no longer in the area.

Party reports that his drier made a delivery to Pearl Avenue and only a partial payment was made and he slammed the door in his face. This is the second time. Officer spoke to the caller who advised it was under $1.00 this time. The restaurant owner will no longer deliver to that address.

Caller on Governors Drive reports that her old tenant stole an air conditioner unit out of her apartment. Subject informed the officer that the air conditioner is still in the apartment and the two parties have an ongoing civil issue at court.

Calling party at Fort Heath Apartments believes he is having a hear attack. Transferred to EMS.

Caller on Walden Street states that there is a woman that needs medical assistance.

Party came to the station to report a dispute over rental monies paid to a party on Hermon Street. He states he does not want to stay there anymore and the party will not refund him. It was explained that all his right have to go through court and he will speak with a housing advocate at his school to assist him in filing civil charges.

Party on Shirley Street from earlier call came in requesting a report on the identity theft she previously reported.

Person check at AA meeting on Bowdoin Street. Officer reports one male going to MGH.

Three persons sent out of Hannaford Park.

Gang unit off with a large group at Temple Avenue extension. There were 10 individuals and they were sent out of the area.

An attempt to serve summons/citation from Woodstock, VT to subject on Upland Road. It was served in hand to the named de3fenant.

A group was running through backyards on Circuit Road, headed towards Pauline Street.

Saturday, July 11

Caller reports a loud group near the Lincoln Street side of the park. W94 reports checking out a small group. No alcohol and cooperative. They were sent out of the area.

Boston EMS reports a female caller at the Arbors stated that there was a man in need of assistance.

Caller on Russell Street reports that his girlfriend needs medical assistance.

Complaint of a loud party on Pleasant Park Road.

Caller at Governors Park reports a loud group in rear parking lot. Officer reports parties sent out of the area.

Party on Bowdoin Street repots roofers working and getting debris all over. Officer reports speaking with the roofers and will maintain a clean work zone.

Report of an injured skunk in the middle of Quincy Avenue. Officer reports injured baby skunk on the sidewalk. ACO was called.

Calling party reports a loud machine being used in the area of Winthrop and Ocean View Street. Officer spoke to the crew who are tearing down a pool. The crew is almost finished.

Party reports a contractor appears to be tearing asbestos off a house at Pleasant and Buchanan Street. He is not sure of the address but it has big blue tarp on it. Officer reports the general contractor produced all the permits and there is a certified asbestos abatement company dong the work.

Caller on Myrtle Avenue reports the neighbors has been out there being loud and obnoxious, swearing and playing loud music all morning long. Officer spoke to the subject who turned down the music and will keep the voices down.

Calling party stated that there are two kids on Pico Beach that are suspicious. Officer spoke to the two kids and stated that the kids were just laying out enjoying the sun.

Caller on Shore Drive repots two pit bulls running down the street towards Beacon Street. ACO notified.

Party on Court Road requests EMS for her elderly father who is not feeling well. Call transferred to EMD and WFD for service.

Caller on Summit Avenue reports running water from upstairs neighbor causing problems with electrical wires. WFD has been notified.

Party on Tafts Avenue reports a woman wearing a gray shirt on the rocks shouting that she cannot find her family. Officers responded as well as MSP and report locating three parties and escorted them to a safe location.

Caller being harassed by a female customer at Quick Foodmart. Officer reports verbal only, suspect left, all settled for now.

Sunday, July 12

Caller on Sewall Avenue concerned about re-occurring threatening phone calls from a private number. Officers will make checks of her neighborhood.

Neighbor on Cutler Street complaining about noise/party on porch.

Caller on Prospect and Faun Bar Avenue reports a group of rowdy kids. Units report party breaking up.

Party on Atlantic Street requesting medical attention for elderly mother.

Caller on Willis Avenue reporting a wire down in front of her house. Officer reports that it is a phone wire.

Ongoing harassment issue on Shore Drive. Officer will add to report.

Female on Walden Street having shortness of breath. Transferred to EMS.

Female party on Sun set Road reports that there are trash barrels holding parking spots. An officer removed the barrels from the street.

Female party on Veterans Road stated that a package that was delivered by UPS was stolen out of her building.

Caller at Governors Park reports a hibachi with an open flame is being used on the 3rd floor balcony.

A woman fell and needs help getting into bed on Sea View Avenue.

A man down in a doorway on Crest Avenue. One male to MGH.

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