Winthrop Public Schools Conclude Very Long Year

It has been a long year for Winthrop Public Schools; not simply because of the 183 days, but because of the preparation for swing space that began during last year’s final day of school. Superintendent John Macero is looking forward to the end of the school year on Friday, June 26, when he can take a short rest.

“There have been a lot of great things that have occurred. There have been obstacles and challenges that we’ve been able to overcome throughout the year,” said Macero.

This summer will be much less intense than last year’s. The buildings will be cleaned and new employees will be hired. Everything will be in place for teachers to report to school on Sept. 1, and for when students begin classes on Sept. 2.

“I am extremely proud of the staff, who have done a phenomenal job,” Macero said. “The students were my unsung heroes this year because they came in and created an environment to be successful.”

There are multiple projects occurring simultaneously at the new middle/high school. The front of the building is being bricked, and the roof is being installed over the auditorium. Inside, the plumbing is being installed, and the rooms are being defined with the framing of metal studs.

Currently, there are only half of the construction team, electricians, and plumbers working on the completion of the school; but sometime in the middle of the summer or beginning of fall there will be up to 150 employees working together.

“It’s amazing to see what these guys do and what they know,” said Gary Skomro, School Committee Chairman, who has toured the building with Macero. “It’s remarkable.”

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