Police Blotter 05-28-2015

Monday, May 18

Party on Bowdoin Street reports a suspicious black male is laying down in the hallway in an apartment building. Officer reports having the party clear out of the lobby and the officer gave him a no trespass order.

Caller on Douglas Street reports a neighbor’s son and father have been harassing her special needs son on separate occasions. She has tried to speak with them, but it doesn’t seem to be stopping them. She did not know their names but was informed to contact us if another incident occurs so that we can identify both father and son.

Calling party on Girdlestone Road stated that his mother feels lightheaded and needs EMS to take her to the hospital. EMS notified.

Officers follow up an investigation at the Pizza Center.

Officer will attempt to serve a summons out of Suffolk Juvenile Court to subject on Cliff Avenue.

Lifeline call from Executive Apartments for a medical. Fire and EMS notified.

DCR rangers called reporting someone giving their ranger a difficult time near the construction zone on Shore Drive. Detail officer reports speaking with the ranger who no longer is having an issue. He was given our number for his future reference.

Caller on Winthrop Street reports a vehicle parked in handicap spot without a card. Officer reports the vehicle moved on their arrival.

Party on Johnson Avenue stated a girl se knows just drove up to her house and threatened her.

Caller reports a motor vehicle driving on the wrong side of the road and dr5iving fast at Main and Winthrop Street. Officers on the BOLO.

Party reports operator keeps striking the curbs at Main and Hermon Street. He is now headed towards Magee’s Corner.

Two women fighting outside the coffee shop at Atlantis Marina Condos. Officer reports no one in the area and worker at shop saw no one outside.

Party on Pauline Street wants to go to the hospital, as he is feeling suicidal.

Caller on Strand Way reports a van parked by empty house and a male and female got out and are now walking on the seawall looking in people’s backyards. Officer could not locate people or the van.

Party on Cottage Avenue called to report a stolen BMX bike, chrome colored with black and red accents.

Caller at Governors Park reports UPS delivery of a cell phone from E-bay some time today was stolen.

Tuesday, May 19

91 initiates a motor vehicle stop for a traffic violation and a citation was issued.

DPW reports uncapped syringe in the handicapped parking space outside of the public works building. Item secured and disposed of in Sharps container.

Report of a trash truck that struck a fire hydrant on Faun Bar Avenue.

Party on Veterans Road called to report that she is sick. EMS notified.

Report of a motor vehicle headed toward the Point with no tires on one side. All units were notified. Officers checked the area and could not locate vehicle.

Officers report parked motor vehicle showing expired registration on Grovers Avenue. Vehicle confirmed it was expired. Parking citation issued and vehicle towed by G&J.

Caller on Myrtle Avenue reports that her neighbor is once again piling trash up against her fence. Referred to Code Enforcement and Board of Health.

Party on Cutler Street came to the station to report that somewhere in between Palm Beach and Logan Airport she lost her British passport.

W97 Chief called to report some object swinging in the wind and may come down near Twin Bakery. DPW notified and will check it out.

Caller (bus passenger) reports that two passengers on the Paul Revere bus are extremely intoxicated and causing a disturbance.

SRO Armistead requests a marked unit for an unwanted guest harassing another student at Winthrop middle School.

E911 hang-up on Thornton Park. When tried calling several times, no one was answering. Appears to be a dead battery phone. WFD arrived and entered the home. Units repot a hazard inside the home. WFD will notify appropriate agency.

Caller on Undine Avenue reports loud noise. Units report a 9-year-old youth shooting a ball into a barrel.

Party on Bowdoin Street reports he has two youths in his back yard with his son’s bike that they were stealing. Units report speaking to owner and youths. The matter has been resolved between parties as the youths were there to return a previously stolen bike missing some parts. The parts have been located by the youths’ parent and will be returned. Unit will speak to all parents and youths and will further investigate to completely resolve the matter.

Wednesday, May 20

Caller on Golden Drive appears disoriented and stated he was on the floor of an unknown hotel but was at his residence. Fire notified and 91 responded. EMTs evaluate the male party, no medical transport. Units clear.

Elderly male on Golden Drive continuously calling 911 looking for his phone. 91 respond again to assist and clears.

Party at Governors Park called to report her sister is having a seizure. EMS notified.

Detectives are off on a follow-up investigation at Governors Park.

Party on Shirley Street called to report that his girlfriend hurt her back and is in pain. EMS notified.

Male called from Winthrop Parkway to report a male on a bike with black clothing just bought drugs in revere and is now entering Winthrop. He hung up before we could ask any further questions.

Party on Winthrop Street gave his rented vehicle to an acquaintance and the acquaintance has not returned the vehicle. This occurred sometime last night. After being interviewed by the detectives, he does not want the car reported as stolen at this time.

Female called to repot a small red car is all over the road and went onto the sidewalk. Vehicle is just going to East Boston and Boston Police were notified.

Child exchange in the lobby of the police station.

Vehicle on Shore Drive comes back with revoked insurance.

Caller at Governors Park called to report an intoxicated female with a leg injury there.

Thursday, May 21

911 call from the Suffolk Mental Health House on Morton Street to report one of the residents fell. EMS notified.

Citizens Bank security called. They are receiving a signal that a window was smashed. Officers report no window smashed and nothing damaged. In fact, a teller was standing outside waiting for the manager to arrive. Officers report after the bank opened, the manager stated a Plexiglas sign fell and that is the nature of the alarm calls.

Party on Plummer Avenue called to repot that her neighbor stated a white van in it stopped in front of the house and then they got out and looked in the garage and took a picture of the house. This occurred yesterday. Nothing taken and nothing damaged. Owner of van could not be reached. Salem Police were called and they stated they dealt with her on a few bad checks, husband or boyfriend works for foreclosure company.

Caller on Trident Avenue states loud argument occurring.

Party on Winthrop Street is reporting that his rental motor vehicle has not been returned after he lent it to an unidentified person. See previous incident.

Caller on Prospect Avenue called to report that his mother needs an ambulance. EMS notified.

Party on Summit Avenue called to report a subject with Texas plates is going around asking people if they want their driveway paved. Officer reports the vehicle is not on Summit Avenue. He will check the surrounding streets.

Report of people who live on Summit Avenue apartment let their dog run around the hallway and it jumps on everyone who goes in there. He states his mother is getting old and wants this stopped. ACO notified and he will go by and handle.

Party that lives next to the Verizon building on Madison Avenue states there is male behind the building who looks drugged out. Officers report speaking with subject and before they cleared, the male began to act spaced out. Fire notified.

Report of a water leak/break on Bayou Street. DPW notified and he reports the crew is flushing the hydrant.

Report of a truck blocking the sidewalk on Myrtle Avenue and has been there for three days.

Child exchange in the lobby.

Party on Trident Avenue reports a solicitor at her door earlier regarding solar panels. We have no permit here and units will check the area.

Caller from Cervizzi’s Martial Arts reports that someone has passed out. Fire notified. A 33-year-old female transported to hospital.

Party on Winthrop Street repots making a mistake and brushing her teeth with the wrong product. EMS notified.

Essex Regional dispatch said the caller reported a man at Rustic Table who was very inebriated. W91 and W92 responded and report that the restaurant owner stated the subject went to the marina. U nits checked the area.

Caller at Governors Park requests an ambulance. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Friday, May 22

Manager from 7-11 reports an individual came in to request an ambulance for possible broken ribs. Fire and medical notified and will respond.

Party called to repot finding a man’s wallet and cell phone on Veterans Road. W92 responded and secured the property to be brought to the station. Owner is listed out of Melrose but may also be local.

Report of someone passed out in a gray car at Executive Apartments.

Party at Seal Harbor called to repot that her friend needs medical. EMS will handle.

Part on Washington Avenue reports water coming up from the street, possibly a water main leak.

E911 call of a dog bite at Hannaford Park. Fire notified and they called for the police and ACO. Officer reports incident involved two dogs. One dog is reported deceased. ACO on vacation and Revere ACO will respond.

SRO requests police presence for an unplanned dismissal of seniors today. She also request monitoring at the beach later on regarding an anticipated gathering.

Party came in to report an ongoing harassment issue with a party who now has come to his home and involved his landlord. The reporter just wants this on the record for now. Wanted to file a victim/witness statement just for the record.

Report of a water leak near Dunkin Donuts on Revere Street. DPW stated it is being done by them.

Students at Winthrop High School reports harassment from a former student.

Reports of cars speeding up Coral Avenue. Detail officer and W92 notified to check the area. Another party called to report being upset because cars were being detoured down Coral Avenue the wrong way. Caller reports that she was almost struck coming out of her driveway. W92 was already enroute and moved the cars to Hawthorne Avenue to travel the correct way to Shirley Street.

Party on Shore Drive called to report that one of his tenants has a dog that barks all day. The dog is not allowed also. If this continues, he will ask for assistance on Tuesday.

Party called to report that her mother on Walden Street is not feeling well. EMS notified.

Report of a bike near the marsh on Morton Street and it looks fairly new. Officers report that they took into the station.

Party on Shirley Street called to report that he needs an ambulance. EMS notified.

Caller on Shirley Street reports a motor vehicle hit another vehicle and then drove off. One in custody for outstanding warrant, leaving the scene of property damage and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

Visiting Nurse requests an ambulance for patient on Overlook Drive.

Caller on Irwin Street reports being assaulted by her husband. Units report having one male subject under arrest for domestic assault and outstanding warrant.

Young male called on the 911 line to report that there is a male behind he soccer field that has been drinking and the man is requesting an ambulance, as he is not feeling well. Call transferred to WD.

Caller reports a male in his 40’s yelling and screaming at cars on Shore Drive. State Police notified. The subject is on the run. W98 assisted the State who has the male subject in custody on Shirley Street.

Large group of youths on Bayview Avenue.

Caller reports a large dog on Winthrop Street in case someone calls looking for it.

Saturday, May 23

Party on Shore Drive reports a male is on the beach carrying a pole and waving it around acting crazy. Call transferred to MSP, Revere. Officers report unable to locate anyone on Shore Drive, but will be checking on an individual on Nevada Street.

Report of vandalism to Temple Tifereth property. Officer reports a break as well.

Party reports a minor crash at the intersection of Cross and Shirley Street. Officer reports minor motor vehicle crash and he will file a crash report.

Walk in to report her Facebook and other computer accounts have been hacked. She has no idea who it is but would like this on record.

Walk in to report that the no parking sign on George and Bowdoin Street is gone. Message left with DPW.

Unknown caller reports a male in French Square in his wheelchair is broke down and he is concerned about it. Officer reports speaking with the party who states his chair is fine and does not understand the call.

Party reports a pit-bull running loose in the neighborhood of Trident and Shirley Street. Officer reports possible address on the dog is on Trident Avenue. The owner was located and will secure the dog.

Report of a motion alarm in the hallway at the town landing building. Several people using the bathroom facilities set off the alarm by attempting to access a locked door.

Caller at Governors Park reports that her mother fell and sustained a leg injury.

Party on River Road states tat they need an ambulance for their father who is having medical complications from a pre-diagnosed illness.

Officer off with two at Hannaford Park.

Auxiliary police report youths just went into the gym at the high school. The school is closed and they report no one should be inside. They report that the youths left.

Caller on Lincoln Street reports a loud group/party in the area.

Sunday, May 24

Noise/party complaint from neighbor on Hermon Street.

Caller on Circuit Road reports a fire alarm is going off but there does not appear to be a fire. WFD notified.

Report of a fire at Lewis Lake. WFD enroute. Mulch fire squelched.

Party on Brookfield Road reports a child stuck in the swing. WFD notified. Detail officer called in and reports he is also off with the child. The child was freed from the swing and the parent was on the scene.

Call for a medical aid on Buckthorn Terrace. Transferred to medical.

Person check for possible being drunk at the ditch on Cross Street.

Party walked in to repot receiving a harassing phone call from a male and a female. She filled out a witness/victim statement and will come back if she receives any more calls.

Caller reports man down due to an altercation at D&T Market. He may not be breathing. Officers report drunken male fell. He is breathing and conscious. There was no altercation. Transported to MGH.

Woman reports that while she was walking she saw a Ford Explorer speed up as it was approaching kids playing near the William Gorman School. She went toward the children and reports that the motor vehicle passed her and the children and someone in the vehicle threw a beer bottle at the. It did not strike them. She also reports that when she drove through the center, before coming to the station, she saw the vehicle parked in front of the Pizza Center. Officers could not locate the vehicle and will search the area for it.

Caller reports a large “interracial” group pushing and shoving each other in the intersection of Bayview and Shirley Street. Officer reports a group of football players waiting for a ride. He spoke to a resident in the area who stated they were not causing any problem and there was no disturbance.

Caller from Alia Restaurant reports an unruly customer.

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