WPS Offer Free Class on English for Adults

Winthrop Public Schools is offering a six-week course, “Free English Class for Adults,” beginning May 19, to support parents who would like to learn the English language. Through a Title III Grant, Gorman Fort Banks Elementary School Parent Ambassadors created an action plan to engage the ELL [English Language Leaners] community.

“This is a great opportunity for ELL parents and is one that they asked for,” said Superintendent John Macero. “We hope to build confidence in our ELL parents and foster a sense of school community.”

The Ambassadors held discussions with parents to identify their needs and concerns. At the top of their list was understanding English better so they can communicate with their children’s teachers and friends’ parents.

Fourteen parents, who speak Spanish, Albanian, and Chinese, have registered for the class. The course — which will begin at Kathy’s Place Youth Center, and eventually relocate into the new high school – is being taught by Parent Ambassadors, Fabiola Oliver and Sandra Giraldo. Childcare is being provided for the 11 students, ages 5-9, so that their parents may attend.

Winthrop Public Schools plan to continue the class in the fall, and offer it to parents of the Cummings Elementary School and Winthrop High School.

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