Police Blotter 04-23-2015

Monday, April 13

Motorist on Main Street stopped for failing to stop at the stop sign. Citation was issued.

Party on River Road reports a box truck went by and took down some wiring. WFD was contacted and will respond to assist. The cable wires were secure by the WFD.

Past employee is on the grounds of the Winthrop High School causing a disturbance during a school assembly with a loud motorcycle. Subject was spoken to and advised of a “no trespass” for all school property.

Party on Birch Road is locked out. Both units tied up at previous unwanted guest call.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue reports a dead bird in her driveway. She states it was shot and wants to see an officer. Officer responded and confirmed the dead bird. He also states it may have been shot with a BB gun. Call will be forwarded to ACO.

Party at Edward and Douglas streets reports kids digging around the fire hydrant. Officer located youths and brought them home to their parents.

Tuesday, April 14

Party on Irwin Street called to report her husband has a high fever. WFD was notified.

Received summons for service from the Peabody District Court to subject on Shirley Street. Officer reports the party’s husband took the summons and will give it to her when she returns home.

Caller on Shirley Street reports observing a man with gray hair wandering around the area. Last observed heading up Terrace Avenue. Officer checked the area to no avail. Detail officer on the hill area will BOLO for the subject.

Party on Irwin Street reports hearing two people arguing from inside a home. Officer reports speaking with four workers in the area who have not heard anything. He checked the area to no avail.

Party came to the station requesting to file a vandalism report on his wife’s motor vehicle. Officer reports the vehicle had damage done to the hood. Appears to have been punched or stuck with something.

Mother on Sunnyside Avenue fell. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Det. Armistead reports subject was at the Middle School looking to reunite with his child. He was advised that he would have to do this after school and not at the present time. The party left to head home. Officer notified his wife of the issue.

SRO Armistead reports boy needs stitches at the high school. An attempt to reach the grandmother on Overlook Drive reports that no one is at home.

Motor vehicle stopped for violation on Main and Paine streets. Officer reports traffic citation issued for improper turn.

Caller at Bob’s Bait Shack reports that a black pickup truck just drove through Magees Corner and something fell out of the back of the truck. The caller does not believe that the operator realizes that the rear tailgate is down. Last seen in the area of Fort Banks. Officer reports that an area search was negative but he did discover broken glass in Magees Corner. Unknown if related to this call but DPW notified.

Party states the high school baseball team is conducting practice and the foul balls are landing in the street and on his property on Cross Street. He is fearful of a broken  window and suggested that the batters stand back from the plate closer to the backstop to help keep the foul balls from leaving the field. He states that his suggestion to the team was not met with any enthusiasm. Unable to send anyone immediately due to a public safety call at Magees Corner. Practice was finished by the time police arrived.

Party on Cutler Street reports that his friend may have overdosed on heroin. WFD has been notified. Units report one male being transported to the Whidden.

Caller on Cutler Street reports four intoxicated white males on the beach wall. Units cleared two males from the area.


Wednesday, April 15

Caller on Harbor View Avenue reports that around 7 p.m. last night a female knocked on her door offering a free cleaning of her home. The female claimed she opened a business in town and was offering a free cleaning to their first 100 customers.

School Resource Officer following up on Shirley Street for a situation with a student. SRO reports student located and will be going to school.

Party on Lewis Avenue reports a large rubbish truck just left and it is giving off excessive fumes and should be off the road according to the caller. Officer will BOLO for the vehicle and speak with the owner. Message was left for the owner to contact police at the station regarding the matter.

Caller on Grovers Avenue reports that her neighbor was in her driveway earlier this morning and now she has a flat tire, which has been repaired and she is not home to speak with an officer. She would like this placed on file in case of further issues. She was advised to contact the police if he is on her property without her permission.

Report of a young girl having a seizure at Kendall’s in the street. WFD and EMS notified. Officer reports locating the female who is now seated in a chair outside and she refused medical.

Reports of water/sewer cover missing on Pleasant and Lincoln Street and someone could fall in.

Caller reports children playing by the bunker pit at Fort Banks and concerned for safety. Officer reports no children in that area at this time.

Report of a female stuck on the last breaker on Shore Drive. WFD responding. The female who is stuck called and was informed that help is responding.

Wireless 911 calls states that he smells odor of gas in his basement on Elwood Avenue. Call transferred to WFD.

E911 call reports an uncooperative caller reports that she hears people yelling for help from the area of the Pleasant Park Yacht Club. Subsequent 911 call from the original caller to reiterate the previous call. Units report a function at the yacht club but nobody appears to be in distress.


Thursday, April 16

Caller on Shore Drive reports that her 7-year -old grandson lost his Ipod Touch near the green bars.

Party on Winthrop and Kay Street reports a large delivery truck struck the overhead electrical wire and took it down. There is now a small grass fire. Call transferred to WFD. Officer responded and reports fire was extinguished and the wire is live. Other unit sent to the area to shut down traffic at the intersection of Main and Winthrop Streets. National Grid was notified by WFD and are responding. National Grid crew made the area safe and secured the wire. Officer was able to get the information on the truck. Damage done to an address on Winthrop Street.

WFD responded to a working fire on Hermon Street. Units will respond and block traffic. Units blocked local traffic until fire was knocked down.

Caller on Pearl Avenue reports a person in a car on a cell phone blocking her driveway and will not move and told the caller to go around.

Party on Pauline and Walden Street reports kids throwing rocks into the street. Officer reports no one in the area.


Friday, April 17

Caller on Main Street reports there are needles in front of his house and next door. Officer reports he put them in the cruiser Sharps container.

Party on Underhill Street reports a down wire. Officer reports cable wire, secured to the side of the house.

Report of pole on Beal Street with street light out. DPW was notified.

Visiting Nurse reports her patient on Walden Street has fallen inside her home and needs WFD to gain access and evaluate her. No further assistance needed.

Todisco Towing reports trespass tow of vehicle at Viking Gardens.

Officer has male stopped for Class A drug violation on Irwin and Shirley Street. He took action on the scene.

Report of a raccoon walking down Cutler Street. Officers checked the area and all is clear.

Caller on Grandview Avenue reports someone in an inflatable looks like they are having a difficult time rowing. WFD notified and will contact the Harbormaster.

Officer stopped motor vehicle on Pleasant and Bellevue. The driver was driving with suspended license.




Saturday, April 18

Officer reports the Cumberland Farms truck driver reported that his truck was struck by several paint balls while on Main Street. When officer went to the scene and spoke with several youths, aged 12 and 13, with a parent, they had been at a paint ball party earlier and still had some paint available. They threw them at the truck. The young people were spoken to sternly. The parent will take the boys to speak with the driver in the morning. The driver was satisfied.

Officer reports finding a car door ajar to a vehicle listed on Brookfield Road. No sign that the car was entered. Officer will secure.

Party came to the station reporting that he went to the ATM at the credit union and when he came out, there was a woman sitting in his car. He stated that he is parked out front and the woman is still in his car. Unit sent to the car, and then contacted a family member (daughter) who sent her sister to pick her up at the station. Woman was fine and reunited with her daughter who lives with her.

Caller on Golden Drive called to report there is water leaking from under his kitchen sink. Housing director notified.

Party on Pearl Avenue requests an ambulance for possible dehydration.

Female came to the station to report that a male appears to be passed out on the bench across the street from the police station. Officer reports the party is ok, is just sitting on the bench outside of his apartment.

Report of a raccoon acting strangely on Fremont Street.

Caller on Summit Avenue reports a male acting strangely. Units request EMS for evaluation. Party transported to the Whidden via Action Ambulance for further evaluation.

Report of excessively loud music coming from an unoccupied vehicle in the driveway on Cutler Street. Officer reports speaking to the vehicle owner and having the music turned off for the day.

Report of a past larceny of a plow blade from DJ Auto Repair.

Party reports that a fellow employee at Nick’s was acting strange, just quit his job and drove away saying he was on some type of drugs. Vehicle listed in Revere. Information relayed to both Winthrop units and Revere PD for BOLO for vehicle and/or operator to assure he is not operating impaired.

Report of a male staggering and having difficulty walking on Revere Street. Officer reports locating the subject who is headed home for the evening.

Party reports kids smoking marijuana near the skate board park on Walden Street. Officer reports a few kids admitted to small amount and a search revealed nothing further.

Caller at Highland Convenient Store reports a male party causing problems inside his store. Units report the party fled prior to his arrival.

Party at Cafe Delite reports a male is staggering around and causing a scene in front of her store. Unit requests an ambulance. WFD notified.

Noisy party on Sea Foam Avenue. Officers report it is a baby shower. The music was lowered and direction of the sound was changed.

Report of a male sleeping in hallway near pizza restaurant on Crest Avenue. Officers sent out with a final warning and trespass notice to subject.

Man in hallway at Golden Drive. Officers report he left and went to Dunkin Donuts.

Dehydrated male on Amelia Avenue. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Loud music again on Sea Foam Avenue.  Officers report they calmed them down and lowered music. Last warning and they will cooperate.

Another call of a trespasser in building on Golden Drive. Female reports he will not let her out of her apartment and is blocking her door


Sunday, April 19

         Party on Plummer Avenue complaining about loud music. Officer responded and reports music lowered and warned occupant of noise complaints.

Party on Read Street reports that she thinks she heard someone on her inside stairs to the house. Caller reports that her restraining order was just vacated. Officers responded and checked the outside perimeter and the inside of the entire house. Everything was secure.

Caller on Ocean Avenue reports that someone is trying to get into the main door of the building. Caller reports this is the second time tonight.  It happened earlier also. Second caller reporting the same. The caller also said he went down and the front door is propped open. Officers spoke with the subject who lives in the building but had given his keys to someone else. All ok. Officers also spoke with the callers who were satisfied with the investigation.

Zone 1 alarm at Golf Club. Officer spoke with the members who were opening up.

Party on Lincoln Street came in to report lost or stolen medicine on Friday. It is a non-narcotic medicine.

Report of finding a small black dog on Bartlett Road.

Caller on Almont Street reports some type of an alarm sounding down his cellar. WFD notified and will respond.

Party came to the station to report that his small black dog is missing. He was put in touch with the earlier caller how found the dog.

Female came to the station to report that the husband of another resident where she lives followed her and made threats to her regarding her speaking to his wife and calling the wife a not so nice name and trying to take pictures of their dog for an ongoing civil matter.

Alarm activation for the interior of a building on Crest Avenue. Unable to give a door or what entrance was entered. Officer reports employee locked in and set the alarm off. Owners came to open the doors to release her.

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