Police Blotter 03-26-2015

Monday, March 16

Officer reports he is off with a stuck vehicle on Beal and Main streets. He reports that the vehicle was pushed out of the way. DPW was called to sand and salt the area.

Party called to report a 5 mph buoy broke lose and is floating away near the Cottage Park Yacht Club. WFD notified to contact the harbormaster.

Officer reports that Sturgis Street is a sheet of ice. DPW notified.

Chief received information that a Paul’s Trash Truck is parked in the town parking lot on Winthrop Street and has been there for days. He is in the Town Manager’s space. Several numbers called and message left. A parking ticket was issued.

Woman on Shore Drive believes she is having a heart attack. EMS notified.

A young girl called (small laugh heard) to say there are two girls hitchhiking at Pleasant and Sunnyside Avenue. Officer in the area said he sees no one.

Owner of property on George Street reports that his fence was damaged by one of the DPW plows. DPW will handle.

Caller reports health department and management have deemed apartment at Executive Apartments is inhabitable and placed notification on the door. Caller reports that the notice has been removed and not sure if anyone is inside. Health Department notified and states they will return to the property and reattach notice to the door. Management was assisting family in temporary shelter while repairs are made.

Party on Crystal Cove Avenue came in to report that someone tried to file a false tax return with her information ion 2012 and 2013 even though she was not working. She has filed an affidavit with the IRS and wants this noted to local police. She does not know who may have done this and will contact us if any further information becomes available.

Caller on Quincy Avenue believes they may be suffering a heart attack. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Party reports a motor vehicle drove up Deane Avenue while she was walking down with her three dogs and felt the operator was driving too fast which forced her to the side. She would like to have the driver spoken to. When the driver was contacted he stated that he stopped and she did not cross when he stopped so he carefully drove by her after she made an upset face directed toward him. All parties advised to use caution in the future.

Caller came in to report that she was down in the center area and misplaced her phone. She believes it is a Verizon Motorola Samsung but is not entirely sure. She will call with her home number to add to the report in case it is located and returned.

Revere Police Department called to be on the lookout for a respondent at Deer Island lot. Officer located him and WFD will evaluate. One subject transported to the Whidden.

Party who lost phone came back in to state that her phone was located at her home.

Caller on Ocean View Street reports two dogs barking in a back yard. Animal Control Officer notified and will respond. K-9 reports being in the area for over 10 minutes and no dogs anywhere.

Boston Police Department called and located a tractor/trailer that might have caused damage somewhere along Rt. 145. Officer en route all the way to the Heights. No sign of any damage.

Party on Overlook Drive has trouble breathing. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Tuesday, March 17

Caller on Grovers Avenue reports he is being contacted on a blocked phone number by the plaintiff in an emergency restraining order. He was advised not to speak with her and to notify the court of the situation on his upcoming court date.

Party came to the station to report a criminal activity.

Caller on Winthrop Street reports an alarm sounding next door to her address. Officer reports hearing the faint sound once, then it shut off. Unable to determine the exact location. He will monitor the area.

Caller on Revere Street called to report the lights at the intersection of Crest Avenue are not working. DPW notified.

Party on Argyle Street reports that vehicles illegally parked on the street preventing him from getting in his business. Officer reports no illegally parked vehicles.

Call from East Boston Neighborhood Health Center to say that someone there with very high blood pressure. EMS was notified.

Caller from Governors Park reports she is having a baby. EMS notified.

Officer has motor vehicle stopped at Daw Playground for speeding. Citation issued.

Party on Siren Street requests ambulance for his girlfriend who needs to go to the hospital. WFD notified.

Report that the ATM at Citizen’s Bank on Revere Street may have been tampered with. Officer responded and reports that there may have been a breach at the ATM. The Citizen’s Bank was notified.

Caller at Fort Heath Apartments reports that his friend needs an ambulance to go to the Whidden. Fire and ambulance notified.

Reports of a power failure all over town except the Highlands.

Several calls of people stuck in the elevator at Fort Heath Apartments due to the power outage. Fire notified.

Wednesday, March 18

National Grid working on the outage at Cross and Franklin streets.

Landlord reports that the windows to the second floor apartment of the house he owns on Revere Street are open. Caller states that he went by earlier tonight and they were open. It bothered him and he came back to check and banged on the door but no one is answering. Units responded and report checking the apartment and no one is there. Items/property all packed up and ready to move. Caller did not tell the whole story as the tenant is due to be out this morning.

Party came to the station to show a paper of a civil matter pertaining to his tenant from the previous call. Party was sent on his way. He was also told when he calls the police he needs to tell the whole story not just bits and pieces.

Chief reports that Paul’s Garbage Truck is still parked in the same spot. It has been there for over a week. Officer will stand by for G&J.

Female called to report a male in a lot behind the Kasbah and stares down women as they walk by. Officer reports the male stated he waits for the laundry to open. He lives in Governor’s Park and all their buildings have laundry rooms.

Report of a vehicle being vandalized at Governors’ s Park.

Call of a breakdown down the center. Vehicle lost a wheel. Operator has a tow coming, but it will be an hour. Officer reports the street is blocked and the vehicle must be removed. G&J will respond.

East Boston Neighborhood Health called to report an unresponsive patient. EMS notified.

Reports of a guy in a white van taking pictures of kids at Nick’s. She identified him as about 50 years of age. Officer will speak with the man. Units report speaking with the party who ordered Nick’s and was going to eat inside his car. He showed units his receipt and his phone to verify he had not taken any pictures of female.

Off-duty officer called to report a motor vehicle driving erratically on Veterans Road. Officer came in to investigate further and as a result, obtained information that the operator of the vehicle was rushing home after forgetting he left food on the stove. Subject claims his home is filled with some smoke and all is ok. Officer spoke to the driver about this incident and gave suspect a verbal warning after learning of the circumstances involved. Driver apologized and thanked us.

Caller on Prospect Avenue reports it looks like someone is trying to light some grass in a yard on fire. Units assisted along with WFD. Subject has been sent home after investigating. Fire Investigator took all the information. Units clear.

Female states that her heat was shut off on Central Street because the gas company told her there was water in the line. Caller claims to have a crew working on the problem. Officer was notified and went to the location, but no gas crew on the scene.

Thursday, March 19

Caller on Coral Avenue states that he has been receiving harassing phone calls all evening from a female that resides in Winthrop and would like for us to make contact to have the calls stop. Female subject then called stating the male party was the offender, but she did not seem coherent on the phone and was advised of her rights.

Officer reports the stop sign on Brookfield Road at the intersection of Lincoln Street is missing. DPW was notified.

Report that the traffic light at the intersection of Pauline and Pleasant streets is dangling in the wind. DPW notified.

Harbormaster called to ask if we could notify male party on Sturgis Street that his boat has capsized. Officer reports that no one is home.

Xfinity Home Alarm Co. reports an alarm is going off on Franklin Street. Officer reports babysitter set it off by mistake.

Minor accident with a vehicle hitting two parked cars on Pleasant Court.

Party came to the station for a child exchange visitation from 6-8 p.m. Father did not show up and he texted the mother saying that his father’s truck broke down. Mother wanted it noted, so done.

Female fell at Viking Gardens. EMS notified.

Female reports her mail address changed and someone opening accounts in her deceased husband’s name.

Party on Winthrop Street reports a male around 70 made threats to damage her car if she parked on the street near his house. Officer went by to speak with the male.

Friday, March 20

Revere Police put out BOLO to surrounding cities and towns for a cited motor vehicle where shots were fired. Male operator is armed and dangerous.

Report of a water main break in front of CVS. DPW have been notified.

Caller reports a Fox news truck blocking a lane of traffic at Magee’s Corner. Officer reports the vehicle is being moved.

Reports of smoke coming from a manhole at Magee’s Corner Liquors. WFD has been notified. National Grid arrived on the scene.

Party called asking to speak to DPW regarding a sewer issue on Sea View Avenue. DPW has been notified.

Party came in looking for his trash truck that was parked in the municipal parking lot on Winthrop Street. Check was made of the log that the vehicle was towed. Call was made to G&J Towing who reports the motor vehicle was towed yesterday morning per police request. Owner of the truck was advised.

Deputy Harbormaster called requesting we check for individual on Sturgis Street who has a vessel that sunk off the Winthrop Public Landing. Officer reports speaking with female who advises that he is away but she will have her son call the station regarding the vessel.

Party on Walden Street is requesting EMS to his home for a transport for his wife.

Caller at Bank of America would like to speak with an officer regarding having a customer at the bank that is scared to leave.

Received an immediate threat from the Department of Transportation regarding female on Governor’s Park to be served in hand. No answer at the home, unable to deliver the notice.

Medical call from Ingleside Avenue.

Caller on Charles Street states she is afraid to go inside her house as she thinks someone tried to break in and may be inside.

Report of tagging in the area of Deane and Nahant Avenue.

Call from Wilshire Street transferred to medical.

Essex Dispatch open line 911 call. Domestic sounds just yelling. They gave no address excerpt Ocean Avenue area. Just yelling. No call back and no names. Officers will check the area. Officers report walking around, knocking on doors and finding and hearing nothing.

Caller at Winthrop Lodge of Elks states that she and another person are stuck in the elevator. Fire notified.

Party on Tewksbury Street states that she needs a medical response for her husband.

Caller on Pauline Street reports the downstairs unit may be on fire. Fire notified.

Saturday, March 21

Caller on Franklin Street states that someone in a black vehicle was taking pictures of her house and when her husband attempted to confront the photographer, he drove off. She was advised to have her husband call 911 and we can communicate through TTY and send units to FIO the photographer and ascertain his motives. Most likely a real estate appraiser photographing comparables.

Female party came to the station requesting to speak with an officer regarding harassment by an old friend. She was advised of her rights and will talk, It’s over with her boyfriend was being harassed by the subject.

Party on Overlook Drive reports a woman with a large dog cuts through the location each day upsetting the neighborhood with her barking dog. Officer responded to obtain further information from the caller. Officer checked the area for the dog owner to no avail.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that someone stole his plow. Officer requests medical. A 47 year old to sent to the hospital. Caller is not sure if it was stolen. Will check up with the landlord when he gets back from the hospital.

Party reports a motor vehicle is parked on the left side of Hutchinson Street on the sidewalk. Officers report there is room for vehicles to pass through safely. Parking ticket was issued by the officer.

Caller on Kennedy Road states that her doctor instructed her to go the Whidden by ambulance.

Party on Franklin Street reports two huge dogs running around attacking people. She states they may have bitten a man. ACO contacted. Officer searching the area for dogs and/or victim. Officer checked the area and found neither the dogs nor any victim.

Caller reports a woman with a walker standing out front on Overlook Drive screaming that she is going to die. Duplicate calls for the same situation.

Another caller reports a disturbance on Overlook Drive where a woman can be heard yelling outdoors. Officer reports speaking with the female party which whom she was arguing with who has left the area.

A bus driver for Paul Revere Transportation came to the station to report of an attempted robbery by knife which occurred earlier this evening on Shirley Street by a passenger on his bus.

Report of an underage drinking party on Loring Road. Units report a house party; parents contacted and arrived on the scene.

Sunday, March 22

Todisco Towing towed four vehicles from Governor’s Park.

Party on Irwin Street reports contractors are banging hammers and making all kinds of noise in the apartment. When asked if she called the landlord, she related that he lives in California. Officer reports speaking with the contractors who will cease until the weekday.

Reports of a man down on Revere Street. Fire notified. Officer responded and reports the male left with a friend and refused transport.

Father came to the station to report that under a custody agreement, he is to pick up his son today for a visitation. He reports that his child’s mother will not bring the child out. Party reports this is to be an ongoing issue as last week, the child was not allowed to visit with him as well.

Reports of a dog missing from last night. Dog is the one found in earlier call. Owner notified that his dog was at Oceanview Kennel.

Caller on Overlook Drive requests medical. Transferred to EMS.

Party reports she just experienced a road rage incident on Short Beach. She was advised to report the incident to State Police Revere due to the location and jurisdiction.

Caller on Shirley and Cross Street reports she just had a motor vehicle accident with an older driver and is requesting police. She reported no injuries. WFD and EMS responded.

Boston PD is working a smash and grab robbery at Woody’s Liquors. Description was given as two white males. Both were wearing masks. All units notified.

Caller at Lincoln and Cora streets states that there are cars parked on both sides of the street which creates a narrow opening that she believes will prevent emergency vehicles to pass.

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