Police Blotter 03-19-2015

Monday, March 9

Party on Wheelock Street reports cars are parked on the street and it is to narrow for fire apparatus. Officer reports the cars are parked okay, more than enough room for fire.

Several calls of power lines down near Crystal Cove Avenue. Officer and fire report it is a cable wire. They were cut and wrapped around a pole.

School Resource officer reports a disoriented elderly female in the area of CVS. Lt. Perrin will assist in taking her home to the Arbors on Pleasant Street.

Party on Wheelock Street called of a wire down.

Caller on Main Street reports a dark colored motor vehicle just yelled at some kids who were trying to cross the street. He then took a left turn toward the center.

Sewer back up on Beach Road. DPW notified.

Female on Hutchinson Street reports that a car was egged. She suspects tenants.

Caller on Coral Avenue reports that her husband is having difficulty breathing. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Caller on Golden Drive reports hearing noises coming from a locked janitors door. Unit reports checking out several buildings along with the manager. No one in any of the closets.

Tuesday, March 10

Party on Beal Street reports having a sharp pain in her arm and is worried. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Caller on Bayview Avenue requests an ambulance as he is feeling dizzy.

Party on Shore Drive reports he is having chest pains. EMS notified.

Caller on Cottage Park and Pleasant Street reports three large German Sheppard type dogs running loose in the area.

Female caller on Shirley Street reports there is a bag on a tree near the new condos built at the Temple and there are items in it falling onto vehicles. Officer reports a bag filled with garbage and there is trash falling from it. DPW notified to assist in taking it down. They took down the bag.

Report of a skunk in the area of Orlando and Bartlett Road. ACO notified.

Wire down on Park Avenue. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Caller on Woodside Avenue reports seeing a raccoon on his porch. ACO notified and will check it out later. Raccoons are now coming out after a harsh winter.

Party on Marshall Street reports two 20 year olds giving her family a strange look. Unit reports no individuals in the area.

Caller on Shirley Street reports wires appear to be sparking beside Inn at Crystal Cove. WFD notified and will respond.

Wednesday, March 11

Reports of a neighbor lady causing a disturbance on Sunset Road. She was outside yelling. Officer responded and reports no disturbance, a window is open and he can hear a TV only.

Reports of a mini van outside of Governors Drive and a woman and man in it. The man is vomiting and the woman is behind the wheel. Units located the van. Male passenger is waiting for party to pick him up and the female is on her way home to Lynn.

Caller on Argyle Street reports she is having an argument over a gas grill with her landlord. Officers reports they spoke to both parties and settled the matter, peace restored. The landlord had a constable serve the tenant an eviction notice, but she refused to take them.

Report of a needle on the sidewalk on Read and Main Street. Officer reports he will place it in a Sharps container.

Caller on Atlantic Street called to report she just found a 2-year-old in the street with no shoes on. Officers report they have located the child’s father. The father stated the child was in his crib.

Chief reports a man has a plow and is plowing snow onto George and Bowdoin Street and sidewalks making it very hard to walk. The chief had him clean the area up.

Reports of two slashed tires at Governor’s Park. Front tire slashed and removed cap on a tire.

Caller on Fremont Street reports that his electrical box was damaged by a Budget rental truck. He dropped off a report and notified National Grid and will seek an electrician.

Caller on Court Road reports there are signs that appear to state one way streets that were not that way before. Tried to explain to her that some streets were made that way to assist in parking and traffic until all the streets can be re-opened for normal flow of traffic.

Thursday, March 12

Units report having two motor vehicles over at Halford Beach with several individuals. The parties were sent out of the area.

Party on Terrace Avenue requesting medical attention for elderly mother at her home.

Caller at Bay Cove Human Services requesting an ambulance for hospice patient.

WFD requesting assistance with Hawthorn Avenue being obstructed by motor vehicles. Officer had the vehicles moved.

Caller on Court Road reports a runaway sailboat, unoccupied, heading towards Donovan’s Beach area. Transferred to WFD and harbormaster. Caller is not the owner.

Party on Eleanor Court reports a cable hanging down. They report moving it over to the side.

Officer reports he is off with a large truck blocking Woodside Avenue.

Motor vehicle stop at Magee’s Corner. Citation issued to the operator.

Xfinity home security called in a panic alarm on Franklin Street.

Caller on Kennedy Road complained about the traffic situation during student pickup. She was advised of her rights.

Call of a trespass on Golden Drive. Housing director will meet with officers and update them. Officers request medical male party transported to MGH per Section 12.

Walk in to report a past larceny on Trident Avenue.

Man fell at Thompson’s Towne Liquor Mart.

Caller on Marshall Street states that he received two messages today claiming to be the IRS and threatening a lawsuit. This is a phone scam whereas the caller will offer a proposed settlement and have funds transferred by the victim.

Caller on Argyle Street reports a male attempted to break into one of the parked cars. Officers searched the area to no avail.

Friday, March 13

Party on River Road requesting an ambulance for husband who was recently released from the hospital.

Officer providing assistance to individual dropped off in town by BPD.

911 call from someone on Paine Street who was not speaking. Subject then hung up. Officer reports a young child dialed 911.

Party reports he is being harassed by someone outside the East Boston Savings Bank. Officers report it was actually a hit and run motor vehicle crash that took place. The unknown party fled the area in an unknown motor vehicle.

Caller on Overlook Drive requests medical. Transferred to fire.

Party on Sea View Avenue requests an escort on Sunday to pick up items allowed by a court modification. When the plaintiff was contacted, she said it was okay with it. Caller will call the station on Sunday and confirm the time.

Party called reporting her son was bitten earlier at the Hi Tide Restaurant. Message was left with ACO and he will follow up and obtain the information. Officer spoke to the caller. There was no dog bite.

Caller on Main Street requesting information relative to his brother who was transported by Action Ambulance this morning and admitted to MGH.

Party on Revere Street reports a male in parking lot screaming at his girlfriend. They then left together in a motor vehicle towards Crest Avenue.

Caller on Sargent Street needs help in getting up.

Saturday, March 14

Party on Shirley Street called to report her son won’t get out of his girlfriend’s car. Unit reports the male has exited the vehicle and peace was restored.

Detail officer was hired to stand by to keep the peace while the homeowner on Revere Street removed a broken coin operated washing machine. He suspected problems with his tenant.

Party on Ocean Avenue complained about a motor vehicle making it difficult to get out of the condo parking lot due to where it is parked. Vehicle was obstructing traffic as it is a fire station nearby. Vehicle was towed by GJ Towing.

Caller reports her landlord on Revere Street removed some of her property from the porch. Officer reports he spoke with the caller and was informed she believes the landlord took a bench and a child’s toy from the porch area. Party was advised of her rights.

Reports of a problem with two juveniles on Bowdoin Street.

All power out to the station. Emergency generator did not kick on. Chief notified as well as surrounding cities to make them aware of the situation.

Reports of an explosion and small fire in the area  of National Grid substation on Argyle Street. WFD notified and they took care of the situation.

Party on Overlook Drive reported to officer that his oxygen is malfunctioning improperly due to the power outage. WFD and EMS responded to assist the subject.

Citizen’s Bank reports no power at their location on Crest Avenue. Officer checked the site reporting there is no power due to power outage.

Person wanted it logged that her ex did not tell her where he took his kids during his visitation.

Caller on Revere Street states that her landlord is on the property knocking on her door, harassing her and taking photographs of her vehicle. No crime. Both parties advised of their rights. Civil matter with a court date set for Monday morning.

Party on Revere Street would like the fire department to check out a water leak that is resulting in water into a light fixture.

Caller on Beach Road states that there is an aggressive pit bull terrier in front of her house. ACO notified but is out of town tonight and reports that he will follow up on this call as he has had several other calls from this neighborhood regarding what sounds like the same dog.

Relay from Fallon Ambulance via Vonage phone system of 80-year-old with abdominal pain on Grandview Avenue.

Sunday, March 15

Several calls of a fight on Cottage Park Road. Requesting fire and ambulance. Officer enroute to station with female in protective custody.

Caller on Hermon Street reports two males in a motor vehicle arguing. Officer requesting a listing on the vehicle. Vehicle comes back active and unit reports a resident being dropped off in the area.

Party on Seymour Street reports the passenger window on his wife’s motor vehicle appears to have been shot out or broke out.

Officer assisted while party retrieved some personal belongings on Sea Foam Avenue as a 209A is currently in effect.

Property owner on Seymour Street reports a side door was apparently shot with a BB gun and some damage was done to his windows.

Chief is off with a pair fighting at Don’s Sunoco. Officer reports the female insisted it was a verbal disagreement and she had fallen down. She was transported to Veterans Road to pick up some items and was transported to the town line to head home.

911 call from Govenors Park. Large amount of feedback on the phone hard to understand, sounds like his vehicle is missing. Officer reports vehicle was towed by Governor’s Park.

Party at Fort Heath Apartments reports that his kitchen is flooded. Referred to WFD.

Caller on Veterans Road states that there is sewer water backing up into his basement. DPW notified.

Reports of icing on Cottage Hill.

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