Deleo’s Wonderful Week

We saw the very best of our esteemed Speaker of the House over the past two weeks, representing our town on Beacon Hill, but also making us proud in his three high-profile television appearances. We saw Speaker DeLeo front and center at the Winthrop High School girls basketball MIAA Tournament games at the Tsongas Center in Lowell and the TD Garden in Boston — and what an honor Igacio Oyola’s team received when the Speaker himself presented the Division 3 North championship plaque to the team after its big win over Bishop Fenwick. And what a tremendous gesture by the Speaker who walked from his midcourt seat the Garden to personally wish Coach Oyola and the team good luck before tapoff time versus Archbishop Williams. There was some drama as the Speaker — trying to get to coach Oyola before the start of the game — was stopped by Winthrop fans and MIAA officials who just wanted to chat with the state’s top Democrat. Yes, the Speaker reached Oyola and the team before the game. And what a thrill for the Speaker and the rest of the Winthrop delegation to hear talented student, Haven Pereira, sing the National Anthem so excellently.

We also watched proudly as the Speaker joined Governor Charlie Baker and Senate President Stanley Rosenberg — they are calling the trio the “Big Three” — on the WGBH-TV show, “Greater Boston,” the first broadcast led by Jim Braude, who has taken over the hosting duties from Emily Rooney.  The Speaker had appeared on the Channel 5 show, “On The Record,” one day earlier where he illuminated on many current issues.

And finally, this past Sunday, Speaker DeLeo appeared at the St. Patrick’s Day breakfast in South Boston where he and well-known comedian Steve Sweeney combined for a humorous video that was well received by the guests at the breakfast.

Thank you, Speaker DeLeo, for not only being there for our WHS girls basketball team — and we understand that the team may be invited to the State House for an official recognition ceremony — but for continuing your excellent representation of our town on Beacon Hill.

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