Police Blotter 03-12-2015

(All those arrested are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law)

On March 6 police arrested Jamila Ramirez, 22, of 36 John St., Haverhill and charged him with driving with a suspended license and a light violation.

On March 6 police arrested Daniel Hunter, 17, of 599 Pleasant St., Winthrop and charged him on a DYS warrant.

On March 6 police arrested Anthony Ferrier, 49, of 173 River Road, Apt. 2, Winthrop, and charged him with disturbing the peace and resisting arrest.

Monday, March 2

Call from Revere Street for a child having breathing problems. EMS notified.

Xfinity Home Alarm called to report an alarm activation on Winthrop Street. Officer reports a new family, they are on the phone with the alarm company.

ADT Alarm called of an alarm activation on Ocean View Way. Officer reports all is clear.

Male on Bellevue Avenue reports a wire across the street. Officer reports it is a cable wire. He will cut it and pull it off to the side.

Fire Department called to report that the State Police called them about an accident at Read and Main Street. Officers report a motor vehicle struck a state police vehicle. Both vehicles being towed. State Police have accident investigators on the scene. A person walking by was taken to the hospital.

Female caller on Siren Street reports a car is parked in the street and the trash truck had to back up. Fire Department was called to see if they can get by. They report apparatus unable to go up the street. Officers report one vehicle makes the street impassable to the Fire Department. Officer went to the owner’s home and they are moving it. Male called back and said the car was back and parked in the same place and the street is blocked. Officer reports the car is parked ok, he followed the trash truck and it made the whole street.

Female called to report that there is a car blocking the trash truck at Michael’s Mall. Officer reports the area is clear at this time.

Male on Atlantic Street called to report a car parked on the street and it’s blocking it. Officer reports the street is clear.

Female on Undine Street called to report a moving truck is blocking the street and she asked if they could move it so she and others can get by. They told her to go %$#*! Officer called the house and told them to move right now.

Male on Pauline Street reports snow falling from a roof. Transferred to WFD and they will look into it.

E911 call reporting a male party in his 50s requesting an ambulance at Dunkin Donuts on Revere Street. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

A report that a male in a pickup might be drinking and picking up his child at school. Officer reports school area is clear, but will check out Grovers Avenue area. That is clear also, but will keep a lookout.

Call from a student at Winthrop Middle School. Cell phone was taken from his backpack. He left it during gym in the locker room and when he left to go to science class, it was missing. The school principal has been notified.

Caller on Washington Avenue is requesting an ambulance for her husband who is having chest pains around his implant. Fire and ambulance notified.

Caller on Floyd Street reports that her sister told her she is coming to their deceased parents’ house in the morning to divide the contents inside the home with or without the will. She is sleeping over the house and will call in the morning if her sister shows up. She was advised to contact a lawyer in regards to any issues with the will.

Tuesday, March 3

Nurse at East Boston Neighborhood Health reports one of her patients fell against a window and is bleeding. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Unit reports a motor vehicle almost ran into his cruiser on Veterans Road. Female was spoken to and a verbal warning issued.

Male on Summit Avenue reports that his wife is having trouble breathing.

Woman on Sagamore Avenue reports cars parked on the street that may obstruct the trash truck from picking up the trash. Officer issued ticket for parking ban violation. Trash trucks and emergency vehicles can now pass.

Caller reports that someone looks sick in a car at Yirrell Beach. Officer reports the area is clear.

While on the way to work, heavy traffic on inbound lane on Main Street, a van was parked in the street with no one around. Officer reports tagging the vehicle and having it moved.

Mother on Hermon Street called to report that her son was hit by a neighbor’s car and they did not stop. Officer reports young child running for the bus, a car was backing out of the driveway and child ran into the car. Vehicle operator did not think she hit the child because the child kept running. The child appears to be okay.

Caller on Ocean View Street reports he is feeling ill.

Officer will try to serve summons issued by the Cambridge Court to subject on Hutchinson Street. He reports, once again, banging on all the doors and windows that he can reach. Dogs bark, but no one from any floor come to the door.

Caller from Pleasant and Washington Street reports construction vehicles obstructing lane of travel. Unit reports DPW going pot hole to pot hole making repairs.

Call from Shirley Street to report that her sister is having a seizure. EMS notified.

Party on Winthrop Street reports vandalism to his property. Unit reports a wall was damaged after town snow removal earlier in the day.

Caller on Cliff Avenue reports there is a hot water heater left behind that has not yet been picked up. Owner states it will be removed in the morning.

Party on Pleasant Street reports their 5 year old daughter was bitten by their small beagle. ACO notified and will follow up. Fire and medical called to respond.

Wednesday, March 4

Caller on Thornton and Bowdoin Street reports a vehicle hanging out of the driveway blocking the sidewalk. Unit reports no vehicle blocking the sidewalk.

Party on Shirley Street came to the station to report an incident with his next door neighbor. He reports he asked his neighbor to stay off his property and he responded with a threatening manner to go $%#&%[email protected] himself several times. Party would like the incident documented in case of future issues.

Reports that security at Governors Park has two small children in the hallway left unattended. Officer spoke with the parent who is home and will file a report on the matter.

Party on Sargent Street reports that her 50 year old daughter is threatening to harm herself and appears to be under the influence. WFD and EMS notified.

Thursday, March 5

Caller on Highland Avenue requesting medical for injury to his arm. WFD/Action transported patient to Whidden.

Abandoned 911 call from Shore Drive. Spoke with older female resident who was going to bed.

Caller on Golden Drive reports having severe stomach pain. Call transferred to fire department.

Party reported a syringe was in the street at Buchanan and Winthrop Street. Officer reports locating it and placing it in a Sharps container.

Report of a swan returning to Shirley Street. ACO notified and will respond.

Party on Pleasant and Williams Street reports a minor motor vehicle accident. He is reporting no injuries. Officer assisted with the exchange of information.

Caller asks if we can contact the plaintiff of a 209A for a pickup of property. She was contacted and stated that he can come by with police escort after 7 p.m. tomorrow. He will call us then and confirm.

Female on Sea View Avenue reports that she has been texted and called by her friend’s boyfriend. He stated he will sue her and have her arrested. She wanted this on record.

Party reports a news truck is completely obstructing the corner of Pauline and Waldemar Avenue, making it a public safety matter. Officer spoke with the driver who will move it to a better location.

Caller on Harvard Street wants to have an officer talk to one of her workers about a person bothering her.

911 call for medical on Court Road for female. Transferred to medical.

911 call for a stabbing in the leg on Highland Avenue. Medical notified. Male to Whidden. It was self inflicted.

Caller on Upland Road reports that her child is not breathing. Medical notified. Caller then hung up. Officers report the baby is alert, but sent to Children’s Hospital.

Party on Paine Street stated that an old boyfriend has property and she would like us to contact him and order him to return the property. She was advised of her rights.

Caller on Nevada Street reports getting threatened. Units took a report.

Party on Shirley Street reports that his girlfriend was just punched in the face by his ex.

Caller on Nevada Street states that people are acting up and making noise again.

Report of a male who fell down the stairs on Main Street. Medical notified.

Friday, March 6

Party entered the lobby to turn himself in to DYS with an active warrant. DYS notified. They are sending a worker to pick up the youth.

Caller on Nevada Street reports the tenant from another apartment is arguing with her husband in the hallway. Officers report they were arguing over the trash disposal. There was a report filed yesterday regarding issues there and the property owner will be responding to mediate the problem between the tenants.

Party on River Road reports a disturbance upstairs. She also reported a gas leak was mentioned by the arguing parties. Officer reports nothing involving gas.

911 call from Walden Street for mother who fell out of her wheelchair. Transferred to medical.

Caller on Grovers Avenue complained over parking. While on the phone we could hear the men yelling at each other in the street.

Call from Executive Apartments about parking violations in the HP parking spot. Officer reports vehicle having proper permit.

Caller on Bayview Avenue reports that her dog is missing. A small black terrier. BOLO to all units and ACO notified.


Saturday, March 7

Alarm sounding at Energy To Go. Female on the scene opening the store without a pass code.  Officer reports speaking with employee.

Report of a couple of discarded syringes in the snow bank at Buchanan and Winthrop Street. Officers report disposing in the Sharps container.

Officer assisted disabled motorist near Magee’s Corner.

Party is complaining about the parking along Lincoln Street. Officer spoke with the caller and reports the motor vehicle has left. They will monitor the area for scofflaws during their shift.

Caller reports a customer causing problems at Winthrop Car Wash and refusing to leave over damage done to his motor vehicle. Officers report the subject left the area upon arrival. No further disturbance reported.

Party on Locust Street reports street is sinking. Officer reports not a major issue but should be looked at by DPW next week.

Caller on Bartlett Road reports two large dogs running around. ACO notified and will respond.

Party on Locust Street requests an ambulance for his sister-in-law who fell in the driveway.

Caller on Sagamore Avenue called requesting a check on female. WFD and EMS notified. Officer reports the patient was evaluated and is refusing any further medical attention.

Party at Governors Park stats that she fell and needs assistance in getting up.

Neighbor cites unfamiliar vehicle running at Grandview and Undine Avenue for about an hour with one occupant and a laptop. Officers engaged the subject who was irate about being bothered.

Caller states that his friend just slipped on the ice near Italian Joe’s and is down in pain and can not move. WFD, Action Ambulance and officer responded. officer reports assisting EMS with traffic and observing no defects in the pavement.

Sunday, March 8

Sargent called for an assist on Hermon Street for one of their units taking report from alleged victims from an A&B that occurred across from Station 7 in East Boston. Winthrop officer assisted Boston PD.

Officer reports  a sink hole in the back of Simione’s. Simione was notified.

Female caller on River Road reports a car parked in front of her house and it has no sticker. There was no need for a parking sticker at this time, so no violation at this time. She also stated it was there all night, and wants it tagged. Again, no sticker violation at this time. She then stated we protect the guilty and hurt the innocent. She wants to know why she has to have a car parked in front of her house? Officer will check this out and reports the vehicle is legally parked and active.

Party on Tewksbury Street called to report that his neighbor brings his dog to his property to go Number 1 and 2. ACO notified.

Report of a hockey player struck by a puck at Larsen Rink.

Male came to report that a woman operating a motor vehicle at Pauline and Winthrop Street gave him a hard time and told him to go “back to his country.” Male then said thank you and left.

Neighbor on Pleasant Street reports hearing a child crying and called 911. She claims the child is home alone. Unit reports the caretaker doing laundry and the child was afraid she was gone. All is ok.

Elderly female at Executive Apartments reports that her husband is having discomfort in his chest. WFD notified.

Boston PD put out a BOLO for motor vehicles. These vehicles were stolen out of their city. Units will be checking out the town for possible matches.

Party at Hot Diggity called to report she needs an ambulance for medical purposes. Units report female may have feelings of depression because of her current situation. She was transported to the Whidden for an evaluation.

Caller at Blackstrap states having an issue with a patron. Units respond and report they had three subjects pay their tab and leave the establishment. The peace was restored and doors are closing for the evening.

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