Ordinance Review Committee Formed

WINTHROP – Joseph Boncore has been in the position before and he’s just as excited about it.

The Town Council president Peter Gill appointed the Ordinance Review Committee last week. It is charged with reviewing the town’s ordinances and suggesting any changes. Once the final report comes out in voters may be faced with voting on some changes.

Appointed to the committee is Boncore, who will serve as chairman, just like he did five years ago when the committee was convened. Also serving on the committee will be: Karin Chavis, who has served on the School Building Assistance Committee; Heather Engman, who is an attorney with the Massachusetts Health Department and is running for councilor of Precinct 4; Mike Power, a returning member and attorney; Tom Reilly, former council president, selectman (under the former form of local government) and former member of the Charter Review Committee; David Stasio, an attorney and member of the Planning Board; Paul Varone, the Precinct 1 councilor and returning member to the committee; and Carla Vitale, the Winthrop Town Clerk. Peter Christopher had also been selected for the committee but has since withdrawn. He will have to be replaced by another appointment.

Boncore, who also serves on the Winthrop Housing Authority, said this is the time when anyone in town can come forward with suggestions.

“It’s the most democratic process the townspeople have,” Boncore said. “If you want to complain this is the time to bring it to the table.”

During the last convening of this committee a 95-page report was given to the town. Four or five changes did come about, including one ordinance that makes it so the town council approves all department heads.

Boncore explained that the committee will have six forums before the final report is turned in in March 2016. The intent of the forums are to allow comments from the public and no committee business will be conducted. The first meeting of the committee is to be announced but Boncore said it should be by month’s end.

         “The timetable is still in the works,” he said, adding that there will be meetings in between the forums.

            “The town has to do this because the charter says so,” Boncore said.

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