Police Blotter 02-19-2015

Monday, February 9

Caller on Revere Street reports the plows shoved all the snow on the sidewalk in front of her house. She was advised there is a pushback going on throughout the town. She was provided the names and numbers of individuals that may be able to assist her.

Party on Shore Drive contacted the department regarding some investigation and was making no real sense. Officer spoke with the party and requested EMS for a further evaluation. Female in her 40s was transported to MGH for an evaluation. A male in his 90s was also transported to be evaluated as he is under the woman’s care.

Caller on Summit Avenue reports a black SUV just struck his arm as he was shoveling and took off without stopping. Motor vehicle may have a broken mirror and headed towards Revere Street.

Party on Shore Dr5ived reports that her hallway constantly smells of marijuana. She was advised to contact her landlord regarding the matter. Officers report speaking with the parties who allowed them access to the 2nd floor and there was no odor of burnt marijuana present.

DPW contacted the chief reporting a black SUV just struck a parked motor vehicle on Veterans Road and left the scene. Chief reports having the vehicle stopped at Energy To Go. Officers will check the struck vehicle for damage. Photo taken of damage and operator was cited for leaving the scene after property damage.

Caller on Terrace Avenue reports that he was just threatened by neighbors.

Report of wire hanging very low on Crest Avenue. Officer reports wires are fine; they just look low due to the snow banks.

Party on Read Street reports he is suffering from chest pain. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Caller on Almont Street reports neighbor throwing snow onto his property and will not stop. Officer spoke to both parties and dispute settled.

Party on Sagamore Avenue reports furnace problem.

Request we check on female on Charles Street. Officer spoke to the party and all is fine.

Caller on Harvard Street reports being assaulted by his neighbor.

Tuesday, February 10

Party called from Revere reporting a disturbance taking place on Neptune Avenue between 1 and 3 floor tenants. Officers report the roof was leaking into the apartment. No disturbance. The call was unfounded. Landlord is on the scene.

Report was received from the chief regarding snow being tossed into Buchanan Street. Officer spoke to the woman who will cease doing so.

Female at Pleasant and Morton Street reports that her motor vehicle is completely blocked in by another vehicle. Officer requests a tow truck for the vehicle which was towed by G&J.

Party on Crystal Cove Avenue request an ambulance for her daughter for abdominal pain.

Caller on Shirley Street reports the main entrance to apartment building will not open and it is not because of snow, but because of a malfunction in the door. Building department notified and will respond.

DPW reports Hutchinson Street is obstructed by 3 motor vehicles and they cannot plow the street.

Party reports a male subject at Winthrop Senior Center appears to be having some issues and may need medical assistance. Party was transported to MGH via EMS for an evaluation.

Caller reports her motor vehicle was a victim of a hit and run at Thompson’s Liquor.

Walk-in to report that his vehicle was struck while in his driveway overnight on Pearl Avenue. Damage to the front and fender. Subject came back to station reporting he located the party who struck his vehicle and they exchanged papers./

Party on Belcher Street requests an officer to speak with his neighbor regarding a fence dispute. Peace was restored.

Caller on Enfield Road reports a neighbor is throwing snow in the street.

Reports of people fighting on Beal Street. Verbal argument only and daughter was asked to leave.

Argument over shoveling on Shirley Street. DPW on way to resolve. Civil matter only.

Party reports that a contractor from Bolsters has dumped snow behind his car. Party did not see the action, and it may have been the town. He is requesting that the town look at their not clearing their sidewalks.

65 year old male on Mugford Street called and stated that his street isn’t plowed yet. Officer spoke to caller on Overlook

Drive and subject who was looking for resident in apartment across the hall.

Dispute with neighbor over snow removal on Shore Drive. Parties advised of their rights.

Wednesday, February 11

Party on Beacon Street is requesting EMS for her mother who appears to be having a stroke. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Unit request medical for one party at Winthrop Market Place.

Caller on Sunnyside Avenue reports a neighbor is plowing snow onto his property.

Party reports that she and her young child had to walk in the street to walk by address on Hermon Street because no shoveling was done at all.

Officer will try to serve subpoena to subject at Governors Park. Subject no home. Son will tell her about the item to be picked up at the police station.

Caller on Pauline Street states that his mother is unresponsive. Fire and medical notified.

911 call from East Boston Neighborhood Health to report a heart attack. Medical and fire notified.

Party on Tafts Avenue reports a manhole cover just popped off. Officer reports manhole needs to be secured as it pops out every time a motor vehicle hits it the wrong way.

Caller on Otis Street reports a motor vehicle parked in front of his stairs and he cannot get out of his house.

Party on Beal Street came into the station to inquire about taking action against a disorderly house next door to his property. Victim/Witness statement taken.

Caller on Walden Street reports package stolen out of the common hallway. Package contained a respiratory concentrator with a value of $2800. Taken some time between 5 and 8 p.m.

Party on Ocean View Street wanted it noted that the sidewalk in front of his home that he spent all day shoveling out yesterday, was just plowed by in by town plows. He appreciates the job done by DPW but does not want to get a ticket until he can get to it again.

Caller on Pleasant Street states that her adult grandson was walking home and was bitten by a dog. The dog was being walked along with another by two middle aged adults. The dogs are described as labs. The male that was handling the suspect dog, apologized that he could not hold him but continued walking towards the lights at Pauline Street. ACO notified.

Caller on Pauline Street states that her adult daughter is in need of EMS.

Party looking for his recently lost blue Iphone in the area of  Cumberland’s or House of Pizza.

Male on Sargent Street reports that his mother-in-law fell and is in need of medical assistance.

Thursday, February 12

Probation electronic monitoring called to report the chief probation officer has issued a warrant for a subject at Fort Heath Apartments whose devise is off. Warrant was faxed over to us. Officers responded to building and located subject. Sick child present with no other adult. Subject was told to report to Norfolk Probation tomorrow and to answer his phone when the monitoring center calls him with instructions shortly.

Woman on Irwin Street having trouble breathing.

Caller on Ocean Avenue reports carbon monoxide alarm activation.

Party at Publix Shoe reports she believes she may have suffered a dislocated hip.

WFD requests unit to stand by while they force entry for a fire alarm sounding on Lewis Avenue. Faulty detector only and building was secured.

Caller on Cora Street reports a neighbor has plowed snow into the street making it impassable. W92 reports speaking to the neighbor who will remove any residential snow from the street.

Report that a custodian at Cummings School has fallen and injured himself.

Caller reports possible drunk male in need of medical attention at Energy To Go. Party taken to Whidden for an evaluation.

Report of carbon monoxide detector sounding on Wilshire Street.

Caller on Sargent Street reports carbon monoxide detector going off. WFD notified.

Party reports unsteady male on Plummer and Pleasant Street. W91 responded and reports subject waiting at wrong location for bus and is assisting him to his destination.

Caller on Chester Avenue reports smoke coming from an electrical outlet.

Reports of odor of gas on George Street. WFD notified to investigate.

Caller reports having ASAP at Demetri Liquors. They are claiming a block is out in the street. aDPW notified and will respond.

Female on Revere Street is requesting an ambulance as she does not feel well inside the 7-11. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Caller on Tafts Avenue reports a manhole cover completely off near Andrews Street. Reports that this is reoccurring situation. DPW notified and will send someone out.

Friday, February 13

Reports of a motor vehicle on Bellevue Avenue in violation of the ban. Caller reports the car was there a few days ago and police had to come and have it moved.

Party on Faun Bar Avenue reports having difficulty breathing.

Several calls of the snow removal truck knocking down some wires to a house on w

Wheelock Street. Fire notified. Officers report a telephone and cable moved out of the way by the WFD.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that her husband is having difficulty breathing.

Reports of no running water on Revere Street.

E911 hangup. W91 reports smoke alarm activation from food on the stove at the AW Dalrymple School. No additional service needed.

Report of a resident of South Avenue of a loud party possibly somewhere on Winthrop Street. W92 checked the area and heard a few voices and could not locate them and then all was quiet.

Reports of a large tree limb which appears to be close to breaking on Birch Road.

Party on River and Willow Avenue reports area of previous water main break is very narrow to pass. DPW will investigate and assist.

Party passed out in the snow on Villa Avenue. Fire notified and will respond.

Caller requests a well being check as he has been unable to reach his tenant on Washington Avenue. WFD gained access and party is not at home.

Party on Birch Road reports a severely damaged tree she believes is at risk of falling during the upcoming snow storm. DPW is aware and will respond as  soon as a truck is available.

Extremely intoxicated party in lobby of station. EMS contacted and transported same.

Report of a large icicle hanging from power lines at Pleasant and Vine.

Report of an elderly woman locked out of her home on Revere Street. W92 reports fire assisted in entry.,

Caller on Putnam and Jefferson Street reports a reckless operator that just got stuck into a snow bank. Officers were able to assist.

Party on Bellevue reports wire with large icicle on it. States he already contacted the electric company but wanted to notify us.

ID badge belonging to airport employee turned in. State Police contacted and will pick up and secure property.

Party on Vine and Pleasant Street reports a large icicle hanging over roadway from a wire. Fire notified and reports they checked it out earlier and notified National Grid.

Party on Shirley Street hurt leg after shoveling.

Saturday, February 14

An agency wants us to assist with a well being check on Highland Avenue but address was incorrect. W96 responded to several addresses and reports locating the party who was at a new address on Overlook. Officer spoke with resident and fire notified to respond.

Caller on Winthrop Street reports she needs the water shut off to her residence.

Party on Otis Street reports a yellow lab walking around who appears to be injured.

Caller on Plummer Avenue reports an elderly man fell and is bleeding.

Off. Carter reports a large pothole in the area of Pleasant and Vine Avenue which is causing a hazard. Cone placed near the hole and DPW advised.

Car parked half in the street and half in the driveway on Temple Avenue.

Caller on Overlook Drive reports that she is dehydrated.

Party came to the station to report threats. Subject took victim/witness statements to complete and will return when she gets out of work.

Party on Coral Avenue reports that her landlord went into her apartment during the week of Feb. 9th without permission. She wants this on record in the event anything is missing as she has vacated the apartment as of today.

Lifeline request party has fallen and can’t get up on Trident Avenue. Caller reports 83 year old male has fallen inside her apartment and needs assistance.

Caller reports that she is concerned for the owner of Manzillies Auto Body. She was notified by a man claiming to be using the garage that the owner had passed away and he was just using the garage. W92 dispatched to investigate and reports speaking with an employee and everything appears okay.

Caller on Court Road reports party in store passed out.

Party reports party passing out in chair at Honey Dew.

Caller  reports an 18 wheeler stuck on Bowdoin Street by the church. W92 responded and is attempting to move cars to clear back up. Exchange of papers for minor mirror damage to parked motor vehicle.

Party at Governors Park reports that her neighbor upstairs has her line tapped and she cannot use her phone because she keeps blocking her. Her phone was crystal clear and a look in our database shows she has called before to report this and was advised to call Verizon. It appears as if it is a dispute between neighbors and due to the call load from real calls dealing with a blizzard, she was advised we would look into the matter when we had time.

911 transfer from state for medical aid on Buchanan Street. Call back as to some confusion as to what the problem was. Fire and W91 Jaworski responded and reports a 22 year old male refusing medical treatment.

Transfer from State 911 that a male requesting medical for possible heart issue at Fort Heath Apartments. WFD and Action notified.

Caller on Revere Street reports manhole cover exploded and is off the hole in front of Winthrop Market Place. Unit reports National Grid on the scene and could not find a problem. They replaced the manhole cover.

Male caller reports that he believes that his vehicle has been struck while parked at the Lucky Garden. Due to language barrier, Off. Brown was dispatched to the scene to evaluate the situation. Officer reports some damage to caller’s vehicle, but it appears that the damage may have been caused at a different location due to the way the vehicle was parked. Caller advised to file an accident report.

Sunday, February 15

Party on Terrace Avenue reports he was punched in the face by a male. Officers report one in custody and they are requesting a cruiser with prisoner cage. W91 responded. One charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery.

W96 Off. Curran reports accident at the corner of Paine and Kay Street.

Caller on Undine Avenue reports he hasn’t heard from his 83 year old father since Friday and is concerned for his well being. W92 Carter reports father is fine and will call his son.

Party on Woodside Avenue called to report that the DPW plows are plowing the snow from the streets and it is creating a problem with the snow building up in his driveway. He would like this noted.

Several reports of a motor vehicle accident in the area of Donovanís Beach. W92 reports extremely limited visibility due to blowing snow. W92 reports no motor vehicle accident but a disabled taxi stuck in the snow. Units report ìWhite out conditionsî in the area.

Caller on Shore Drive reports that his roommate was just assaulted by his next door neighbor. W91 Feeley reports past assault and battery and request incident number.

Female on Sea Foam Avenue called to report that the neighbor next door continues to throw snow over to her property covering up her vent pipe for her furnace. She has asked numerous times for the neighbor to come and shovel out the vent, but they have yet to do it. She would like it noted.

Report of Corolla Roofing truck stuck on Morton Street. Caller reports the street is blocked due to snow drifting off the water. W94 responded to assist and check the situation.

W94 reports being stuck on Morton Street. Call to DPW to get some assistance down there. Call back from DPW reporting the fire chief is out with a front end loader unit and they are in the Point. DPW informed that we need help now due to one of our cruisers being stuck there as well as other cars and the original truck. Call from DPW who was informed of the situation. W94 reports the fire chief came by to get help to the street and G&J arrived to pull the cruiser out.

Party at Governors Park called to report being pushed by the woman that lives upstairs. Off. Brown spoke to all parties and advised them of their rights. Court action declined at this time.

Elderly gentleman on Cottage Park Road reports a problem with gas furnace.

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