Campaign Season Begins Again

The announcement by former selectman Bob Driscoll Jr. that he is running for Town Council President kicked off the campaign season — although in a politically tuned-in community such as Winthrop, it is always¬† election season, no matter the time of year. Driscoll will certainly be a formidable candidate with his years of public service to the town, his well-known family’s roots here, and his financial management experience. Bob told us that he will be having a campaign kickoff reception in the spring at which time he will officially announce his candidacy.

We understand that Councilor Craig Mael is also considering a run and there is no doubt that he too, would be a strong candidate for the position of Council President. Craig has  impressed everyone with his hard work as a councilor and the many ideas that he has brought forth for the Council to consider.

Current Council President Peter Gill has announced that he will not be seeking re-election and it will be interesting to see if Peter takes an active role in a campaign or offers his endorsement to a candidate, which would be a difference-maker in an election.

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