Winthrop Residents Get a One, Two Punch With More than 40 Inches of Snow

Town hall has been closed for two days, the schools have had five snow days, people are walking in the streets, others are shoveling and snowblowing, huffing and puffing until their faces turn red and there is still more snow to come.

Last week the Blizzard of  2015 dumped over 24 inches. Late Sunday night into Monday the area was hit again with over a foot of snow and town officials went into action issuing a state of emergency for Monday.

Tuesday morning DPW crews and facilities workers were at it again clearing sidewalks in Metcalf Square, around the schools and pushing back as much snow as they could. DPW Director Steve Calla manned a frontend loader on Pauline Street for an intensive clearing of the street and sidewalk. A parking ban was put in place for Tuesday night on Walden Street.

The only ones enjoying the snow and rejoicing in snow days are kids, but Superintendent of Schools John Macero said there are a couple of concerns. So far five snow days have been used in over a week and February vacation is approaching fast.

“Three weeks after that are the MCAS exams,” Macero said. “(Having all the snow days) hurts the MCAS preparation.”

As it stands now, with five snow days the last day of school would be June 24. There are only four snow days left to use and Macero said if those are used school will get out even later, up to June 30.

“The window is getting tighter,” Macero said.

He added that the schools did well structurally with the snow and cold. There were no pipe bursts or other problems.

“The biggest problem just getting the snow cleared,” Macero said.

The Winthrop Fire Department has asked residents to locate and shovel out fire hydrants near their homes. If unable to shovel the department has asked that residents mark the location of the hydrants near them. Firefighters will come out and shovel them as soon as possible.

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