Happy Birthday Mr. Tsiotos

We had a chance to attend the 90th birthday celebration of Constantino Tsiotos, the patriarch of one of Winthrop’s greatest and most respected families. There was much love and camaraderie in the room at the Elks, all enhanced by the wonderful Greek music and dances that made it such a festive occasion.

Mr. Tsiotos came here from Greece and he and his wife have raised four wonderful children, Chris, Nick, Max, and Elaine — who were all on hand to pay tribute to this special man who loves this town. It was great to see all of his grandchildren enjoying the evening, especially some of our best WHS athletes in attendance  including superior basketball official Vasili Mallios, former Babson College captain Katerina Mallios, and former St. Anselm star and national assist leader Dino Mallios, and the Tsiotos twins, Niki and Poli, who are hoping to lead this year’s Lady Viking hoop team to a state championship.

Yes, there were so many great athletes in the room, but we’ll give the nod to 6-foot, 5-inch attorney Chris Tsiotos, who once averaged 28 points a game for the Winthrop Vikings before going on to star at Suffolk University.

It was a tremendous night for Mr. Tsiotos and we’ve been fortunate to have him as an esteemed resident of our town for so long.

Efharistoomay — “Thank you” — Mr. Tsiotos.

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