Police Blotter 01-29-2015

Winthrop police reported several minor car accidents this past week. At 1:26 pm on Jan. 23 a Ford Econovan collided with a Toyota Venza at Pauline Steet and Woodside Avenue. One person was transported to the hospital. Two tow trucks were requested. At 12:23 pm on Jan. 24 a hit and run motor vehicle accident was reported from Michael’s Mall on Putnam Street. At 6:46 pm a single car accident happened between River Road, Main Street and Cross Street. On Jan. 25 multiple 911 calls came in at 4:23 pm for a single car crash on Hermon Street where a red Kia four-door crashed into a tree. Car was towed. No injuries reported.

Monday, January 19

At 8:31 am police contacted the DPW regarding black ice around town.

A vehicle was reported vandalized on Belcher Street at 10:14am.

A water break at an Emerson Road address was reported at 1:20pm. The building manager reported that a plumber was on the way.

A female on Cottage Park Road reported an injured goose with a broken wing at 2:07pm. The Animal Rescue League was notified.

A medical aid call at 2:27pm came in from a Read Street address.

A medical aid call came from a car at Centre Street and Hermon Street at 4:09pm. The mother reports her daughter is ill and needs an ambulance.

An irate female called at 6:13pm to report a verbal exchange with duck hunters. Officer reports speaking to the caller. The duck hunters had left the area prior the officer arriving.

Report of an unwanted guest at 8:45 pm at Pleasant Park Road. Officer reports it is a constable trying to serve papers. Person was not home and constable left the building.

A caller from Trident Avenue at 10:28 pm complained that work being done inside the building was keeping the caller awake. Work was ceased and the officer explained the law.

An alarm from Winthrop Marketplace was reported at 11:07pm. Front door was unlocked owner contacted.

A caller reported at 11:37 pm that the back door at Honey Dew Donut Shop on Shirley Avenue was open. The building was secured and locked.

Tuesday, January 20

A medical aid call went out to a Seal Harbor Road apartment at 7:33 am.

Officers helped as school crossing guards and directed patrols from 7:34 am to 9:05 am on Revere Street, Revere Street and Kennedy Road, Hermon Street, Pauline Street and Shore Drive.

A red Ford Ranger was towed from Governors Drive at 10:35 am. A grey Ford Escort was also towed.

Officers assisted again at directing students leaving school.

At 3:05pm there was a report of a motor vehicle following a person in a wheelchair on Winthrop Street. An officer stayed with her until she arrived at Bank of America. The Council on Aging will send their van to pick her up.

A medical aid call to a River Road address came in at 3:16pm.

A report of identity theft came in to the station from a Charles Street resident 4:27 pm.

Report of a motor vehicle blocking a driveway on Atlantic Street at 7:09 pm. Officer tagged vehicle.

A stolen wallet from an employee at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street was reported at 7:10 pm.

Caller reports a man pacing back and forth in front of house on Shirley Street at 8:20 pm. Caller called back to say man left in a cab.

Alarm sounded at 246 Revere St. at 8:44 pm. Officers report door is secured.

A female in a car was playing a loud stereo at 10:15 pm on Read Street. Officer reports area is clear.

A medical aid call went out to Kennedy Road at 10:40 pm for a woman with heart issues not feeling well.

Resident of Governors Drive came to the station at 11:49 pm to report that he received a package of 1,000 empty shell casings and does not know who sent them to him.

Wednesday, January 21

An alarm went off on Shirley Avenue at 4:48 am officer reports store opening and that alarm had gone off several days in a row.

Report of a car blocking a hydrant on Coral Avenue at 6:12 am. Officer reported that hydrant could not be seen because recycling and trash barrels blocking it.

Officers directed traffic around schools from 7:41 to 8:22 am

School officer asked police to check a vehicle at 9:39 am. Officer reported owner was not around and everything was ok.

Officer attempted to deliver a summons to someone on Circuit Road at 9:41 am. Reports party is not there and may live in Lynn.

Medical aid call to Putnam Street at 11:03 am for person having breathing difficulties.

An 90-year-old female fell in the back parking lot of Winthrop Market Place on Revere Street at 1:52 pm. She was taken to MGH.

A man called at 7:28 pm to report his wife and 4-year-old son were not home. Wife had told husband she was going shopping in East Boston at noon. Officers checked with MBTA. Officer was then dispatched to the home at the same time a call came in that both parties were now home.

A citation was issued for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle at 7:54 pm at Main and Payson Street.

A medical call went to Fort Heath Apartments at 10:56 pm for a report of a man on the floor.

A car was blocking a driveway on Winthrop Street at 10:58 pm. Owner moved vehicle.

A report of a woman feeling ill on Otis Street at 11:22 pm. Woman transferred to the fire department.

Report of a speeding grey Porsche on Main Street at 11:47 pm. Officers will keep an eye out for it.

Thursday, January 22

At 3:30 am dispatch reports several calls from a hospitalized person with mental health issues.

Officers monitored traffic around schools from 7:38 am to 8:07 am.

A medical aid call went out to Fairview Street at 9:14 am. Caller reports her father is not feeling well.

Report of a large dog with blood on its face on the beach at 9:16 am. Caller states dog may have been hit by car. Officer contacted owner.

Report of a car blocking a driveway on Pauline Street at 9:35 am. Vehicle was moved.

A medical aid call went out to Plummer Avenue at 10:59 am for a grandfather having mobility issues.

Officer assisted a man at 12:23 pm in getting his tools from the DPW garage.

Caller reports she has not seen neighbor. Officer reports at 12:57 pm that person needs medical help.

Report of a man falling at 1 pm on Undine Avenue.

Police chief notified officers to tag cars parked in town hall lot for over an hour. Officer reports there is one car and it left.

Medical aid call to Elmwood Court at 1:42 pm.

Officer assisted a woman at 2:10 pm in retrieving her belongings from a Beach Street address.

Report of a blocked driveway on Buckthorn Terrace at 5:04 pm. Vehicle moved.

Ambulance called at 5:07 pm to Grovers Avenue for a person having post-operative issues.

An ambulance was called at 5:24 pm for a party having chest pains on Shirley Avenue.

A caller inside a locked home called for help at 7:41 pm. Police entered with a key. Fire and ambulance were called. Woman taken to MGH. Son is on scene.

Citation issued to driver at 8:19 pm on Shirley Street.

A car blocking a driveway on Shirley Street was ticketed and moved by the owner at 10:19 pm.

Friday, January 23

Report of  two males with backpacks on bicycles circling the area of Shirley Street at 12:49 am. Officer reports they entered a house on Shore Drive and believes they live there.

Officers checked on a person at an apartment on Revere Street at 10:13 am. EMS evaluated and person refused medical attention.

Caller reports someone operating a motor vehicle on Revere Street at 12:53 pm. without a license. Area search found nothing.

Officers check on a Revere Street apartment at 2:09 pm after caller reports a call that it was broken in to. All appears normal.

Caller reports her car is leaking gasoline on Putnam Street at 2:16 pm. Fire Department notified.

A medical aid call went out to Seymour Street at 6:32 pm.

A medical aid call went out to Bowdoin Street at 7:03 pm.

Saturday, January 24

Person came to the station at 8:50 am to report ongoing harassment and text messages from someone he doesn’t know.

A report of someone falling at Energy To Go on Shirley Street at 11:45 am. Fire department responded.

A sledding accident on Walden Street was reported at 11:45 am. No need for ambulance.

Medical aid call at 12:13 pm on River Road for woman having a possible stroke.

The fire department assisted a person who fell at 12:26 pm outside a Golden Drive address.

A group of adults and children were dispersed from Viking Gardens at 12:35 pm.

Request for an ambulance at 3:21 pm at a Jefferson Street address.

A man walked into Energy To Go on Shirley Street at 6:14pm and asked for an ambulance to be called.

Medical aid call at 8:17 pm on Irwin Street.

Report of two cars obstructing the roadway at Tafts Avenue and Shirley Street at 9:40 pm.

Officers checked out a car at Almont and Cross streets at 11:11pm because the door was ajar. Everything appeared normal.

Sunday, January 25

Caller reports kids at the skateboard area using snow boards at 12:14 am.

A Floyd Street caller at 1 am complained that neighbors were outside shoveling and plowing. Officer found no use of power equipment and people apologized for making too much noise.

An ambulance was called for a person on Putnam Place at 2:39 am.

Noise complaint regarding a Veterans Road apartment at 2:43 am.

A medical aid call went to Governor’s Drive at 11:36 am for a woman who fell.

A wallet was reported lost at 12:33 pm at an event at the high school the day before.

A man came into the station at 12:57 pm to report the sidewalks were slippery.

A Moore Street man reported at 8:12 pm that he was broken into several weeks ago on trash night. As he was coming out of his house he noticed a suspicious male and female. Officers stopped the parties on Taft Avenue. Local couple, no warrants.

A report at 8:37 pm that the left front tire was stabbed on Floyd Street.

Monday, January 26

A company called at 3:57 am to report a hysterical woman who needs help. Fire department responded.

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