Town Census to be Mailed in Early January to Residents

The 2015 Annual Town Census will be mailed to all households in early January. Winthrop residents should verify or correct any information, sign, and return the census within 10 days of receipt.

The data from the census is used to compile the Winthrop voter list, Winthrop school planning, and other reports required by Massachusetts General Law, therefore all members of the household should be included. If a resident does not receive a census form by the end of January, the Town Clerk’s Office should be contacted at 617-846-1742 to have a duplicate form sent.

Failure to respond to the Annual Town Census will result in the removal from Winthrop’s active voting list and removal from the resident list for any nonregistered voters.

A completed census can be returned by mail or hand-delivered to drop-off boxes located outside the Town Clerk’s Office, the Senior Center and the Administrative Office on Golden Drive.

The bottom of the census form includes a Dog Registration Form or right click the link to print form ..\dogs\DOG LICENSE APPLICATION.doc Dogs must be licensed by February 1, 2015 to avoid a late fee. Proof of current rabies vaccination is required for licensing. It is strongly encouraged that the license form be mailed to our office to avoid waiting in line. The census and the dog license form can be mailed into the Town Clerk’s Office in the same envelope.

Please call our office with any questions. Happy New Year!

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