Police Blotter 01-08-2015

Monday, December 29

State Police called to report a drone just flew over the airport. They state it was heading in the direction of Bayswater St. in East Boston or Winthrop. Officer reports checking all over and seeing nothing.

Male caller reports someone is placing a dumpster in the street and causing a traffic jam. Officer reports the people put the dumpster in the street to pull a car out of the driveway. The area was clear when he arrived.

Female came to the station to request an officer so she can obtain some belongings.

Caller reports her laptop stolen.

Chest pains reported. EMS was notified.

Male called to report his daughter needs an ambulance. EMS was notified.

Male turned in a wallet, credit cards and license and $40.00 turned in.

Caller requests police speak to upstairs neighbor about on-going issues.

Tuesday, December 30

Caller requesting an ambulance, her husband is having pain in his side. Fire department notified.

Caller reports a smoke alarm sounding.

Party reports her elderly mother is having some chest pains. Call transferred to WFD.

Party reports someone entered his property and cut water main to the house. As a result this caused extensive damage to new cabinets stored in the basement along with supplies.

Officer was flagged down by a motorist who stated MV struck his parked MV and left the scene.

Caller reports finding a Fit bit Band on corner of Shirley and Dolphin Ave. The caller has the identifying mark on the band which the proper owner should know. If anyone calls Sandra will hold on to it until then.

911 call of a female not breathing thinks she may have overdosed. Caller would not give last name. WFD notified, female taken to the Whidden.

Caller reports upstairs banging on the floors and walls while she is trying to get her small children to bed. Officers respond and spoke to both parties.

Party is requesting EMS for her mother who is having difficulty breathing. WFD and EMS notified.

Caller states a female party has been in her vehicle for many hours without moving. Officers reports subject was okay and is entering the residence.

Caller stated someone broke the windows to his vehicle.

Caller reports a male and female going door to door about switching their electrical power.

Caller requests an ambulance for her father.

Thursday, January 1

Caller reports hearing the voice of a young person that may need assistance. Unsure of where it may be coming from. W93 and W99 will check area.

29 r. old caller on E911 line reports he is stranded in Winthrop; would like assistance to go home to Lynn.

Caller requests assistance after a fall.

Walk in with a pocketbook he found on Washington Ave. by Veterans Rd., Owner is out of Revere. Phone number in Revere’s database of no good. They will send a cruiser to her house and try and contact her.

Lt. requests vehicle placed on 72-hour list. Vehicle has 3 flat tires and has been in the lot for a while.
Caller reports catching someone stealing from their storage room.

Officers report an ex-employee fled the scene with some items. Officers searching the area.

Several calls for a pedestrian hit by a motor vehicle.

Friday, January 2

Party reports a motor vehicle with Maine number plates has been parked out front for several days without moving. Officer reports tagging the motor vehicle for overhanging the driveway. Motor vehicle placed on 72-hour list.

Caller reported that his mother used his information to obtain a Dish Network System.

Party reports finding a cell phone near the Nautilus Condo building. Officer went by and picked it up and brought it to the station.

Party reports a young child in a blue motor vehicle has been blowing the horn for several minutes now non-stop. Officer reports.

Party reports a white SUV has been parked there for several days with a flat tire. MV placed on the 72-hour list.

Saturday, January 3

Caller states he heard what appeared to be gun shots and saw flashes in his rear view mirror while driving outbound on Shore Dr. Officer reports walking a couple of blocks along the beach no signs of ballistics in the area. Officer discovers what appears to be a box of Roman candle fireworks that detonated inside one of the portal potties along the beach.

Caller reports subject appears to be attempting to breaking and enter into a motor vehicle. Units respond and report the subject is owner of vehicle and is locked out of his vehicle.

Officer is off with a female parked and arguing with a male subject who is walking away. Officer spoke with both subjects who had a verbal argument and will be on their way.

Motor vehicle was stopped for interrupting a funeral procession. Operator was issued a written warning for above offense.

Party reports a man there just had a vehicle drop on his chest but he is out from under the motor vehicle. WFD and EMS notified, officer reports the patient is in fact out from under the motor vehicle. Officer reports the patient is in fact out from under the MV. EMS and WFD notified.

Caller reports neighbor appears to have fallen in her backyard. 77-year-old female fell, refusing medical transport. Daughter will take her to be evaluated when she returned home.

Caller reports male and female carrying a large flat-screen TV down the street. Officer reports speaking with couple who were moving the television from their old apartment on Ocean Ave.

Female reports motor vehicle crash not sure where? Revere or Winthrop. State police notified.

Another call of a motor crash…minor crash.

Sunday, January 4

Caller reports altercation with another tenant over the common laundry room. Units report simple past assault and battery out of presence.

Caller requests a well-being check on her mother who she has been unable to reach for the past 24 hrs. Units report making contact with resident who will contact concerned daughter.

Dizzy male needs EMS.

Clerk reports a male and female just stole bottles of Jack Daniels and fled on a bike on Veterans Rd. Bright pink jacket.

Monday, January 5

Caller states possible vandalism occurred at her residence. Units respond and report caller states subjects attempted to breaking and enter their motor vehicle. Subject left in two Honda type vehicles towards Crest Ave., Area search.

Party reports someone went through her motor vehicle last night. Officer reports nothing stolen from the unlocked motor vehicle according to the owner. Officer will check the area for further incidents.

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