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Thanks residents for support

Dear Editor:

On behalf of myself and our men and women currently serving with the United States Military, I want to thank the residents of Winthrop for their tremendous support and generosity this holiday season. Since Thanksgiving, we were able to pack, ship and deliver, well over one hundred Christmas care packages to our military men and women serving the world over in places like Afghanistan, Turkey, Djibouti, Africa, Kuwait, Spain, South Korea, Ouagadougou, West Africa, Qatar and Japan. As a Vietnam Veteran, I remember the feeling of loneliness and the pain of being away in a foreign country during the holidays and the pleasure of receiving a care package from home.

In early December, we shipped over sixty care packages with Christmas trees with lights, garlands, ornaments, homemade cookies, Maine maple syrup, Santa Claus hats and holiday music. We also delivered thirty four Christmas trees to the elderly military Veterans that live in the Winthrop Housing Authority. We tried to remember not only those currently serving, but also those who risked their lives in past conflicts and wars.

We currently have thirty four residents of Winthrop serving in the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, Marines, Reserves and Nation Guard. We were able to send each one of them a Visa Gift card as a thank you for their commitment to defending this Country.

All of this would not be possible without the extreme generousity of the residents of Winthrop. I think I can say, that the outpouring of support that is sent to our military men and women, not only during the holidays, but all year round, can not be equaled by any city or town in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. THANK YOU!

Richard D. Honan

U.S Army – Vietnam 1969

Proud of my Hometown

The holiday season has come and gone for another year. Yet there is always one aspect of the stretch that sticks with me long after I’ve polished off the last candy cane. How is it that OUR little town is able to book Santa Clause on his busiest night of the year? I’m so very proud to call Winthrop my home for many reasons, but most certainly the big guy’s annual ferry around town on Christmas Eve ranks among the best.

I’m in awe that there are still people out there who believe fruitcake is the way to go in terms of a holiday gift. I’m even more amazed that The Beach Boys “Little St. Nick,” gets as much air time as it does every year (Does it aggravate anyone else that the song seems to just be Little Duece Coupe done with different lyrics? Besides any musical group with Beach in their name shouldn’t be allowed to lay claim to a Christmas song). But it truly boggles my mind that as busy as Santa is on the 24th of December, he still makes the time to trek through OUR town to wave to all the boys and girls and all their friends and families.

The man is busy on this day. We are talking Belle Isle Seafood on Good Friday busy here. At the very least you’d think the jolly ol’ soul would be resting up for his eve’s long journey, or reading the newspaper, or simply playing a relaxing game of Risk with the Mrs. Instead he chooses to visit Winthrop Massachusetts.

According to a December 2013 Winthrop Transcript “Then and Now” column by Mr. G. David Hubbard this visit, at that time, started 79 years ago. Someone here has to have a pretty solid connection with a someone in the North Pole to make this happen year after year.

Here’s guessing it’s someone at the Fire Department …. Or Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo. Ya. He oversees the making of Massachusetts laws while Santa oversees the making of Christmas toys don’t ya know. Maybe they met at an “oversee the making of” convention. Wait a second. Mr. DeLeo wasn’t around in 1934. Scratch that last guess.

All kidding aside, Santa’s sleigh ride through Winthrop remains a fantastic tradition about the town. I’ve experienced it all 48 years of my existence from locations such as Cottage Ave., the corner of Shirley and Triton, Pleasant St., the corner of Lincoln and Brookfield, and most recently Main St. The enchanting event helps define Winthrop.

According to a Cary Shuman article in The Winthrop Sun Transcript’s Christmas Eve 2013 edition, “former Fire Chief Charles Flanagan is credited with directing the enhancement of this event.” Here’s a sincere shout out to the Winthrop Fire Department for “accommodating” Santa and the reindeer each year, and for ALL they do to protect this town and the surrounding communities year round.

Stephen Skobeleff

Bachini family says        thank you

Dear Editor:

Thank you to the Town of Winthrop Veterans Affairs Department, Town Leadership, and Citizens of Winthrop, on behalf of the entire Bachini Family, we would like to thank you for your recognition of the military service of the Bachini Brothers, David, Enrico, Leo, Joseph, Charles, Richard, and their Brother-in-law William McIntyre during World War II and Korea.  On Veterans Day, November 11, 2014 our family was overwhelmed with pride as the Town of Winthrop named the intersection of Bowdoin Street and Madison Avenue in honor of these brave brothers.  80 Bachini relatives as well as many friends, neighbors, and townspeople gathered to honor and reflect on our Grandparents unique sacrifice sending 6 children to war, as well as the heroic efforts of our fathers and uncles.    It was especially moving to see some of their fellow Veterans attend and share memories of incredible moments throughout their military service.

The success of this special day and memorial was due to the hard work of Roseann Trionfi-Mazzuchelli, Veterans Service Director for the Town of Winthrop, and the Veterans Committee.  After meeting with these folks many times, it is clear that Rose and this team truly work every day to ensure that local Veterans are remembered and cared for in competent, gracious and appropriate ways.  Their daily hard work on behalf of Winthrop’s Veterans is truly exemplary and something that all of us should respect and be proud of.  They are great town servants that quietly work miracles every day.  Rose, you are an inspiration to us all, and your efforts on our family’s behalf and that of all veterans is greatly appreciated.

We would also like to thank Town Council President Peter Gill for his participation, Massachusetts Speaker of the House of Representatives Robert DeLeo for his participation and moving words, as well as Congresswoman Catherine Clark for speaking eloquently on behalf of the Bachini men and all Veterans.  It is great to have them working on behalf of all Massachusetts Veterans.

Theresa and Dante Bachini quietly watched as 5 sons and their son-in-law, husband to their only daughter Marie, marched off to war from their home on Bowdoin Street.  Their youngest Richard was to join the Army during the Korean War.  Through much prayer and devotion, all returned home to Winthrop to lead honorable, productive lives that to this day continue to have significant impact on their children, grandchildren, their communities and the United States.  These brothers and their service, as well as all Veterans should never be forgotten.

On behalf of a grateful family, thank you.

Richard Bachini Sr. Chelmsford MA

Diane Bachini-Montgomery,

Winthrop MA

Peter D. Bachini,

Hamilton MA

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