High Falutin’ Blues: Winthrop Native Gracie Curran Wins Blues Artist of the Year

Gracie Curran and The High Falutin’ Band at the Boston Music Awards on Dec. 14.

Gracie Curran and The High Falutin’ Band at the Boston Music Awards on Dec. 14.

Gracie Curran, Winthrop native, and her High Falutin’ Band have been traveling across the country and along the east coast, and won the 2014 Blues Artist of the Year award by the Boston Music Awards on Dec. 14.

“We are honored and thrilled,” said Gracie, 29. “We appreciate the opportunity to come home and play for our fans that have been here from the very beginning. We had a great 2014 and are looking forward to sharing new music in the new year.”

The High Falutin’ Band recently finished a tour in the Midwest, and played in Chicago with legend, Buddy Guy.

“He came and watched the whole show. It was amazing,” exclaimed Gracie. “We love playing for people across the country. I’m very grateful that we’re doing so well.”

In one of her most recent performances in her home state, at the Larcom Theatre, in Beverly, Gracie kicked off her flip flops by the drum set and strutted center stage for her first song. On Nov. 1, the theatre was filled with 350 of the blue singer’s adoring fans, best friends, and family, who have been amazingly supportive of her music career. Her aunts, cousins, siblings, nieces, and mother were practically part of the show, inspiring the crowd to stand, clap, and sway to the music.

“It was a really emotional show,” said Gracie. “There was love in the theatre that night. Looking into the audience and seeing my family and long-time fans all sharing the feeling and cheering was overwhelming. It was magical.”

During the finale, Gracie, with her powerful voice, shared the stage with Victor Wainwright, a Memphis Blues pianist and singer.

“Playing with Victor Wainwright was truly an honor for me,” Gracie said. “His voice is so powerfully emotive and gets in your soul.”

There was nothing more special to Gracie than hearing the audience encouraging her and singing the lyrics along with her – except, perhaps, the mini cannoli backstage. Since Gracie has moved to Memphis, Tennessee, this September, she has been on a steady diet of fried chicken, biscuits, and gravy.

“Our fans have given us the confidence to keep going, keep making music, and keep touring. They’ve been on every part of this journey with us,” Gracie said. “They have a hand in every aspect of our success, so when we experience these great moments, they take as much pride in it as we do. I can’t thank them enough for everything.”

Gracie is thrilled that the soulful tunes are making a comeback, and is honored to be among the artists leading the way.

“Blues is cyclical. It ebbs and flows like any genre of music,” said Gracie, who got her love of music from her mother, Anita, Choir Director at the Holy Rosary Church, in Winthrop. “It’s awesome to see that blues and soul music is becoming more popular. There is a whole new generation bringing recognition to the genre.”

For concert schedules and more information about Gracie Curran and the High Falutin’ Band, visit www.TheHighFalutinBand.com.

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