Police Blotter 12-25-2014

Monday, December 22

Private investigator will be the area of Banks Street.

Party came to the station to report that this morning around 4:30 a.m. while delivering newspapers in the area of Bowdoin Street, a former employee came to the address and confronted the delivery person.

Caller on Ocean Avenue reports that her motor vehicle was parked on Saturday on Winthrop Shore Drive and that she was contacted by Abington PD that her vehicle was recovered there. Abington Police was contacted and they report that they recovered the vehicle with the following damage: completely stripped and missing two tires, no seats, interior is completely removed, steering column damaged. It was towed to site in Abington.

Party on Winthrop Street reports that the people inside should be checked as they appear to be in rough shape.

Caller on Otis Street reports a pickup truck has been obstructing traffic going into the area homes. Officer checked the area and there is no issue for fire apparatus or other motor vehicles.

Male skate boarder in the middle of Pauline Street. He is in and out of traffic.

Caller on Irwin Street reports a possible domestic in an apartment. Another 911 caller from the building for the same apartment as well. Officers report it was verbal only. All advised.

Party on Bowdoin Street reports that pipes and other items were stolen from his house that is under construction.

Caller on Neptune Avenue came in to report identity theft.

WFD request officer for a medical aid on Harvard Street.

Lt. Perrin requests a uniformed officer to stand by with State CPAC on Harvard Street.

Units respond and report dominant aggressor on Hermon Street left prior to their arrival and an uncooperative alleged victim. No personal injury.


Tuesday, December 23

Caller on Almont Street reports observing SUV with two occupants and flashlights on. Driver wearing hoodie. No plate given. Vehicle left the area onto Revere Street. Units BOLO.

Party on Governors Drive requesting assistance for diabetic patient.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that his wife’s motor vehicle was entered and gifts were stolen. Officer responded and will file a report.

Party on River Road reports that her husband is not feeling well. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

DPW worker located three bags of what he believes to be heroin on Summit Avenue. He transported them to the station and turned them in at the front window. It was placed into evidence bags and turned over to detectives.

Report of a motor vehicle striking a pole near Almont Street. WFD contacte4d. Officers report no injuries, but the pole is in rough shape. Vehicle was towed by GJ. National Grid will be delayed 30 minutes or so.

Caller on Bayview Avenue reports two males in green jackets and buckets going around the houses and in the back yards. Officer reports town DPW working.

Motor vehicle was towed per Governor’s Park for parking in a handicap spot without proper sticker.

Caller on Crest Avenue requests EMS for a patient who needs to be transported to the hospital.

Motor vehicle was towed by Todisco Towing for vehicle trespass at Governors Park.

Caller at Seal Harbor requests medical for his brother. Transferred to medical.

Party on River Road came in to report that party or parties unknown accessed her bank account transferring $2800 out of it to Western Union in several transactions. Bank of America is investigating.

Caller on Overlook Drive reports that someone is banging on his door. Officer responded and reports the area is clear. He spoke with the caller and all is okay. He will call if they return.

Party on Winthrop Street reports a motor vehicle parked illegally across the street from his house.

Caller on Read Street reports watching a female acting suspicious in the area. W92 responded to the area and it is clear.

Wednesday, December 24

Employee at CVS reports shoplifting in progress. W91 Off. Gergerian and W92 Off. Freeman interviewed the subject.

Caller reports a fire at Ocean Auto Body. Officer reports steam coming from front vent in rear of building. No fire.

Party on Overlook Drive reports he has fallen and needs help.

Caller reports that her husband sent her pictures from Shore Drive displaying a dead dolphin. ACO responded to the area and reports nothing showing. He will patrol the area in case the location was reported incorrectly.

Caller on Kennedy Road requests an ambulance for his grandmother.

Party on Overlook Drive called to report a suspicious subject trying to gain access to his apartment. This is a reoccurring call. Unit sent to check the area. W91 reports searching the exterior of the property and speaking to male and assuring him that the area is clear and the building is secure.

Caller states that he was at Alia’s Restaurant earlier this evening and lost a device which controls his insulin pump. The device resembles a PDA or cell phone. If turned in, please contact Off. S. Delehanty for contact information.


Thursday, December 25

Party on Almont Street reports a white male in his backyard, who claims he is lost and looking for his grandmother’s house. Units report the area is clear and unable to locate the subject.

Caller on Lewis Avenue reports locating a small white Maltese dog wandering around the neighborhood. Message left for ACO.

Party reports a dead dolphin on Shore Drive. ACO notified.

Alarm company reports alarm sounding on Sewall Avenue. Units report home secure and neighbors report nothing unusual in the area.

E911 call through Essex Regional Dispatch. No party on the phone. Dispatcher stated that there was an unwanted party on Charles Street. Subject was gone on their arrival. The caller was advised of her rights.


Friday, December 26

Daughter called to report that her mother on Charles Street is having a seizure. EMS notified.

Caller on Crescent Street request an ambulance for her husband who is having difficulty breathing.

Report of a large loose dog roaming the area of Dunkin Donuts on Revere Street.

Caller on Golden Drive requests an ambulance for a relative who is not feeling well and appears under the weather.

Party on Bayou Street reports two suspicious males loitering in the area of the service road to Fort Banks. Officer reports the two parties known to us and they left the area.

Male on Putnam Street called to report that his girlfriend is having chest pains. EMS notified.

Female on Lincoln Street came in to report that she has been having a minor dispute with her landlord over the electric bill and has noticed that someone has gone through her purse and room. She wanted this on record.

Female on Johnson Avenue called to report that she was followed by a fairly new black Caddy and it drove by her house. Officer reports she checked the area and it is clear. She also spoke with the caller and advised them to call if they see the vehicle again.

Male caller on Golden Drive reports that there was someone sleeping in the hallway in his building and is now lying on the bench out front. Officer reports male to Whidden for an evaluation.

Female on Shirley Street called to report that her father needs to be seen as his oxygen is low. EMS notified.

Female on Atlantic Street called to report there is a small fire in her stove. 911 transferred to WFD.

Caller on Main Street reports an unwanted guest.

Call of male on bench in front of Senior Center. 93 Ferullo checked out male who was waiting for the MGH bus to Boston.

Revere PD called for us to check on a male on Tileston Road as he might be suicidal. 91 Ramadani and 93 Ferullo report that WFD is on the scene. They located the male and all on the scene evaluated male and report he is fine. His ex-girlfriend was notified and she called Revere. Male is now with current girlfriend and all is okay.

Woman on Cottage Park Road needs EMT as she is shaking. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Female on Shirley Street reports an unwanted guest who will not give back her keys. W92 and W93 report speaking with the parties and it is a sublet. Party has established residence.

Male on Pearl Avenue reports loud music and party. 91 Ramadini and 94 Connolly report it is not too loud and they will keep it down.


Saturday, December 27

Caller states alarm activation at the Cummings School. 91 reports the building appears to be secure.

Medical alert activation on Kennedy Road.

Caller requests a wellbeing check for a friend on Trident Avenue who is not answering her door. W93 reports speaking with the caller and friend. All well, no service needed.

Party at Fort Heath Apartments requests a well being check on resident who is not answering the door. It is chained from the inside. Fire will assist to gain entry. The resident has passed away.

Caller on Washington Avenue reports an ongoing neighbor problem. He appears to be taking photographs of his children in their yard playing. He asked him not to do this and requests an officer speak with him. W93 Ferullo responded and reports speaking with both parties and resolved the matter for now.

Unknown caller reports a couple fighting/arguing outside Dunkin Donuts on Revere Street. She is concerned that it would escalate into a fight. Units responded and report nothing showing.

Male party on Waldemar Avenue reports he is receiving harassing text messages on his cell phone. He has already contacted AT&T who will not provide him with the other parties contact information. Off. Ramadini attempted to contact the other party and it was determined to be a trac-phone and untraceable.

Individual on River Road came into the station to report that there is an out-of-state vehicle parked and taking up two spaces. It has been using a visitor pass for two weeks. An officer will check out the vehicle.

Caller on Highland Avenue reports a large tree branch in the street and also stated that she observed someone in the yard of an abandoned house on the corner. W92 will investigate. Officer reports no branches down and property check was negative.

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street for defective equipment. A verbal warning given.

E911 transfer from Bridgewater PD. Caller reports that her uncle called from Overlook Drive to report that he needs medical aid. Fire notified.

Male caller reports that there is a female walking down Wave Way Avenue who appears to be in need of some assistance. Officers gave female assistance in getting to Seafoam Avenue.

Report of an erratic operator on Crest Avenue. Vehicle listed out of Revere. All units will BOLO.

Caller reports an open door at a home under renovation on the corner of Shirley and Cutler Street. Officers report the building is clear. They request WFD for smell of natural gas. Fire found small gas leak and turned off service to the home. The building was secured.

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street for red light violation.

Winthrop Lodge of Elks bartender reports a large group of unruly patrons. Officer reports parties left prior to their arrival.


Sunday, December 28

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street.  Officer reports citation issued for “unregistered” vehicle to be towed to private property.

Party on Pearl Avenue request medical aid. WFD notified.

Caller on Shirley Street complaining about barking dogs. She said this is an ongoing issue and believes currently that no one is home. She just wanted this noted.

W93 reports observing an open window at construction site on Veterans Road. W91 and W93 will check out the property. Units report being able to close the window and found the remainder of the building to be secured.

Report of fire alarm sounding at Fort Heath Apartments. Referred to WFD. W92 reports food on the stove.

Lifeline called for Fort Heath Apartments. Someone is having trouble breathing. EMS notified.

Off. Racow registered Level 2 sex offender. She also did an address check on five other sex offenders.

Female caller reports a black truck on the high school track going around and around. Officer reports Viking Pride people marking off yardage for a track event.

Call from the State regarding a female caller on Cliff Avenue reporting boyfriend having an episode. Units dispatched along with WFD for evaluation of situation. Callback to number provided by State and no answer. While officers are responding, female party called back requesting that we not respond. She was advised that we needed to assess the situation and make a determination as a result of the 911 call. Officers report male party going to the hospital for an evaluation.

W93 reports going off with motor vehicle stop on Revere Street. Operator unlicensed with two active default warrants. She was placed in custody and the vehicle released to owner. No tow.

Manager of group home on Pearl Avenue reports a resident is out of control and bleeding. 92 Curran and 91 Ramadini report the WFD is on the scene. Head laceration. The patient had a seizure.

Caller on River Road reports a motor vehicle is blocking his driveway and he needs to get to work. Officer hit the lights and sirens for five minutes and requests a tow. The vehicle was towed.

Party on Washington Avenue reports a drunk male walking up the street. Units report locating the subject who was being brought home by a friend. Subject had a laceration and bump across his forehead and refused medical attention.


Monday, December 29

Caller on Pleasant Street requests an ambulance for her 24 year old son who is vomiting. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Female on Almont Street called to say she may be having a heart attack.

Mother on Locust Street called to report that she is having a problem with her son. Officers report they need EMS for an evaluation. Fire notified and all report subject will go to the Whidden.

State Police “F” Troop called to report a drone just flew over the airport. They state it was heading in the direction of Bayswater Street in East Boston or Winthrop. Officer reports checking all over and seeing nothing. Off. Curran used the Homeland Security Cameras and checked as much of the town as possible and could see nothing.

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