Letter to the Editor

Thank you for the coverage

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the officers and members of Winthrop Mixed Lodge #2057, Order Sons of Italy in America (OSIA), I would like to thank you for publishing our Lodge’s activities and events.

A “Mixed” (both male and female members) Lodge since 1956, Winthrop Mixed Lodge has been one of the strongest and most generous filial lodges in the United States.  The Lodge has donated hundreds of thousands dollars to educational scholarship and charitable endeavors locally in Winthrop, the Greater Boston area, and nationally and internationally.   For example, Lodge members have supported Winthrop Little League, Youth Soccer and Hockey, and similar local groups while granting hundreds of scholarships to Winthrop high school seniors.  Winthrop Mixed Lodge also contributes much to the Alzsheimers Association, Cooleys Anemia Foundation, the Don Orione Home, Casa Monte Casino, and international relief efforts.

In addition, Order Sons of Italy is the largest Italian American organization in America.  It numbers 600,000 family affiliates.  The Order also promotes Social Justice and cultural preservation for all Italian Americans.

So our thanks to the Winthrop Sun Trancript for publishing our picture stories and articles.  Publication promotes the educational, charitable, and social justice efforts of our Order.  Further, any person of Italian decent or any person married to a person or Italian decent may join the Winthrop Mixed Lodge #2057 by contacting our Membership Chairperson Janis Pomeroy at 617-846-7456.  Thank you again.

Donna Segreti Reilly,


Winthrop Mixed

Lodge #2057, OSIA


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