Police Blotter 12-18-2014

Monday, December 8

Smoke detectors sounding at the Dalrymple Condos on Grovers Avenue.

ACO reports picking up an injured raccoon that was just struck by a motor vehicle on Washington Avenue.

Party on Cutler Street reports that someone left a note on his car regarding commercial plates needed, etc. The vehicle is not used commercially and he is concerned regarding it being tagged or towed. He requested that it be placed in the log as he fears his vehicles are being targeted.

Caller on Brewster Avenue requested EMS respond for her brother who fell and apparently fractured his leg. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Person walked in to the lobby to talk about the parking at the High School. He stated cars are parked all over the place and on crosswalks when school gets out. Would like the police to take some action.

Party at Executive Apartments reports that someone stole his wife’s transport wheelchair sometime within the last two days from the back of his motor vehicle.

Caller on Locust Street reports finding an opened box in front of his house which appears to have been a delivery for a home at another address on Locust Street. He reports it appears to have been stolen and dumped there as there are still some items that were left in the box. An officer picked it up and will follow up at addressee’s residence. No one home at the residence so officer brought the box to the station and will attempt to follow up with the resident tomorrow. 

Tuesday, December 9

Caller reports that his motor vehicle just slid into the Elks fence. W92 located and stopped the subject vehicle at WYC. Driver refused medical attention.

Party entered Winthrop Taxi requesting ambulance for a leg injury.

Mother on Cora Street reports that her daughter feels faint and she is requesting EMS. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service. Patient transported to Children’s Hospital for an evaluation.

WFD is requesting assistance with traffic and evacuating town hall. High pressure gas line appears to be leaking. Detectives redeployed to assist with traffic. SRO notified to keep all students inside for the present time. DPW notified to respond and deploy street barricades to adjacent intersections. National Grid arrived on the scene and the line was secured. Town Hall given permission to reoccupy after cleared by WFD.

A report that the traffic light is turned around by Furlong’s. DPW notified and they will have to handle in the morning due to the high winds.

Party called in a motor vehicle crash at Hagman Road and Pauline Street. No injuries but they need to see an officer. Officer reports the tow was unable to reach the motor vehicle which is submerged in rain water. It is off to the side at the present time.

Party reports numerous violations on Pauline Street. Officers report the area is clear but congested due to Walden Street being flooded and closed.

Caller on Walden Street reports a suspicious male claiming to be with National Grid.

Wednesday, December 10

A person came into the station to report being scammed over the internet on Facebook. This was in regards to the purchase of an I-pad 3. She paid $65 through Paypal and never received the item.

Reports of a wire down at Main and Wilshire Street. Officer reports an old phone wire and secured same.

Caller on Revere Street reports a parked motor vehicle extending out of a driveway and blocking the sidewalk.

Secretary at the high school turned in a wallet that was found in the classroom. The wallet belongs to a parent. SRO will hold the property until the end of the school day, and then bring it to the police station for safe keeping.

Caller on Shirley Street reports a low hanging wire from a neighbor’s house hanging down into her driveway. W91 reports the wire is a phone line which has been temporarily secured to the side of the residence. Homeowner will contact Verizon.

Party on Read Street reports being unable to locate his motor vehicle. The vehicle was towed for obstructing a driveway.

Caller on Court Road states he received a call from his doctor at MGH and is requesting an ambulance.

Party on Locust Street reports that sometime last night his motor vehicle was struck by an unknown party. No witnesses and no information was left. The damage was observed by officer to the rear door up the front passenger door. Damage is described as a dent and scrape.

Female caller reports a dog inside a red Toyota for over an hour on Hagman Road. ACO contacted and they will investigate.

Caller at Crystal Cove Inn reports a minor accident with another operator refusing to produce insurance information. W91 reports unable to locate the caller.

Party on Washington Avenue reports a water pipe sticking up uncovered in the street in front of Thompson’s Liquor. It is posing a danger to passing motorists. W92 confirms location of pipe. DPW notified and they will handle.

Male on Sewall Avenue reports 4 or 5 speeding motor vehicles on the street. 91 Brokmeir monitored the area and reports no violations.

Party came into the station with a parent reporting on-line harassment and threats from another juvenile. They do not wish to pursue charges at this time, but want it on record in case it persists. Referred to SRO.

Female at CVS reports a motor with child and mom appears “out of it”. 94 Racow and 92 Curran report they checked out the child and mom. All okay. 

Thursday, December 11

Request for ambulance for patient with cardiac issues at East Boston Neighborhood Health on Sturgis Street.

Call of a gold motor vehicle operating with damage to front and tire in the area of River Road and Chester Avenue. Units located the vehicle and spoke to the operator/owner. Vehicle sustained a mechanical malfunction, possibly of the tire rod, causing the vehicle to sustain a flat tire. Owner will have a private tow for the car. It is legally parked until that time.

Male on Highland Avenue reports that someone might come after him.

Credit card from Home Depot was stolen from female’s mailbox on Hawthorn Avenue. It was used at the Plymouth Home Depot. She suspects a boyfriend of her daughter.

Reports of an unwanted male in building of Winthrop Taxi. 91 Ramadini and 93 A. Hickey request medical for male and he was transported to the Whidden. 

Friday, December 12

Reports of alarm sounding in the kitchen area of school on Kennedy Road. W93 and W91 responded. Custodian responded and did a walk through with the officers. All okay.

Woman called looking for a party that does not exist here. The caller was actually calling the Winthrop, Minnesota PD. Wrong number.

Reports of a road rage incident at Atlantis Marina Condos. Possibly 16 year olds involved. The caller was evasive with information, and then hung up.

Report of burglar alarm activation on Court road. W92 reports housekeeper on scene accidently set off alarm, but reset it with the code.

Off. Feeley off with motor vehicle on Main Street for violations.

Det. Perrin requests medical evaluation for male experiencing chest pains on Washington Avenue.

W92 reports going off with motor vehicle for moving violations on Mermaid Avenue. W92 requests a tow for unlicensed operation.

Female reports a couple fighting and appear to be drunk. 92 Curran and 93 Ferullo request EMS. WFD on the scene. One female brought to the Whidden.

Report of a fight inside at Kathy’s Place. 92 Curran, 94 Racow, 98 Jaworski and 93 Ferullo reports it is all settled up.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports a motor vehicle all over the road, near Sunnyside. 92 Curran and 93 Ferullo request a tow. G&J will remove. One in custody for driving under the influence and marked lanes violation.

Female reports her mail was stolen and someone tried to take a mortgage in her name using her social security number.

Reports of a theft of jewelry from a house on Shirley Street. Will submit a list to Det. Callinan.

Saturday, December 13

W94 reports a very large noisy group in the Center at French Sq. Other units assisting. Officers report a rowdy group of about 15 making a lot of noise as a car drove by. The group was dispersed and sent on their way.

Male came to the station to report some type of disturbance going on downstairs on Hermon Street. This has been going on for about half an hour. Officers report parties are clearing the area. There was a car running outside and a group leaving. Others sent inside.

Sgt. Dalrymple in checking the center area discovered the lights to the side office at Falbo Law Office. The doors were checked and all is secure.

Call from Medic Alert operator reporting a party on Overlook Drive cannot get out of bed. WFD notified.

Male on Nevada Street called to report that he fell and hurt his neck. WFD notified.

Lifeline activation at Overlook Drive.

Yet a third call to report lifeline activation on Overlook Drive. Upon checking with WFD and they report they are still on the scene from the 2nd call.

A child exchange in the lobby.

E911 call for a person having difficulty breathing and turning blue at Suburban Extended Stay. The patient now breathing normally and further medical refused.

Caller on Floyd Street requests an ambulance transport to the Beth Israel for her mother who is not feeling well.

Party on Girdlestone Road requests an ambulance for her mother who is having cardiac issues.

Clerk at Energy To Go requesting an ambulance for someone who walked in stating he needs to go the hospital. W93 responding along with medical and report a male to the MGH for an evaluation.

Caller on Washington Avenue reports a party may be under the weather and they are concerned for their safety. W93 will check the area.

Party on Walden Street report that three youths are jumping in front of cars intentionally. W92 will check the area. Area search negative.

Officer locates party on Neptune Avenue that maybe having a medical issue. WFD notified. Efforts made to locate family. No transport. Contact made with family member close by. W93 will bring him to reunite. W93 located the wife and transferred custody.

Caller on Russell Street reports a group outside house causing a disturbance and request we send them out of the area. W92 responded and reports no disturbance, just two males walking down the street. The area is clear.

Caller on Bowdoin Street states that her husband has not returned from St. John’s Church event that ended an hour earlier. She was concerned about his medical condition. Call back that the party was home safely. 

Sunday, December 14

Caller walking along Shore Drive is concerned for the welfare of occupants of a red vehicle that is parked and running. An adult and child appear to be sleeping. W91 will check the area. He was unable to locate the vehicle.

Reports of a dead animal on Revere Street and  Bayou Street. ACO notified.

Motor vehicle was stopped on Cutler Street for failing to stop at the stop sign. Motorist was issued a citation.

911 call/transfer from Essex County. Caller stated that she was at Byfield Park in Winthrop, then hung up. Dispatcher stated the call was from an address at Seal Harbor (no such address). Dispatcher stated she tried calling the woman back and she did not answer but thinks she said her dog was choking. Units and ACO sent to the parks by Pond Street and Highland Avenue. We were able to contact the caller who stated that she is on the way to the Animal Hospital with her husband and does not need us. She was at Hannaford Park.

Caller on Bellevue Avenue and Prescott Street reports a party doing repairs on a motor vehicle while parked on a public way in violation of town ordinance. Officer spoke with the subject and made him aware of the law and the work has ceased.

Essex Regional transfer dispatcher reports yelling in the background on Winthrop Street. Caller then hung up. W91 and W93 spoke with mother/caller. It was a verbal argument between mother and her friend.

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