A Very Good Year for Winthrop

As the Town Council winds down its meeting schedule for 2014, it’s time to reflect on what has been another year of progress for the Town of Winthrop. We see long-dormant properties rising with new projects that helped beautify the neighborhood. We see our streets looking the best they’ve looked in years — for one gleaming example, we note the drive down Hermon Street from the beginning of Ingleside Park to the McKenna Basketball Courts and out to Pauline Street. The transformation into a shining local roadway is noticeable to all who walk or drive on the street.

The Parks Committee idea, launched by Council President Peter Gill, has turned in to one of the best proposals ever toward sprucing up our playgrounds and parks. And we haven’t even mentioned the solid financial picture of our town, thanks in large part to Town Manager James McKenna’s focus on this vital component of town government and the work of CFO Tim Gordon

James McKenna, in coordination with the entire Town Council, the School Committee, Superintendent of Schools John Macero (who has the schools bustling with activities and academic and extracurricular programs), department heads, and others have the town heading into 2015 with much optimism.

And of course, our MVL (Most Valuable Legislator) is, and continues to be, House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo, who has done so much to continue the resurgence of Winthrop. Having one of our own residents in one of the most powerful positions in state government, in combination with an effective and efficient town government, has bolstered our town to a degree that was unimaginable only a few years ago.

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