WIHA Selling Gift Cards as a Fundraiser

Looking for a gift idea or stocking stuffer?  The Officers and Board of Directors of the Winthrop Improvement and Historical Association (WIHA) are proud to announce their organization has been approved to sell major retailer gift cards.

Under a special program for qualified Non-Profits, the Great Lakes Scrip Center has approved WIHA to take orders for gift cards with many major retailers such as LL Bean, Bath & Body Works, and Aeropostale as well as selected supermarkets and restaurants.

“We’re hoping for a great response this holiday season and we plan to keep the program going all year round. It’s a great opportunity for WIHA to earn money to maintain the Deane Winthrop House,” said Mary Mahoney, WIHA Program Coordinator for the gift cards.

Your gift card choices can be selected from the Order Form that lists the many participating retailers.  Order forms can be obtained by calling WIHA at (617) 846-8606 or by e-mailing the organization at [email protected] The upcoming WIHA Open House will be held in the Deane Winthrop Barn on December 13 from 9am-1pm. Mary will have forms on hand and can take your order at her booth. Orders mailed to or placed in person with Mary by December 13th will arrive in plenty of time for Christmas.

WIHA purchases the gift cards from Great Lakes at a reduced rate.  The difference between the card’s face value and the reduced purchase price will go toward much-needed repairs in the Deane Winthrop House.  WIHA’s mission as an organization is to maintain and preserve the 350 year old Deane Winthrop House for future generations. Currently, WIHA is upgrading the electrical system in the House and attending to a cranky furnace.

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