Police Blotter 12-04-2014

Sunday,November 23

Party reports 16-year-old daughter is having breathing trouble (asthma).

Party came to station to report a break to his basement.

Caller reported he found beers in his driveway and does not know how they got there.

Reports someone complained about possible low lying Christmas lights between two homes. Unit reports neighbors will raise lights to fix problem.

Caller reports someone parked for 30 minutes in 15-minute parking spot.

Monday, November 24

W-93 reports being flagged down at the landing by a citizen reporting a possible B&E to a motor vehicle on Shirley St.

Caller reports his truck was just struck by a Capitol Waste truck on Shirley St.

Party reports he is receiving information that a person has been posting negative comments about him and his wife on web site Whispering Winthrop and wants this on record in the event of any issues.

Caller reports woman in a parked Dodge Stratus appears to be passed out behind the wheel. W93 reports speaking with female operator who is alert and conscious.

Male reports kids’ upstairs making noise.

Tuesday, November 25

Reports a woman 25 years of age, charcoal colored backpack; jeans and wearing a hat just broke into a vehicle and fled when confronted. All units responded searching the area.

Wednesday, November 26

Female owner of found property came to the station to retrieve her belongings.

Woman called to request for an assist as her mother had fallen.

Reports her rental from enterprise was entered last night. Car charger is missing.

Caller reports her parked motor vehicle was just struck. Other vehicle still on scene, and officer reports assisting in exchange of insurance information.

Caller reports her motor vehicle vandalized overnight.

Officers report it appears to be an attempted break and that no entrance appears to be gained.

Parent of 5th grader reports her son was just chased outside of school by three other 5th graders wanting to fight him. Mother will follow up with principal on Monday.

Foreman called from Dellbrook Construction to ask that we keep an eye on the site during routine patrol of the area. He states that there have been past larceny from the property during the overnight hours.

Party informed station that a male put a chair up against an outside window and climbed inside. Units report carpeting crew that is known to Officer and parties inside check out.

Party came in to report a crash in front of the station.

Thursday, November 27

Caller reports her husband not feeling well and wants to go to the hospital. Fire and ambulance notified.

Female called on the 911 line requesting EMS for a woman who fell in the apt.

Caller reports that one of their tenants is intoxicated and they request an ambulance to take them to the hospital.

Caller reports loud noise caused by “some machine”. Units report restaurant closed, but speaking with cleaning crew who were de-greasing the kitchen. They are done for the day.

Report of several cars parked illegally, obstructing the roadway.

Caller reports CO detector activated.


Friday, November 28

Caller requesting ambulance for neighbor who came to her door in severe pain. Also received second call from party in Everett, who was contacted by pained subject.

Party came in to report a defect on the temporary reviewing platform with one of the handrails.

Party reports sometime last evening someone threw eggs at her home on Wilshire St.

Driver reports towing motor vehicle for obstructing the dumpster and not displaying a parking sticker for the location.

Party came in to report she lost her black handbag containing her Massachusetts Driver’s License, U.S. Passport, Credit & Debit cards and approx. $20 in cash. She has cancelled the cards and will obtain a replacement of her Driver’s License and Passport.

Female party came into the station reporting she has been harassed constantly by her downstairs neighbor who bangs on the ceiling when her children walk across the room. She is very upset and remarked that the clerk at the East Boston court ordered them both to stay away from each other back in early November.

Caller reports his friends not breathing. Party transported to Whidden.

Saturday, November 29

Caller reports his water leaking into his house from the main. DPW notified.

Caller reports downstairs neighbor slamming doors, yelling, and generally being loud. She wanted logged and will call back later if it doesn’t stop.

Sunday, November 30

Family member reports her daughter has several warrants and has just walked own the street toward Winthrop Center. Officers checked the area to no avail.

Party requesting EMS for her grandmother.

Officer reports an elderly male took a fall and needs EMS.

Party reports the upstairs tenants have had a loud radio on all night. Officer reports having the radio turned down.

Party reports a male appears to be having trouble walking and is stumbling around the area. Officer located the subject near the Main ST. and reports EMS will not transport, he appears fine to them.

Party requesting the DPW to turn their water back on.

Caller reports woman fell down on sidewalk and having trouble getting up and staying up.

EMS administered first aid and had her sitting on chair upon officers and WFD’s arrival.

Party came to the station to report what she believes is past attempted break at her residence.

Party reports smoke alarms sounding. WFD notified.

Party would like to report some items of hers are missing from the multi unit home that were in the basement. Officer reports speaking with the complainant who was advised he would attempt to contact the owner to obtain further info.

Party requesting a well-being check for her sister, as she has been unable to reach her by phone.

Caller reports her motor vehicle was hit and run by a gray truck. She got a plate from a gray truck across the street.

Caller reports man in motor vehicle with 2 small children in back looks suspicious. He may be sleeping, or under the weather.

Caller reports her husband has Alzheimer’s and he just left the house in an agitated state with a knife and believes he’s heading to the station.

Caller reports a male passed out in front of 3 Sea View Ave.

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