Councilors Transfer $340,000 for Items

WINTHROP – The Town Council settled several financial matters Tuesday night, transferring $340,000 from either the town’s Capital Stabilization Fund or from free cash to pay for everything from new voting booths to a new public works truck.

The initial request from the Department of Public Works was for two trucks totaling $80,000 was cut in half as part of a conservative approach to the FY16 budget and because the town is waiting to see if there will be a reduction in state aid.

“Let’s do one and see how the upcoming months go,” said Council Vice President Nicholas DelVento, who also serves on the Finance Committee. The truck would be used for snow removal and other DPW jobs. The current trucks are 17 years old.

The council also approved the purchase of new windows at the police station for $37,000. It was noted that the windows should help reduce the energy costs and that the department has been waiting a while for new windows. Town Manager James McKenna also said $43,000 is needed for improvements to town hall. The improvements will include carpeting, painting and furniture. McKenna explained that they are making space for the storage of documents and have found some moisture and other problems in the designated rooms. The council voted not to fund $60,000 for the town hall cupola. It did, however, approve $25,000 for the town records scanning project. Once records are digitized they will become easier to search and can be placed online. Another $3,000 was approved for a vault storage container.

The Coughlin Park playground will be getting $42,500 worth of new equipment. McKenna reminded the council that the town received a $200,000 grant to improve the park and there will be a ribbon cutting there Dec. 3.

“The town is taking pride in the community,” McKenna said, adding that Coughlin Park is the last park in town to be spruced up.

The council also approved $15,000 for roof and masonry work to town buildings. Another $6,300 was approved for town hall back up batteries and $10,500 was slated for recovery equipment software for town hall computers. Finally, $3,860 was approved for 20 new voting booths. Council budget goals for FY16 will be placed on the town manager’s website.

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