Surf’s Up in Winthrop Coleman, Currier, Bring New Fitness Training Program to Oceanside Pilates and Yoga Studio

Miles from the Pacific Ocean and Hawaii and California where surfoarding is king, Winthrop residents have been climbing aboard surfboards inside Oceanside Pilates and Yoga Studio on Shirley Street.

Registered yoga trainer and teacher Georgeane Tacelli Coleman and certified Stott pilates and barre instructor Maria Currier have brought Surfset classes – a new workout and amazing conditioning routine for skiers and snowboarders – to the town and the response has been excellent.

What is Surfset?

“Surfset fitness is performed atop and alongside a simulated surfboard that is mounted on rubber air balls,” explained Coleman. “Like surfing and snowboarding, workouts mimic much of the leg action and core stabilization required for skiing and snowboarding.”

“It’s a growing fitness and conditioning program,” said Currier. “The program involves balance, core strengthening, and lean muscle building.”

 Coleman said that Surfset provides a full body workout involving cardio, weight training, resistance training, balance work, and core stabilization.

“Everything requires core stablization because you’re working on an unstable surface, “ said Currier.

Surfset classes are typically 45 to 55 minutes in length and the workouts can be intense.

“It’s really fun,” said Coleman. “It’s a high-calorie burner.”

“It’s efficient to get a full-body workout in a 45-55-minute time frame,” added Currier.

Participants take to their surfboard in standing, lying, kneeling, and squatting positions while also performing sit-ups and push-ups.

“You’re using your body weight as resistance – that’s why it’s full body,” said Currier. “When you do a push-up, that’s the ultimate full-body exercise. We like to promote focus and body control during our classes.”

Coleman said that most clients engage in other physical fitness activities such as running, yoga, skiing, snowboarding, skating, and ice hockey.

“The Surfset fitness program really enhances an athlete’s level of fitness and conditioning,” said Coleman. “The founder of Surfset was a hockey player. We live in a hockey town so we feel this would be a beneficial workout for hockey players.”

Dawn Sullivan, a member of the Winthrop School Committee, has been participating in Surfset classes in coordination with her training for marathons.

“The classes have given me a nice balance to my running and I have improved my core strength and endurance,” said Sullivan. “It’s also increased my balance and agility to be able to maintain positions on the board. It’s been a great complement to my running and I don’t think I would have gotten this far without the balance between Surfset and running.”

Surfset classes are just plain fun, according to Sullivan.

“I’m not somebody who likes the same routine every day. Every Surfset class is different and it’s motivating and fun. Another thing that drew me to it is that you can see progress really quickly. After the first two or three classes, you can see a lot of progress. If you’re looking for something different in a workout, this is the place to be.”

Sullivan said she has seen the beneficial effects in her endurance. “I was able to train for half marathons in five months injury free because Surfset helps me with the other muscles in my body.”

Coleman is excited about the response to Surfside and encourages residents to try a class which costs $15 per session.

“Surfer dudes, snow bunnies, and all kinds of fitness enthusiasts should know that Surfset has arrived in Winthrop.

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