John Ribeiro at His Sister’s Election Night Gathering

Election Night is always a time of emotional scenes and such was the case at the post-election gathering for Celeste Ribeiro Myers, sister of Winthrop resident John Ribeiro, who has been a leader of the anti-casino campaign in Massachusetts. It should be noted that before John attended the repeal-of-the-gaming law event, he stopped by Celeste’s event to speak and thank her for competing well for a seat in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Though Celeste was unsuccessful in her election versus incumbent State Rep. Carlo Basile, she gave it a good fight. She told her supporters that she wanted so much for her brother to be able to hold the book as she took the oath of office, but it wasn’t meant to be this time.

Though John’s group did not win its repeal effort, we think everyone can agree what a professional and articulate spokesperson John Ribeiro has been over the last several years and we found out Tuesday night what a great brother he is as well.

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