Police Blotter 10-30-2014

Monday, October 20

Officer was handed a bank debit card listed to a Winthrop resident, Address and phone number were located and he was advised to pick up the card.

Market Employee requested EMS for a female who is feeling light headed.

Party reports SUV has been parked inside the Pond St. playground lot without moving for over a month.


Tuesday, October 21

Caller reports his wife has fallen and needs help getting back in bed. Fire dept. notified.

Caller reports her orange cat got out of the house.

E911 reporting alarm accidentally set off at location.

Graffiti was discovered on property retaining wall at end of Terrace Ave. on beach.

Party reports a tree limb is about to fall and he needs an officer to locate the owner.

Officer requested EMS and Fire for a male who isn’t feeling well. Party was transported to Whidden Hospital via ambulance.

Caller reports several items stolen.

Party reports losing a gold ‘nugget’ bracelet, approx. worth $4,500, sometime Sunday in front of garage.


Wednesday, October 22

Party located inside the school and officer is requesting WFD and EMS for an evaluation as party has mentioned suicide.

Party reports seeing a young boy in a Halloween mask and pajamas in front of his home at 5:45 a.m., he felt it was very early for the age of the child. Child was asked if he was ok and he told him he was.

Party reports that she found a pistol that belonged to her deceased husband. She would like it picked up and disposed of.

Party reports pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle. Detail officer requested WFD and EMS to the scene. Officer reports the operator of the MV was cited and the pedestrian was transported to the MGH with injuries.

Caller reports wire down in his driveway.

Neighbor called stating the porch collapsed and took out part of the wall, exposing the interior of the house. She states residents have been gone for week so it is unoccupied.

Caller reports transformer blew on Argyle St. and power is out. National Grid notified.

Party reports 4 solar walkway lights stolen from her front lawn.

Tree fell onto roof.

Reports a pole and wires are down on the trailer across from the high school site.

Caller reports her friend may be overdosing.


Thursday, October 23

Caller reports a black Mercedes crossing over the centerlines and traveling in the wrong lane.

Caller states sparks coming from wire connected to top of the building. Fire notified.

Man came into the station to report the water is over the sidewalk at the Elks.

Lady called to report trouble breathing. EMS called.

Call of an electrical fire outside the house. Fire will respond.

Seal Harbor concierge reports possible individual walking on Pond St. wearing shorts, a black hoodie and waving a red flag. Units report speaking to an individual fitting the description staying on Summit Ave.

Female called to report a section of the air-conditioning enclosure has blown down and is hanging from the roof of building.

Female reports a smoking wire…trans to WFD.


Friday, October 24

Reports woman having trouble breathing.

Several calls regarding street sweeping.

Caller reports white male, approx. 6 ft. tall, with goatee and green knit cap begging for money in the area of the Holy Rosary church.

Female reporting an alarm at Cumberland Farms and requesting Fire and Police. Suppression System going off.

Woman needs help assisting her mother who fell.

Medical aid

Caller reports tree on fire in the area of Shirley St. WFD and W92 dispatched.

Vehicle stopped for running a red light at the intersection of Main St. and Revere St.

Male reports kids shining laser lights in face. Officers located a group that ran from scene.

Detail Officer reports hit & run accident was reported to him. W91 will assist, hit and run suspect was identified thru video at scene. Damage was confirmed and matches victim vehicle.

Owner of Liquor store reports hit and run suspect is now at store. Officer reports all parties advised of rights and suspect will leave with child in his arms.


Saturday, October 25

Male called to report his father needs an ambulance. EMS was notified.

Caller reports he is having difficulty breathing.

Caller reports numerous cars parked illegally on the sidewalk.

Caller reports front window of her house appears to have been smashed. W92 reports only the outside of a double pane window broken, inside pane still intact. Appears to be weather related rather than vandalism.

Caller on the 911 line stating that she just arrived home and found her 70 yr. old mother at the bottom of the stairs inside home.

Person came in station to report that an unknown individual has opened a g-mail account in his name.

Caller states her neighbors are causing a disturbance by loitering in front of their property.

Female caller reports fight in street.

Caller reports loud music coming from a motor vehicle.

Party reports a group of men in a small white MV were out in front of her home. She went out to confront them and they drove off. Officer checked the area for the subjects to no avail.

Party responds the upstairs neighbor being loud and noisy.


Sunday, October 26

Officer reports a female party informed him of a possible breaking and entering.

Party reports minor accident in which the offender left the scene.

Report of a dispute, peace restored.


Monday, October 27

Reports areas all quiet.

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