Police Blotter 10-23-2014

Monday, Oct. 13

Reports of a Viking cab hitting a town tree and took off their side view mirror, Cab has stopped.

Party requesting EMS for a young child.

Chelsea PD requesting our ACO for an assist in their city. ACO notified and will respond.

Party reports the male operator was photographing planes landing. The situation made her uncomfortable.

Medical alert – WFD notified.

Caller reports neighbor is harassing her in violation of a court order.

Party reports a truck and trailer blocking the roadway.

Tuesday, Oct. 14

Call reports truck struck a motor vehicle on the corner of Shirley St. and Revere St. and left area.

Party reports his granddaughter’s car had a broken window smashed out sometime since last evening.

Party reports someone is pounding on his door and he believes they are breaking in. Officer reports speaking to both parties regarding a landlord tenant issue.

Party reports sand truck went by so fast that the front door blew open. Unable to obtain truck Co. name but she wanted it on record.

Caller states that there are children sitting in the roadway trying to make motorists drive around them. When she spoke to them one of the children screamed an expletive in her car window.

Caller reports hearing glass bottles being broken and believes that a group might be drinking in the field.

Wednesday, Oct. 15

Caller reporting some type of alarm sounding in the area.

Male called to report he was assaulted.

Female reports getting into a motor vehicle crash.

Reports her mother fell and she needs help getting her up.

Woman came to the station to follow up with a hit and run which occurred over the weekend.

Daughter called to report father needs assistance getting back into his wheelchair.

Reports of yelling and a fight.

Male reports a loud bang and a hit and run.

Friday, Oct. 17

Caller reports mother not feeling well and would like to go to hospital.

Units report verbal argument between parent and daughter about going to school.

National Grid consultant reports young child possibly left alone without adult supervision.

Male called to report earlier today he was crossing on Pauline St. and cars were close to the crosswalk and he thought oncoming traffic could not see him crossing as a result.

Male called to ask if it was ok for him to park his motor vehicle with trailer on street for several days. Informed that he could not just leave it for an extended period of time.

Officer reports resident is causing a problem by being in the street behind a cement truck backing up video taping the truck and the workers.

Caller reports individual claiming to be with the Dept. of Homeland Security threatening her with arrest.

E911 transfer from State from cell phone caller reporting erratic operation, possibly drunk.

Caller reports; child down behind Kathy’s place, possibly injured.

Caller reports his girlfriend was walking her dog when a vehicle described as black Kia SUV stopped; one party exited the vehicle, and approached her.

W93 gives further description of Black KIA Sorrento, two younger Spanish male occupants.

Caller reports kids trespassing on her property.

Saturday, Oct. 18

Female caller reports getting off the bus and was approached by a male asking her where she lived. He also was following her. Male described as short and heavy set Hispanic with glasses wearing a dark or blue sweatshirt.

Caller reports discovering his car window broken.

Party called back to report finding the rock inside his car that was used in the vandalism in the previous call.

WFD reports elderly female transported to BMC for injury to her foot.

Male transported to Whidden Hospital for possible overdose.

Female came to the station to report two males coming to her mother’s home on Thurs. and acting as though they were from a company doing work and then charged her several thousand dollars for something. No invoice given.

Caller reported two pit bulls came out of a mobile home parked on Shore Dr. and attacked another dog.

Reports youths riding on motorized bikes up and down the street.

Reports 2013 Kia was struck by a nationalgrid truck while they were working in the area.

Reports female lost her dog. AC reported earlier that he located a Jack Russell Terrier and has him if anyone sold call. Dog returned to thankful owner.

Caller reports children playing in area climbed onto roof of the school and now can’t get down. Fire notified and W-92 responded. One of the children’s father got child down. Fire cancelled.

Reports by woman who says kids trying to light fire near gazebo.

Person came to the station to report his 16 yr. old daughter missing.

Caller reports a suspicious car parked in front of her house.

Caller requesting ambulance for husband with respiratory issue.

Person came in to report his garage was spray painted over the weekend.

Caller reports one of the signal lights turned in wrong direction causing confusion. Officer confirms and reports possibly safety hazard.

Sunday, Oct. 19

Women fell 2 hours earlier, just reached phone to call for assistance. Fire and ambulance assisted.

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