Police Blotter 10-16-2014

Monday, October 6

Lt. DeLeo who is on detail on Pearl Avenue is requesting medical assistance for a handicapped gentleman.

Detail Sgt. Femino reports a strong odor of gas near Jac’s on Crest Avenue. WFD notified and will respond.

Party at Holy Rosary Church reports a large trailer carrying construction equipment appears to be stuck and is trying to maneuver out of the area.

Caller on Trident Avenue reports that his brother appears to have been assaulted.

93 will attempt to serve a summons to subject on Washington Avenue. 93 spoke with his roommate and informed him to come to the station and pick it up.

Walk-in to report that on September 19th, he got an e-mail from Verizon Wireless to report that he had updated his phone (on two numbers) for a total of $348. He later got an e-mail that stated that the phones had shipped. He did not order any phones or update his phone. He was advised by Verizon to file a police report.

Party reports that she arrived at Crystal Cove Inn on Saturday and later realized that her rucksack containing an IPad 3 valued at $600 and a Canon camera valued at $150 was stolen from the lobby area of the hotel. It was referred to detectives for follow-up.

Caller reports a couple arguing near Kennedy Road. She states the man sounds very hostile.

Male called reporting that a couple was “making out” in a state police car on Pleasant Street. 93 checked the area and the vehicle was just dropping someone off and left the area prior to W93’s arrival.

Tuesday, October 7

Female reports that her friend who lives in Seal Harbor said there is someone in his apartment and in his bed. He sent pictures to the caller and there was no one in the picture. Officers request EMS for voluntary.

W94 reports a large heavy piece of a truck tire in the middle of the southbound lane of Shore Drive near Neptune. 908 removed the piece as best she could to the side of the road. A message was left for DPW.

State Police detail officer reports being informed that a woman had been assaulted in East Boston and was helped home to the area of Lincoln Street. The woman that assisted the victim only knew a first name and the woman did not want help and did not want to be identified. Unable to get any more information and a check of the house did not reveal anything.

A very excited dispatcher from Chelsea requested our ACO right away for a dying cat. ACO notified and will contact them.

Male caller reports a needle in the street on Hawthorn Avenue. Officer reports he has the needle and secured it.

Party reports that her father on Kennedy Road is having difficulty breathing.

Reports of a motor vehicle crash on Revere Street involving three vehicles. Two injured parties transported to the Whidden via Ambulance.

Boston EMS reports receiving a call from a male on Harbor View Avenue who is depressed and wishes to speak with somebody. W93 reports speaking with the party who is not depressed, simply a misunderstanding with Boston EMS. The party was simply attempting to arrange transportation with EMS to see his doctor.

Detectives going off with a suspicious group on Walden Street.

Female on Pauline Street came to the station to report that she found a bone in her yard a month or so ago and feels it may be part of a human knee. The bone is wrapped in a bag and will be forwarded to the detective division.

Male on Sunset Road called to report that his son cut his hand and it is bad. Fire notified and W91 and W92 responded.

Male called regarding a woman by the Pizza Center needing an ambulance transport. W91 responded and requested EMS.

On-call nurse called regarding her client who reported having leg pain and now the nurse cannot reach the client at Viking Gardens. W91 responded and located the client/resident. All is okay. She was just on the phone. Fire cancelled as she stated she was not in need of medical assist.

Two 911 hang-ups and one abandoned call from Suburban Extended Stay. Callback resulted with the desk clerk stating he did not call and is unable to determine what room may have made the calls. W92 responded after the first call and when subsequent calls came in, W91 responded to assist in going room to room to check on the occupants. First and second floor cleared by the units and the elevator was checked out to be clear as well. No one in need of assistance.

Woman reports a car without a handicap placard or plate is parked in a handicap spot on Cutler Street.

Wednesday, October 8

Sub-contractor for National Grid will be in town today going house to house doing three-year annual inspections for gas leaks.

Male on River Road called to report that he lost his wallet on a Paul Revere bus. He had credit cards that he cancelled, money and a health card from Japan. When Paul Revere was contacted, they said they do not have it.

Call from the fire department to report that cars are in the fire lane and illegally parked close to their station on Pauline Street. Officer reports he tagged six vehicles.

Beth Israel Health Center in Chelsea called to ask if we could check on female on Kennedy Road. Officer reports she will go to the Beth Israel in Boston.

Officer will attempt to serve subject on Washington Avenue a summons issued by East Boston Court. He reports no one is home.

Female called to report there is a hydrant leaking and a truck dropped some of its load on Pleasant and Sargent Street. DPW will send a crew. Officer reports the street is cleaned and DPW is at the hydrant. ACO assisted.

Det. Carter will try to serve civil service papers to subject on Fremont Street. He reports serving it in hand.

Detective and officer are on a follow-up at Crystal Cove Inn.

Female on Cliff Avenue called for an ambulance. EMS notified.

Report of the female that went to the Beth Israel in Boston to be checked took off on them. They would like us to check if she is okay. If she wants to go back, they will take her, if not, then if she is okay, just call the sergeant back. Officer reports she is not home and a neighbor will call if and when she comes home.

Caller reports finding a small dog that she believe belongs to the evicted tenants on Shore Drive. ACO notified.

Female called to report that she was just assaulted in front of the CVS. She reports a woman is walking up towards the Middle School. W91 Curran and W92 Ramadini report hearing to be set up in East Boston Court for the assault.

Party on Woodside Avenue came in to report that she is missing money from her apartment and she believes her sister and/or her sister’s boyfriend took it.

Thursday, October 9

Male party came in to request an ambulance. He is not feeling well. Fire and ambulance notified. The male was sent to Whidden via Action Ambulance.

Caller asks if we can do a person check on a female party at Seal Harbor. She left some disturbing text message on his phone and he is concerned for her well being. Officers spoke to the subject and calling party and all appears to be okay. No medical services needed.

Party called to report a disturbance on Morton Street. Units check the length of the street and all is quiet at this time. The caller would not leave a call back number.

W94 reports the gate to the construction site on Cross Street is open. No one is in the area. The day shift will check with the project manager.

Woman resident on Shore Drive reports a worker from the beach project arrived early for work and was checking the equipment. He is now sitting in his car blaring the radio.

Call of a skunk problem on Cross Street. ACO notified.

Several 911 calls of an elderly female that fell in the parking lot on Walden Street.

Detectives are off on a follow-up at Energy To Go.

Gorman Fort Banks School called to report that a male operating a blue vehicle, failed to obey the rules of the pickup circle and was operating in a dangerous manner refusing to listen to school personnel. They wanted this listed in the event that this individual continues to cause a safety problem.

Caller at Fort Heath Apartments reports that she discovered a piece of jewelry missing from her apartment.

Female called to report that she lost her wallet in front of the 7-11 store. There was $70 in currency, an ID and credit cards. She was advised that the wallet was found outside of the 7-11 but the currency was gone. The detectives are going to view the surveillance video.

W98 reports a follow-up investigation on Washington Avenue.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports that someone is taking pictures of the planes at the water’s edge. Unit reports a homeowner taking pictures of the city view.

Party on Dolphin Avenue reports having difficulty swallowing. Fire and ambulance notified.

911 call for smoke in the basement at Governors Park. Transferred to fire.

Female caller on Pauline Street reports that her 7-year-old son woke up with a pain in his side. Transferred to fire.

Friday, October 10

Caller on Shirley Street reports hearing his car alarm go off. He looked out the window and saw a red vehicle drive away. He went down and saw damage to his front, driver’s side bumper. No other description. He wanted it noted. So done.

Male caller on Winthrop Street reports a wicker basket in front of his house and it may contain a bomb. Off. Carter reports an empty clothesbasket.

Owner of home on Palmyra Street called to report that someone was in her yard near the house. Officer reports DPW putting in new water meter readers.

Officer will try to serve a trespass order given by the Winthrop Public Schools to subject on Johnson Avenue. He reports serving it in hand and explaining the order.

Housing Authority called regarding an unwanted guest on Golden Drive. Units report male was told to leave and he did.

Woman called requesting medical for her mother on Cliff Avenue. Fire and EMS called with W91 assisting.

Father came to the station with his 17-year-old son who was threatened over Facebook.  W91 responded to Pleasant Street to speak with the other party.

Winthrop Middle School requests police for an unruly party. Caller wants him removed from the property.

Caller on Main Street reports hearing a fight on the first floor. Units report tenant/landlord dispute again. All parties advised of their rights.

Party reports a vehicle, which parks in the area of Pleasant Court with a couple inside getting romantic and smoking marijuana. However, car presently parked and unoccupied. The caller was asked to phone us when an infraction is observed.

Caller reports that someone in a car at Odd Fellows Hall looks like they are smoking something from a pipe. Units reports subject in front of his home and going inside.

Saturday, October 11

Party on Fremont Street reports a motor vehicle is blocking the driveway and her husband cannot get out. W93 reports total obstruction. G&J towed the vehicle.

While allowing a prisoner out to make a call for bail, she stated to Sgt. Dalrymple that she would harm herself in her cell. She also threatened to do harm to others. Sgt. Dalrymple immediately called WFD and EMS. The prisoner securely was transported to MGH via Action Ambulance. W93 went with her. The prisoner also stated she did not want breakfast and removed the splint from her injured foot that was applied at the hospital last night. She stated that her foot was broken. W93 reports returning with the female prisoner. The matron was called.

Female called to report that her nephew has made threats regarding the parties that bought her sister’s home this past week. The caller reports that she thought that he may be calling from a friend’s house in Winthrop, but in fact, she does not know where he is calling from today. It was an unknown ID. The caller was advised to seek her own ERO in Arlington and speak with the police where she lives and to also inform the new homeowners to come in and report their own issues.

Caller at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street states that she was the victim of a rude and threatening driver from another motor vehicle. W91 reports speaking with the caller who reported to him that the other vehicle left the area inbound. No crime, peace restored.

Party came in to the station to report that threats were made against her, her husband and their property on Court Road by a third party. Harassment Order application was given. The judge informed parties that he would not issue the order based on third party information and he would need to speak with the third party for reconsideration.

W93 reports the fencing from the beach nourishment project has fallen. Mr. Colameto notified and will send someone out.

Sunday, October 12

Party on Kennedy Road reports falling and now needing assistance getting up. Referred to WFD.

State Police Revere called asking for assistance, as they have no available cars to investigate a complaint of loud noise/music coming from car parked on Shore Drive. W93 and W94 report sending group out of the area via Viking Taxi.

Caller reports a violation of HPO on Golden Drive. As officer arrived at complex, the caller was leaving. Officer checked the building and could not locate the suspect. While standing by, the caller returned and stated that the suspect was now at the store and had been prior to her arrival. Officer’s investigation could not substantiate intentional violation of order at this time.

Party on Nahant Avenue reports that her husband took the dog for a walk around 7 a.m. T he dog has returned, but not her husband. She stated he has never done this before. He may be at the park or beach. The wife called back to inform us that her husband had returned. All is okay.

Report of a kitchen fire on Grovers Avenue. All units dispatched to assist with occupant’s safety and traffic. The chief was notified. At 10:55, the fire was under control and all units clearing.

Suburban Extended Stay called to report that some guest has violated the fire laws by smoking. He would like them to leave. W91 and W93 responded to keep the peace. Officers report no smoke in the guest’s room, only in the hallway. The parties will be checking out at noon. No problem.

Detail officer repots that a “Road Closed” sign positioned on Main Street was struck by a motor vehicle causing damage to her front bumper.

Caller at Viking Gardens reports a medical condition that needs attention. Call transferred to WFD.

Party states that there is a male who comes in and verbally assaults the employees at Blackstrap BBQ. He causes a disturbance and he is there now in an altercation with a patron. The male is in custody after a brief pursuit. The charges are: malicious destruction of property, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Caller on Sunnyside Avenue states there is a group of teens, approximately six) running up and down the street harassing the residents. W93 reports encountering the group on Winthrop Street and Edgar Terrace. They will disperse and discontinue being a nuisance.

Male came in to repot that while he was making a delivery for Odyssey Grill on Walden Street, someone threw a bottle and tore the side view mirror off of his motor vehicle. He did not see who threw the object.

Mother reports that her 14-year-old son has not returned home. He was last seen at 7 p.m. at the skate park. His friends were contacted to no avail. All officers BOLO’d. The search was diverted for next priority call. While searching for suspect on that call, W94 Brown located the juvenile on steps of St. John’s Church. He was returned to his mother’s home.

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