Police Blotter 10-02-2014

Monday, September 22

ADT Alarm called to say that Brown’s Drug Store’s alarm is gong off. Officer reports building secure and all is quiet.

Party on Cliff Avenue reports that her motor vehicle was broken into and a car charger taken.

Lt Perrin and officers will attempt to serve an arrest warrant to subject on Cliff Avenue. They have one under arrest for domestic assault and battery.

Party on Bowdoin Street came to report a larceny,

W92 off with parked vehicle, which is on the tow list. Parked vehicle was located on Woodside Avenue and was on the town tow list for owing $850 in parking tickets. Owner came out and paid the tickets over the Internet. The vehicle was not towed.

Caller at Governors Park reports an unwanted guest. W91 and W92 dispatched and the party was sent out of the area.

W91 served license suspension notice to party on Loring Road.

Mother came in to the station to report that her son has not returned home. He was last seen at 4:00 p.m. She filled out the paperwork. She then called back to report that he had returned home.

E911 call for motor vehicle crash into a pole on Crest Avenue. WFD and EMS dispatched. Minor damage to the vehicle, but operator had medical issue and was responsive but was transported to the hospital.

Caller on Golden Drive requests EMS for medical aid. W91 will assist.

Tuesday, September 23

Mother on Shore Drive reports that her 15 month old had a seizure. Call transferred to EMD for service.

Male on Court Road called to report that two people in a jeep and one person is taking pictures of the airport. Officer reports owner and friend taking pictures of planes.

Call from the Town Hall to report that vehicles going in and out of the Shirley Street gate and no safety officer on scene. Code Enforcement Officer will issue a citation. Site was shut down per Building Inspector.

Officer and detective will respond to Francis Street to take “License to Carry” and any weapons subject may have. Several weapons and ammo taken.

Female caller reports that someone is looking at planes with a pair of binoculars at the bridge on Main Street. Officer reports they were two surveyors.

Report that someone fell on Shirley Street. EMS notified.

Wednesday, September 24

Caller on Crest Avenue reports not feeling well and had an upset stomach. Fire and ambulance notified.

Report of kids fighting at Franklin and Payson Street. Units sent a group out of the area.

Housing Authority Director called to request an officer to assist, as she hands someone a trespass notice. Office reports it was served in hand and a copy was taken to the station.

Husband on Fairview Avenue came to the station to report that his wife lost a three stone diamond ring with a platinum band.

Owner on Forrest Street came to report that someone tried to break into his house. Officer reports that all is okay.

Female on Revere Street called to say that her friend is having a seizure. EMS notified.

Call of a wire down on Read Street. Fire notified.

Off. Feeley will generate a report for “Keeper of a Disorderly House” to subject on Main Street.

Female on Cliff Avenue reports that there is a pickup truck leaking fluids. Officer reports nothing is leaking and the vehicle is legally parked.

Complaints of a loud car stereo at the basketball court on Walden Street. 92 Ramadini reports locating and stopping the loud music.

Party on Bowdoin Street came in to report that he was informed at the Department of Revenue Human Resources that his social security number and name was used to apply for benefits of unemployment.

Officer reports two males going in and out of bushes at Read and Morton Street. Unit report no one in the area.

Caller on Washington Avenue reports that a cat was struck by a motor vehicle and is injured. Unit repots a black cat was transported to Angel Memorial after all other efforts were ineffective.

Thursday, September 25

Report that there are people entering and exiting a van parked in the Seal Harbor lot in a suspicious manner. W91 and W92 report speaking with caller who saw this activity yesterday. The van checked out to a resident of Seal Harbor.

Caller on Temple Avenue requesting an ambulance for back and leg numbness.

Lifeline reports a party fell and has injured his leg at the Executive Apartments. WFD and EMS notifed and will respond.

Party reports a female party got hurt in the parking garage at Atlantis Marina Condos. Call transferred to WFD for service. Officer reports a one-vehicle accident inside the parking garage.

Officer received a hit on the LPR regarding a motor vehicle on Marshall Street. Officer requested verification with RMV. Tow truck dispatched to remove the vehicle from the public way. A complaint was filed.

Party found a personal note from a journal along Shore Drive near Pearl Avenue and some of the content appears to be violent toward the author of the note. There is a name on the paper and officer will check the address on Coral Avenue for the subject. The officer reports she is not home at the present time. After further investigation, she had been transported for evaluation on 9/23.

Friday, September 26

Caller on Circuit Road states that he and his brother usually have daily contact, but he has been unable to reach him for several days. His brother was ill when they last spoke on Tuesday. W92 reports speaking with the resident who was sleeping and missed his brother’s phone calls.

Caller on Pleasant Street states that his roommate is acting erratic and needs to be checked out.

Party reports a large amount of sand was dumped onto the street from a dump truck passing by at Crest and Grovers Avenue. Officer reports the sand fell out of the truck as it was going by the area. DCR is aware and a crew from AA Corp. will respond to remove the sand. Officers assisted with traffic until the sand was removed.

MassDOT send an immediate threat suspension notice to be served in hand to male subject on Bartlett Parkway.

Report of a child fainting at William Gorman School.

Reports of a syringe in the alleyway near Letterie’s Market.

Youth called 911 line reporting that other kids in the area are harassing them. Officer spoke with all parties involved and peace was restored.

Party on Pearl Avenue reports that her faucet and toilet water is brown. DPW notified.

Report of a female begging for money o the corner of Dolphin and Shirley Street. Officer reports locating the subject near Forrest Street. He is requesting EMS for an evaluation. The female party went home.

An attempt to serve license revocation in hand on Bartlett Parkway. The party was served in hand.

Report of loud music/party resulted in the arrest of a male subject on Shirley Street for outstanding warrant.

Auxiliary Police patrol reports an uncooperative subject at Larsen Rink. W91 and W92 request for medical evaluation. The party was brought home. Officers request medical for his wife. Both parties transported to the Whidden.

Caller on Hermon Street states that her boyfriend needs medical assistance. W93, WFD and Action Ambulance respond.

Saturday, September 27

Boston cab driver called to report a fare evasion in the area of Somerset Avenue. W92 Brokmeier reports he went to address and knocked on the three doors with no answer.

Detail officer reports DPW truck conducting line painting on River Road hit a mirror of a parked car.

911 call from Grandview Avenue stating a three-week-old baby is having trouble breathing. Call transferred to fire. 91 Freeman and 92 Brockmeier dispatched. Units report the child is breathing and being transported to Children’s Hospital.

Received an abandoned 91 call from the CVS. Officer reports building is all secure.

Party came in to the station to report that strange things are going on at her residence and she believes a neighbor is trying to kill her. After interviewing her, EMS was contacted and they will respond to evaluate the female subject. Party was transported to the Whidden for further evaluation.

An abandoned 911 call from Wadsworth Avenue. Officer report it appears to be some type of domestic issue taking place. Officers report it was a verbal disagreement. The male party was dropped off at the T Station by W91.

Caller on Harbor View stated that his neighbor is asking for someone to call 911 for a medical reason. Medical notified.

Party at the Pizza Center requests EMS for a worker who is not feeling well. Call transferred to EMD for service.

Caller at Fort Heath Apartments reports that someone there has his paycheck and will not give it to him. Officer reports the other party gave him his check and he will have it forwarded to his current address.

Party reports fireworks from a sailboat. When he called the CPYC to ask them to intervene he was told he needed to call the police to make them stop. The Harbormaster will respond. Officer reports speaking with the boat owner.

Reports of a raccoon with a can on its head on Shirley Street. ACO notified.

Party on Plummer Avenue reports that three individuals in a dark motor vehicle have been in the area acting suspiciously. Officer reports checking for the individuals on the beach.

Motor vehicle stop at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street resulted in an arrest. One male subject in custody for driving under the influence.  G&J was notified.

Transfer call with a woman first stating that her son may be in danger; then the husband may be in danger. She has not talked to them in 7 years, but she got a call from a male and female who used to work for “Bulger” and has done time in prison. She had no idea who was stabbed or where, but said the guy who did it is from Winthrop and we can look it up. She refused to give me her address and refused to give the son or father’s address saying that they were under protection and moved city-to-city, town-to-town. She then went on to say that they were not in danger but wanted us to call the DEA and FBI about the Winthrop man. She made no sense and was very hard to understand what she was saying. She was advised to call her local police in Florida.

Reports of a possible drunk driver going into Winthrop. Female stated she almost hit him in East Boston by Woody’s. No matching record for the registration given.

Caller in Irwin Street reports that someone is ringing her bell and it is very late at night and she is scared.

Party on Brookfield Road states a very loud party going on. Officers report the party is over for now and one in custody for disorderly conduct.

Sunday, September 28

Caller at Fort Heath Apartments requests medical for her 2 year old who is having an asthma attack. Medical and fire notified.

Reports of a male on the ground in the ditch on Cross Street.

Caller on River Road reports that her father was assaulted last night.

Party reports a motor vehicle speeding out of Point Shirley and passed him while he was obeying the posted 20-mile speed limit. The vehicle crossed over the double yellow line to pass him.

Male brought two musical instruments into the police station that he found in the Lewis Lake area, in the bushes. Winthrop School Department music band program will be notified.

Report of a person using power tools on Sunnyside Avenue. Homeowner working on his own home.

Caller on Sargent Street reports that her husband has suffered a stroke.

Party on Upland Road requesting an ambulance transport for her father-in-law. Transferred to Action EMD.

Walk-in to repot that her son’s bike was stolen two days in a row on Franklin Street. She explained that the bike was taken from the back yard and they found it in the marsh behind Ft. Banks. They took the bike back, and it was stolen again and found again in Ft. Banks.

Party reports that her juvenile son ran away from the Castle Program yesterday and may be in the company of another juvenile who is known to us from Revere. She believes he may be in Winthrop, but was unable to provide any specific names or addresses. The caller was advised that units would be on the lookout and to call back if she receives any further specific information.

Child at Risk hot line called to ask us to do a well being check on a 1 year old child on Russell Street. Officer reports checking on the child and will contact the hotline and update them.

Caller reports a man sleeping on the field at Little League Field. Officers request EMS and the party was sent out of the area.

Detail officer reports a disturbance in front of Paesan’s.

Officer checking residence on Sunset Road for missing juvenile.

Motor vehicle stop at PPYC led to the arrest of two subjects. One for possession of Class A drug, one for possession of Class A drug and outstanding warrant out of Weymouth.

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