Baker Makes a Splash

That was certainly a well-attended and enthusiastic crowd on hand for the reception for Gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker last Friday at the Winthrop Golf Club. Winthrop native Ed Cash and the Town Republican Committee certainly did a fantastic job organizing this event and the organizers had to be pleased with the large turnout and positive response to Baker’s presentation.

We couldn’t help but notice some of our well-known town leaders in attendance including Linda Calla, the only female member of the Town Council who feels it’s time for a change on Beacon Hill and a boost of new energy in state government. Councillors-at-Large Phil Boncore and Rick Boyajian were also at the reception as was School Committee member Brian Perrin.

Ed Cash also invited his good friend, former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, to the event, and he was a popular guest, with several people greeting him warmly. Others thanked Davis for his excellent leadership in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing.

This was a triumph for Ed Cash, who has tremendous respect within political circles and marvelous connections to illustrious political figures, notably former President George W. Bush.

Charlie Baker is in a closely-contested gubernatorial race with Attorney General Martha Coakley. Judging by the response to his candidacy from Winthrop voters, it looks like this race for the corner office will go right down to the wire, with the upcoming debates playing a key role in the election.

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