Police Blotter 08-14-2014

Monday, August 4

Party on Winthrop Street reports that someone has drilled the locks out of his door. He believes it is a family member as there is an ongoing civil matter regarding property.

Caller on Sagamore Avenue reports that his black GT Palomar bike was stolen sometime last night.

Female on Myrtle Avenue called to report that her husband needs an ambulance. EMS notified.

Party at Fort Heath Apartments called about harassing calls. She was given the Verizon Trace number.

Male called to report that someone fell on the ground outside his house on Cross Street. Fire notified.

A little white dog was found on Shirley Street. ACO quickly located the proper owner on Payson Street.

Party on Andrew Street reports a female with a knee injury from a fall on the stairs.

W92 reports locating a vehicle that was revoked at Governors Park. The status was confirmed. Vehicle is on private property, but the plates were seized and the owner was notified.

Caller reports finding property on the beach at Shore Drive and Crest Avenue. She was concerned about the owner. MSP notified and W94 will check the area. Owner of the property was swimming and she retrieved her belongings.

Party on Cross Street reports having a verbal dispute with someone in Little League field. W92 will speak to the caller. W92, after speaking to the caller, was unable to locate the suspect.

Boston dispatch requests a cruiser in the area of Belle Isle Bridge for MSP trooper that may need assistance. Boston enroute as well. W91 located on St. Andrews Rd., East Boston. MSP has one in custody. Boston units on the scene. MSP requests we attempt to locate vehicle owner. Party they have in custody is also entered into the log. W92 made contact with the vehicle owner who reports the party had vehicle with permission. The suspect vehicle may have struck a white vehicle in Winthrop according to a witness. MSP unable to locate possible victim.

Lt. Scarpa observed an abandoned bicycle on Shore Drive. A purple Murray mountain bike. W92 will bring it to the station.

Female on Shirley Street requests medical aid. Call transferred to WFD.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue reports that her bicycle was stolen. W91 will take the report. The missing bicycle description is similar to one recovered nearby by Lt. Scarpa. W91 will verify. Bike was identified a belonging to the caller and subsequently returned.


Tuesday, August 5

Detail officer on Main Street reports that a man’s wallet was turned over to him. It was found at the ATM next to the Mobil Mart. W93 responded to the bridge to pick up the wallet. Officer will return it to the right owner.

Male on Sunset Road called to report that someone just punched him in the face.

Visiting nurse reports that her patient on Walden Street had temporarily lost consciousness and requests EMS for an evaluation.

Female on Main Street came into the station to report that a Fed Ex package belonging to her was taken from the common area of her two family residence.

Officers will try to arrest subject on Bowdoin Street on a warrant of apprehension. They report that she is in custody and W93 will transport.

The chief received a letter regarding a scam. Lt. Perrin will investigate and report back to the chief.

Female called to report that kids are going into the street to slow or stop cars and then another youth will grab the rear bumper and skateboard while holding the bumper. This is happening near the playground on Walden Street. All units are at an accident when the call came in. Officer reports a few kids in the area. There were none grabbing bumpers. He spoke to a few kids.

Male on Hermon Street called to report a fight in the driveway of a nearby house.

Harassment between two juveniles on Brookfield Road. This is an ongoing problem. Det. Armistead will look into this as she has knowledge of the problem.

W91 observed a group of youths acting suspiciously on Walden and Pauline Street. A weapon was discovered on one of the parties. The juvenile male was transported to the station for parental notification.


Wednesday, August 6

Female caller reports a loud argument in the area of Main and Pleasant Street. Officers report landscapers arguing about what tool to use. They will discuss things more quiet in the future.

Party came into the station to report identity theft/fraud.

DPW called to report a young boy and his father are using a motorbike on the field near the High School and there are sprinklers under the grass. Officer reports speaking to the father and they will stop.

Female called to report that her sister has a warrant on her and she may be at an address on Putnam Street. Officers report there is no one at the home.

Chief Delehanty requests units attempt to locate subject on Deer Island for a well being check. Subject is a former Lowell police officer and has indicated a desire to harm himself. He is believed to be traveling in a small, black, two-door pickup truck. He is also believed to be in possession of a .38 caliber handgun.

Female on Temple Avenue reports she was informed through her employment that there was an attempt to receive benefits for unemployment. She will take the steps with the FTC.

91 Curran and 92 Ramadini will try and pick up subject on Putnam Street for outstanding warrant. There is no one around.

Caller on Nahant Avenue reports two males with flashlights around a house. Units report a couple in a car that just moved into the neighborhood.

Female brought in a lost dog. ACO VanBuskirk came in and located family dog. There was no license on the dog.

Thursday, August 7

W92 reports stopping motor vehicle on Girdlestone and Pleasant Street. One in custody for operating after suspension and speeding.

A subcontractor working for DPW on Winthrop and Buchanan Street reports an individual is attempting to write his name in concrete and claims he has permission from the Town. Officer spoke to the party who left the area without incident.

Male called to report that he is a defendant on a restraining order and he is in Marshall’s. The plaintiff came into the store. He was advised that he needed to leave and to call Station 7 if that is where he is and there is an issue.

Reports of a very large swan in the middle of River Road. ACO out of town today. W93 responded to assist. The officer was able to return that bird to the lake. For the future, he/she likes cheese puffs.

Caller on Johnson Avenue reports needles on the beach behind the home. Unit reports there is one needle and it was properly stored.

Units requests information on a male party asking pedestrians for money in the Center area of town.

Units report one under arrest for default warrant on Walden Street.

Also another under arrest for warrant default on Morton Street.

Neighbor on Locust Street is complaining of constant dog barking. 92 Ramadini reports no one is home and the dogs are yapping. ACO will be notified.

Report of noise in a garage on Bellevue Avenue. 92 Ramadini reports the area is quiet. A party on the next street over was checked and they will go inside. Party called back and said there is still noise and he wanted it logged.

Friday, August 8

Caller on Hermon Street requested EMS for her mother. Call transferred to EMS and WFD for service.

Detail officer on Bartlett Road requests WFD and EMS for a worker injured and stuck under a section of pipe. WFD and EMS notified. Officers report a male patient transported to Winchester Hospital via EMS with a left foot injury.

Party on Hermon Street requests EMS for her husband. Call transferred to EMS and WFD for service.

Units responded to Putnam Street again to attempt a warrant service on a female party there. No answer at the home and the warrant is listed at an out of town address.

Party on Sunset Road reports that someone alleging to be a law enforcement officer is harassing her 16-year-old daughter.

Home health care worker reports that her client on Winthrop Street injured himself in the shower and is bleeding. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Caller reports a Hispanic male, moustache, orange shirt, near Bolster’s Auto Mall was on a blue moped. He asked for directions from caller and her friend and he then exposed himself. Units searched the area to no avail.

Female caller on North Avenue reports a parking problem on the street with her next-door neighbor. W93 Silva reports cars have been moved and peace has been restored.

Female came in to report that her husband, with whom she is separated, texted her and called her house in violation of an issue and delivered restraining order. Off. Brokmeier took the report and faxed all the information to Quincy Police.

Female came in to report getting threatened by her ex. Off. DeCarlo took the report and a restraining order was issued by on call judge. The same was served.

Saturday, August 9

WFD called to say a female party on Sea Foam Avenue reports that her husband is in the hallway and he is intoxicated. Units requesting a taxi to Vine Avenue.

Reports of a raccoon in driveway on Loring Road and attacked a dog. He is now cornered. ACO notified but is unavailable. 91 advised caller of same and to keep away from it so it will leave the area.

Party on North Avenue reports a neighbor is parking in her driveway. It appears to be ongoing issue as log records show we were there last night. 92 reports speaking with the property owner who has given permission to the neighbor to park there. The caller has no motor vehicle and no driver’s license. The property owner is in the process of evicting the caller.

Female reports that a white female operating a gold colored motor vehicle just drove by and tossed a nip bottle out of the vehicle. Caller was unable to get the registration of the vehicle that was last seen heading outbound from Grandview Avenue.

Two calls of a female being assaulted in the area of Cross and Almont Street. One female placed in custody pursuant to an active default warrant.

Party came in to report that his estranged wife is missing. He last spoke with her last evening by phone. A friend dropped her off at Wellington Station in Medford last night and she never returned home.

Male from carwash on Main Street reports finding a prescription and a bullet in the parking lot. 93 Malacaso secured the items and brought them to the station.

Party on Shore Drive and Myrtle Street reports an ongoing issue with a barking dog in the neighborhood. ACO notified with the information and will contact her.

Auxiliary police report being flagged down by some young ladies near the gazebo on Brookfield Road. Some out of town teens who are in the area threatened them. Officers approached the area and some of them ran off. Officers stopped a particular teen from East Boston and report speaking with the individual and having him leave the area.

Party reports that his neighbor left from Walden Street heading towards the CVS. He has not returned home. The officer was checking on further information from the party’s wife and the subject pulled into the lot. He did some shopping and came home. All is well.

Caller reports young children running up and down Waldemar Avenue making noise like it’s 4 p.m. Officer reports speaking to the parents of the children who were having a child’s party.  Peace was restored.

 Sunday, August 10

Party on Ingleside Avenue reports that her husband is having breathing issues.

Woman on Governors Drive reports that her neighbor is slamming doors. 91 Gergerian and 93 DeFreitas resolved the matter and the parties are scheduled in court soon.

Female reports a dog bit her on Read Street.

Male on Trident Avenue reports car was damaged by neighborhood kids. 91 Gergerian will investigate.

Caller on Beach Road reports a neighbor’s dog bit her child. W91 spoke to the owner about not letting children walk the dog.

Two calls for a pedestrian struck by a car on Beacon Street. WFD and W91 dispatched. The party was transported to the Whidden.

Caller on Trident Avenue reports construction work being done which is making a lot of noise in violation of Town by-law. W92 will check the area. The work will cease for the night.

Caller reports three males with a camera filming the planes at Hannaford Park. Units spoke with the group who were taking pictures of the moon.

Manager of CVS called to report that he has two juveniles who were shoplifting. W91 sent to the CVS. Manager contacted parents and the juveniles were picked up and given a verbal warning.

Caller on Walden Street reports youths hanging out at the basketball courts and skate park. They are making noise. W91 checked the area and all is quiet.

Braintree police called to request we attempt to do a wellbeing check for a party on Hermon Street as he made concerning statements to his counselor. The party currently resides in Braintree but may still have relatives in the area. The family reports the party had contacted them and he states he will be staying in Chelsea at an unknown location. The Chelsea police were notified.

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