The Tornado next Door

Well, the biggest story this week was the incredible tornado that swept down Broadway in Revere and resulted in so much damage to homes, buildings, and businesses in the city. A tornado is a rare happening in this part of the country and those who experienced the tornado in Revere say they’ve never seen Mother Nature unleashing so much force and rainfall in such a brief period, roughly four minutes The fortunate news is that there were no fatalities or significant injuries reported after the storm.

The Town of Winthrop proved to be a great neighbor to Revere as Town Manager James McKenna, in coordination with Fire Chief Paul Flanagan, Police Chief Terence Delehanty, and DPW Director Steve Calla, sent firefighters, police officers,  and DPW employees to help with the public safety element of the disaster and to assist in the massive cleanup effort.

As eyewitnesses ourselves in our office on Broadway, we hope to never see a tornado in these parts again. It’s a devastating weather event that unleashes winds and rains and barrels over everything in its path. The people of Revere and those who witnessed this colossal storm will never forget the Tornado of 2014.

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