Police Blotter 07-17-2014

Monday, July 7

Caller on Sagamore Avenue reports a group of three kids going through a motor vehicle. Units are off with the group. Units request a check on the vehicle and it comes back active and the owner is in the group.

Report of a motor vehicle accident on Crest Avenue. Vehicle towed and operator transported to the Whidden via Action Ambulance.

Report of a group of kids in Ingleside Park breaking bottles. Unit 92 reports the area is clear.

Caller on Cottage Park Road reports fireworks coming from her neighbor’s yard. Units spoke to the group and they will bring it in for the night.

Party reports someone entered the high school site through a window on the Cross Street side of the building. Trash was thrown around. He would like it noted and does not want an officer to respond. All shifts should be aware and make some periodic checks of the site.

Caller on Quincy Avenue reports that his wife has fallen down the front steps and possibly broke her leg.

Hold-up alarm activation for the 7-11 store. Officers report the store is undergoing major remodeling and the construction company must have set it off. Officers spoke with the owner who will notify the alarm company.

Party on Neptune Avenue reports that she is not feeling well. Call transferred to EMD for service. EMS and WFD notified by them.

Party at Governor’s Park reports that his motor vehicle was vandalized overnight. Officer observed the paint on the vehicle was keyed on both sides. He also noticed on side of another vehicle, which was also keyed.

Caller on Hermon Street repots a male slumped over in motor vehicle. He stated he might not be breathing. Officer reports male was sleeping and was checked out by medical. All okay.

Party was given trespass notice to the Winthrop Public Library.

Officer will try to serve a new 209A to subject on Winthrop Street. He was served in hand.

Party on Coral Avenue who works for an airline, is being harassed by a coworker who is also his neighbor. He is addressing the issue with his union. Just wants this logged as minor confrontations have occurred in his apartment building. He was informed to call if the situation escalates.

Party on Undine Avenue wanted to report a missing Mac Book from her apartment. She does not know if it was lost or stolen and does not want to see an officer nor file a report, she just wants it noted in the log.

Report of fireworks in the area of Morton Street and reports that after the officers cleared, that the fireworks resumed. Officers report staying in the area in unmarked car, but they observed no disturbances.

Caller on Highland Avenue is having a problem with 22-year-old son. Officers report verbal only. All parties advised of their rights.


Tuesday, July 8

Party on Nahant Avenue reports that someone with a lantern made landfall in rear of property east of her house. W91 and W93 responded and reports checking the entire area and speaking with the caller.

Caller reports a party is driving around town with New York plates that is unlicensed.

East Boston Neighborhood Health reports a patient has fallen at their residence. Transferred to Boston EMS.

Officer was flagged down by a female who stated that her motor vehicle was struck while parked near Marshall and Tileston Road.

Party reports that her patient is not answering her door on Lewis Avenue after she had spoken with him earlier. Call transferred to WFD and EMS. Officer reports the party was asleep and did not hear the therapist knocking on the door.

Caller on Wheelock Street reports locating ammunition. W91 recovered the items and secured it at the WFD.

Party on Shirley Street reports that someone entered her unlocked motor vehicle that was parked in the driveway and rummaged through her console and glove box. An East Boston Savings Bank checkbook was stolen as well as a phone charger valued at approximately $20. She was advised to contact the bank ASAP.

Party on Bartlett Road reports that someone entered her unlocked motor vehicle sometime Monday evening and stolen some documents from a backpack that was inside the vehicle. She was a guest at the above address.

E911 US postal employee reports a rude customer. W91 responds and reports two rude male customers were using vulgar language in front of employees and children. They left prior to the officer’s arrival.

E911 call from Cross Street to report a fight. Units report one party under arrest for domestic assault and battery.

Caller from Kathy’s Place reports a juvenile may have a weapon. A pocketknife was confiscated from the juvenile and a no trespass is going to be issued to parents of the juvenile. He was released to the parents.

Caller on Wilshire Street reports a white female disoriented and confused in front of her house. Officer reports the female was locked out of her home and was disoriented. WFD and EMS checked her out and got her back into her home. Party from Locust Street came into the station to report having an argument on Saturday with his aunt. He stated she scratched him on his right arm. He only wants it on record.

Party on Ingleside Avenue called to request EMS for a family member. Call transferred to EMD for service.

Caller on Shirley Street called to report that hr unlocked motor vehicle that was in her driveway was entered and $30 and sunglasses are now missing.

Party called from MGH where he is a patient and asked for us to check on his wife who is calling there and not making any sense. Officer repots speaking to subject who appears fine. She was cognizant and reports she was attempting to gain information of her husband’s condition and possible release date, which the hospital would not give out over the phone.

Caller on Cottage Park Road reports hearing someone downstairs. Units report checking the house and all is clear.


Wednesday, July 9

Lt. Lessard, while on detail, requested EMS for a truck driver who struck his head on the side of his truck on Shore Drive. WFD and EMS notified. Party was treated on scene and refused further services.

Party on Golden Drive reports she fell down and cannot get up. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Property manager on Walden Street called about a group trying to sell items to tenants. The tenants called him to complain saying they were very rude. He asked the group to leave and they refused. As he was calling us, they left. The manager would like it on record at this time.

A walk-in to report that he gave a few items to a person to sell on E-bay for him. He states the items were sold but he did not get the money. He was told by E-bay to make a record at the local police department so they can look into the matter.

Party reports a dog was left inside a hot sealed car at Ace Hardware. ACO not answering.

Caller on Read Street states that a person from an “energy” company was just knocking on her door and asking her for personal information. She said they are going door to door on the street.

Caller reports youths possibly attempting to damage the gazebo at Ingleside Park. Officer observed no criminal activity or damage to the gazebo.

Party on Morton Street reports that his landlord took his keys and will not let him into the house. Officers assisted in getting party into his home and spoke with all parties. The remaining problems are all civil matters.

Several calls of fireworks in the marsh area on Argyle Street. Officer reports all quiet now and he patrolled the area and all stayed quiet.

Reports of several youths inside the inner fence to the high school construction site. Officers checked the area and all is clear at this time. One witness in the area reports that a male took off towards Harvard and Payson upon the officer’s arrival. The caller remained in the area and reports two females walked off as officers arrived as well. No one in the area now. Officers report that access can be gained to the inner construction area form the baseball bleachers. Day shift, please contact construction crew regarding this.


Thursday, July 10

Caller on Revere Street reports someone pointing a green laser into oncoming traffic.  Unit 91 reports unable to locate activity.

Woman on Shirley Street requests an ambulance for her father.

Male caller on Buchanan Street reports young people in front of his house for a while making noise. He then said he observed them taking pills. One female was falling down and the caller said a blue car just came by and picked them up.

Party on Cottage Park Road reports that her husband is not feeling well and needs to go to the hospital. Call transported to EMD. WFD and EMS notified.

Party reports being unable to reach his brother-in-law for a few days and his motor vehicle is parked on Overlook Drive now. WFD and Action notified to respond. Access gained, and the party was not at home.

Party at Governor’s Park requests EMS response. Transferred to Action EMS.

Caller reports a male having a seizure in Brown’s Drug Store. DCF request an officer accompany them on a well being check on Russell Street.

Inspectional services along with Code enforcement officer responded to Cross Street and issued several citations.

Phone alarm at Winthrop Middle School. ACO called and reports there is a raccoon in the building and it may be that. Officer repots speaking with Mr. Driscoll who confirms no one is in the building and he believes it is the raccoon. The alarm will be shut off for the night so that we do not keep getting called.

Party on Winthrop Street reports that lawn furniture totaling $250 was stolen from her front porch within the past two days. Two white wooden folding chairs and a white wooded folding circular table.

Investigation with Revere PD. An attempt to pick up wanted person for domestic assault and battery. Officers report the party not at residence on Governor’s Drive. Units clear.

Three subjects sent out of Hanaford Park.


Friday, July 11

Off. Feeley reports finding a newer gold colored bike in the rear of Energy To Go. Officer will place with bikes in Sally Port.

Party on Locust Street reports son needs transport to be evaluated. Subject went without a problem.

Management at Governor’s Park called to report that the friends of the people that lived there are hanging around the building. Officers report the area is clear and report the Health Officer should check this apartment out.

East Boston Court faxed a warrant of apprehension for female on Bowdoin Street. Officers report they have her in custody and will transport her to the courthouse.

Female on Shirley Street called to report that a male neighbor was outside yesterday and appeared to be taking pictures and/or video of her young children while they played on a trampoline. Caller has now learned that pictures of her children have been sent to third parties. Officers responded to the neighbor’s address but no one was home. A note was left for the neighbor to call the station upon his return.

Numerous calls regarding a motor vehicle crash near Executive Apartments. WFD and EMS notified. Officers report single vehicle crash with injuries. Tow truck notified.

Party on Hermon Street reports that his neighbor is tossing things around the yard and flipping out. Officers report speaking with the father and son who had a disagreement over some items he brought home.

Be on the lookout for a Jack Russell terrier that is missing.


Saturday, July 12

Caller reports that the lights are out at the basketball courts on Walden Street, but someone is still playing. Unit reports having one party leave the area.

Caller at Governor’s Park reports that her husband needs an ambulance because he feels sick. Fire and ambulance notified.

Party on Willow Avenue reports having difficulty breathing. Fire and ambulance notified.

Unit reports sending two parties out of Hanaford Park.

Caller at Viking Gardens states that he is being flooded out of his apartment. DPW and fire notified.

Party reports that she found her neighbor on the floor at Viking Gardens and she needs medical help. Transferred to medical.

Investigation follow-up on Shirley Street. Officer reports speaking to the caller and there is more to this than we were told at first. This may have domestic issues and she will document any incident and call us.

Caller on Hale Avenue reports a bb or small rock was thrown or shot into the windows of her vehicle.

Caller on Washington Avenue reports the dumpster is on fire across the street. Fire notified and they called and asked for officers.

Call from Golden Drive of a female passed out. Action and Fire notified.

State transfer from Lincoln Street. Caller is 18 years old and reports that her boyfriend is beating her. Units report one in custody for kidnapping and domestic assault and battery.

Medical aid requested on Orlando Avenue. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Caller reports two female and three males are throwing crushed stones onto Pico Playground. Unit reports moving group out of the area.


Sunday, July 13

Bartender from Winthrop yacht Club called to report unruly guest. Units report having the man leave. All rights given.

Male came in to report it looks like someone tried to break in Brown’s Drug.

Party on Washington Avenue reports that she believes that her 93-year-old mother-in-law has passed.

Male on Shirley Street came in to report there is a possibly that some of his belongings have been stolen, but that unknown female subject is a hoarder and his stuff may be under the garbage. Inspectional Services or the Health Department should check out this apartment.

Call of a bird that hit Fort Heath Apartments.

Officer reports an unwanted guest at Crystal Cove Avenue. The guest has left and she will call if he returns.

Call from an off-duty officer to report that a male in a Speedo taking pictures of young kids on Shore Drive. They spoke to the individual and nothing illegal on the camera. They gave him a warning.

Party on Trident Avenue reports that someone may have attempted to break into his residence last night. When questioned about the call, and his involvement, he became evasive and did not want a police response.

Male came to retrieve the rest of his belongings from Morton Street. Officer will stand by.

Caller on Terrace Avenue reports motor vehicle parked in the handicap spot with no placards. Unit reports the vehicle was tagged.

Report from Boston EMS stating a 43 year old on Golden Drive contacted them and is reporting she has leg pain and swelling. She told them she would be outside awaiting the ambulance. WFD and EMS notified and will respond.


Monday, July 14

Cell phone caller reports a small green pellets that appear to be rat poison left on the sidewalk on Hutchinson Street. She is concerned that a child or animal may harm themselves, but was unable to provide the exact address. W93 reports finding decorative green “aquarium gravel” sprinkled around the base of a tree, posing no risk.

Call of kids skateboarding in front of St. John’s Church. Officer reports the area is clear.

Female on Madison Avenue reports that there are needles next to her house. Officer reports that he has them.

Young caller reports there are kids with alcohol at the skateboard park on Walden Street. Officer reports no one with any alcohol.

Male on Wave Way Avenue came to the station to report being contacted by person regarding his National Grid account. The party was advised by the caller to go to the CVS and obtain pre-paid cards or his power would be shut off. The party did as he was instructed and purchased the pre-paid cards. A male caller contacted him again and he gave the pre-paid card numbers to the caller. He then contacted National Grid and was told that no representative of their company called him requesting him to do that. The party is completing a victim witness statement and will contact CVS to see if a stop payment on the pre-paid cards can be initiated.

Call of a house fire alarm sounding somewhere on Moore Street. Fire contacted and they report already receiving a call and are on it.

Several calls reporting loud fireworks in the area of Bayview Avenue. W98 checked it out along with W92 while in the point. Officers spoke to two individuals and that is the end of it for the night.

Caller reports fireworks going off in the area of Cliff Avenue. Unit reports not seeing or hearing any in the area.

Unit reports several youths in vehicle at Hanaford Park. Unit reports the vehicle was sent out of the area.

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