Viking Pride to Hold the Traditional Great Reunion on Saturday Night

The Viking Pride Foundation is ten years old.  Saturday night, June 28th, Viking Pride will hold The Traditional ‘GREAT REUNION”  to mark the “FINAL COUNTDOWN”  at Winthrop High School.

The High School was built in 1965 and will be completely  demolished this summer.

The Viking Pride Foundation was formed in March 2004.  The athletic budget was cut and the future of sports at Winthrop High School was in doubt.  The newspaper articles, The news media and even Sports Illustrated did a story on the future of WHS sports.

A strong group of ex-athletes led by Richard Fucillo held a meeting to form The Viking Pride Foundation.

The V.P.F. donated over $750,000 to our public schools.  Viking Pride supports sports and extra curricular activities.

V.P.F.has accomplished the following in 2013:

Raised $35,000 to purchase Sport Court flooring for the Larsen Rink at the Mike Eruzione Center. The rink is now a year round facility for our youth.

V.P.F. purchased a 5th brand new school bus for the sports teams and transportation of students through out the year.

V.P.F. replenished and furnished uniforms for 10 sports programs.

Since 2004 the success of W.H.S. sports teams has been amazing.  They include the  2006 Viking Superbowl Champions,  the 2011 Viking’s State Championship Basketball team, Northeast Conference Championship Teams in hockey, Lady Vikings Basketball and N.E.C. Champions in track.

The smallest  school in the N.E.C. has a very proud and successful record in the conference.  Thanks to Viking Pride the user fees for sports have been reduced to help the family budgets.

Viking Pride continues with great leadership.  Richard Fucillio was the founder and first chairman.  Al Petriili followed Richard, his enthusiasm and leadership helped build a strong organization.  Vincent Crossman, the current chairman, brings youthful exuberance to the Foundation.

The Board of Directors consists of Richard Fucillo, Angelo Vigliotta, Robert Deeb, Al Petrilli, Atty. Chris Tsiotos, Vasilos Mallios, Scott Kinsella, Mark D’Ambrosio,  Shannon Poulos, Carolyn Gagnon,

Steven Nalen and James Fabiano.

The Winthrop Community appreciates the commitment and success of the VIKING PRIDE FOUNDATION.


(a)  Can you name the 8 former Winthrop High School boys basketball players who led the N.E.C. in scoring?

(b)  Can you name the 3 former Lady Vikings that played Division One College Basketball?

(c)   Can you name the 3 football stadiums North of Boston in 1960 that had lights?

(d)   Can  you name the 8 original teams in the Northeast Conference?

(e)  Can you name the football stadiums in the N.E.C. in 1960?



Jim Lederman is a resident of Winthrop and has been commenting on Winthrop High Sports for more than 40 years.

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