Police Blotter 05-30-2013

Monday, May 20

Constable called to request our assistance as he tries to serve a warrant on a male on Johnson Avenue. Sister answered and said he was not there. Constable stated he would try to get a search warrant.

Party reports a tall half naked black female dressed in a Patriots shirt was walking up the street from Shore Drive toward Shirley Street. Officers checked the area and spoke with many people in the area who have not seen anyone fitting that description. Officers did locate a second person that saw her walking up near Delby’s Corner. Area search was conducted to no avail.

Unidentified male from Tileston Road called requesting EMS to his address for severe stomach pains. Call transferred to Action EMD and WFD for service.

East Boston Court sent a warrant of apprehension for subject on Locust Street. Officers report subject taken into custody and being transported to the Court.

Caller reports pit bulls fighting in the yard near her on Hermon Street. ACO notified and will check out the situation once again. Apparently the dog owner doesn’t live there. He will investigate further.

Party states that she has children and just moved to Moore Street. She does not like the fact that an “older woman” who lives on Tewksbury Street will drink beer and be loud in her yard. She was advised it was not against the law to drink in their yard. Advised to call if she is being loud.

Subject on Washington Avenue reports that a caller keeps contacting him and he asked her to stop. He was advised of his rights to a harassment order, and he may apply for one if this continues.

Caller on Bartlett Road reports that his granddaughter’s ex-boyfriend, whom she has a restraining order against, is driving by their home and calling her and threatening her and her new boyfriend. Officers located motor vehicle in front of house with three subjects in it. Officers report no 209 in effect and all parties advised of their rights and the subjects were escorted to the town border.

Tuesday, May 21`

Elderly female fell on Pond Street and requires assistance.

Female on Crest Avenue called to report a larceny over $1,000. Officers report stolen was a green and yellow backpack with $1,500 in it.

School Adjustment Counselor called concerning 14-year-old female student on Read Street, whose father un-enrolled her from school approximately two months ago, supposedly to return her to her country of origin. Counselor received information that the female was still in the home. Officers report they spoke to someone at the house and she told them the girl is at a relative’s house in East Boston. The father was not home. He will call the station when he does come home.

East Boston Court sent us a Capias for Witness for a female on Sturgis Street. We went there around 10 a.m. and she was not there. We will try again and the officers report she is not home. Officers also checked the Nursing Home across the street and they stated that she does not work there any longer.

Caller on Shore Drive reports a patient has fallen and needs assistance getting up. Fire notified.

Report of harassment by a taxi driver on Main Street.

Caller reports tractor-trailer idling in the Muffin Town lot. Units report speaking with the driver who was in the process of leaving. Peace restored.

Daughter called hysterically on Wilshire Street regarding that her father was beating a dog. W93 and W91 along with ACO responded. ACO removed one dog to be evaluated.

Reports of a male and female arguing on Woodside Avenue. 91 Curran and 93 S. Hickey report verbal only, and both parties advised of their rights.

Sister on Moore Street reports that her brother has chest pains. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Mother on Golden Drive reports that her son is banging on her door. 93 S. Hickey and 91 Freeman reports that he has left. They will check around the area.

Wednesday, May 22

Female on Shirley Street came to the station to report that the father of her child wants to take him and then take him from his day care in Lynn. The male was told by Off. Freeman that he is not allowed taking the child, as he has no Court papers. They are going to Family Court on Thursday. Again, the male was warned not to take the child. Lynn Police were contacted regarding the day care. The day care was also notified. A victim witness statement form was filled out.

Caller on Sea Foam Avenue reports moving truck may have taken down some overhead wires. W92 reports wire appears to be phone line, not creating public safety hazard.

Parking Officer Dalrymple reports water or gas cover on Fairview Street needs attention before someone is hurt. DPW notified.

Caller on Sunnyside Avenue reports an elderly female that does not speak English appears to be lost. W92 reports making contact with female and assisting her in getting back to the house she is staying at with her daughter on Winthrop Street.

Party on Fremont Street came in to report a check scam.

Caller reports a construction vehicle lost a load of nails on Revere Street, near Kennedy Drive and is creating a hazard for vehicles. W91 reports clearing the hazard to the side of the road to allow the DPW to safely remove.

Detail Officer at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street reports a bicyclist being struck by a motor vehicle. Fire notified. Units report bicycle operator cleared by EMS and refusing medical, will be placed into custody for two warrants.

Male came in to report a larceny from his business on Crest Avenue.

Report of finding a Jack Russell terrier on Bartlett near Orlando.

Female reports that her roommate on Beacon Street hurt her knee. Transferred to EMS and they will handle.

Mother on Locust Street called requesting help with an evaluation for her son. W93 and W92 responded and report a voluntary. Fire notified.

Report of a runaway found on Almont Street. Officer took the child home to her mother and spoke with all parties. BEST team on site, but left before the child was returned home.

Male brought a Visa credit/debit card to the station that he found on River Road. Checked out of Everett, and contacted father who will notify the owner.

Citizen reports that a small white car with a male, possibly 50 years old, was following her up and down Shore Drive while she was walking her dog. W92 located a small white car fitting the description but 92 reports “the car gave him the slip”. He will check to make sure the reporter made it home safely.

Thursday, May 23

93 S. Hickey reports making a check on female on Brookfield Road. All appears to be okay. Ex-boyfriend causing problems, and she was advised of a harassment order.

W99 and W92 assisted at Hannaford Park and two individuals were sent from the area.

Male caller on Willow Avenue reports that his girlfriend just had an operation and may need to be looked at. Fire notified.

Caller on Crystal Cove Avenue reports a past assault. Officer reports female explained to the officer she had an encounter with an old boyfriend. She stated she does not want to press charges, but wants the officer to scare the man. Officer Carter called the male and all should be okay. All parties were talked to and all agreed it is over.

Caller reports a male subject has fallen outside of the Surf Cleaners. Fire and ambulance notified. W91 reports fall occurred on private property, no apparent defects.

Call from Boston Police Fugitive Unit to report they received information that someone they are looking for may be in an old medical facility in Winthrop. Officers will go with them to the old hospital and Governor Winthrop Nursing Home. They report that no one is around. Boston Unit will watch both areas for a while.

Reports of a large group hanging by the benches by path on Kennedy Road. Caller reports that they appear to be using, but the issue is that residents there are afraid to walk by the group and they don’t move out of the way for them. Caller noticed that residents have been forced to walk all the way around because the group is hanging there. W93 and W92 responded and spoke with the group and they were trespassed from the area.

Mother on Nevada Street called to report that her second grader was assaulted at Massa Playground by an older sixth grader. She has the information for the other party. Mother refused medical and now only wants the other child and parent spoken to. W91 off. Curran responded and then responded to the other child’s home on Charles Street. Parents were not home and the party was instructed to have the parent call when they arrived home. Mother called back and spoke with Off. Curran. Parents will talk with each other. All settled for now.

Check on parents on Floyd Street. 93 S. Hickey reports all okay. They will contact the daughter. Ongoing problem with the daughter.

Another tenant reports a disturbance on third floor on Winthrop Street. 92 Ramadini and 91 Curran report, no problem, tenants moving out.

Mother called to report that her 44-year-old son on Court Road fell down stairs and has cut head. Transferred to EMS/WFD and they will handle.

Several calls of an injured baby raccoon on Cottage Park Road. 91 Curran reports he appears okay, just missing his “mom”. He is moving off now.

Man down and out on corner of Franklin and Payson Street. WFD and 91 Curran report subject to MGH.

Friday, May 24

Party came into the station to report a past assault and battery and malicious destruction of her vehicle while at a home in East Boston. After ascertaining that medical attention was not required, Off. Curran referred her to Area A-7.

52-year-old male came to the station requesting an ambulance. Fire department has been notified.

Caller reports two utility type trucks causing an obstruction on Pauline Street. W93 reports vehicle parked legally, no workers in area at this time.

Male on Girdlestone Road came in to report a theft from his mailbox.

Call from Elder Protective Service to report that a male at Viking Gardens has a bad leg injury and needs to be treated at a hospital. We will try again. Officers, fire and ambulance report that the man does not want any medical service and told us to leave him alone. Waiver signed.

Caller reports that a white van with New Jersey plates is parked in the handicap spot at Winthrop Market Place. Unit reports the van left prior to his arrival.

Request for charges to be brought regarding an alleged past assault on Crystal Cove Avenue.

Officers report a verbal on Pleasant Street. All parties will sleep on their problem and solve it in the morning.

Motor vehicle stop on Revere Street at Governors Drive. One male placed under arrest for a warrant and other charges. Charges: Unlicensed operation of motor vehicle and speeding.

Saturday, May 25

Boston PD called regarding a citizen report of a possible driving under the influence driver in a Mitsubishi with partial plate number driving into Winthrop.

Frantic female party reports that her grandmother is in the shower and is unresponsive. WFD and EMS sent to the address on Wilshire Street. Officer reports the party was transported to MGH via EMS.

Detail officer reports motor vehicle crash at Bank of America on Main Street with injuries. WFD and EMS notified.

Manager of Suds and Surf called to report a theft of clothes from one of the dryers of one of the patrons. W93 reports clothes stolen and manager gave Off. DeCarlo a copy of the surveillance video.

Male came to the station to report that while he was walking his dog this morning in the area of Shirley Street and Wave Way Avenue, someone shot a soft pellet BB in his direction. When he looked up he noticed the window open at house on Wave Way Avenue. Both units advised to make frequent checks of the area.

Male came to the station to report that his boat dolly was stolen from Crystal Cove Marina on the night of May 20th.

Female on Hermon Street called to report that the family that lives below her on Walden Place is erecting a fence along the property line blocking her access to the street. Female was advised that it was a civil matter.

Alarm Central reports alarm activation in the gym area at Winthrop High School. Officer reports having approximately 15 individuals leave the gym, as there was no coach present. Officer reports some minor damage was done according to the custodian.

Caller from Viking Gardens reports BEST team is on the way with a Section 12. Requests an officer to stand by and will give him copy of Section 12.

Female caller reports that she thinks two youths just stole her wallet from her pocketbook while she was getting her hair cut at Clipper Ship Shop. Officer reports caller found the wallet in her car.

Caller reports loud noises coming from upstairs on Golden Drive. She is concerned for the resident’s well being and his son may be there in violation of a trespass order by the WHA. Officers report the male is fine and his son is there with his permission.

Received 911 transfer for Shirley Street. Officers made contact with female in basement apartment. She reports verbal argument with her boyfriend. Female states she has no cell phone as he had broken it. She had notified her friend through her computer to call the police for her. The male party left prior to arrival. The female party was advised of her rights for an ERO. The female states she will obtain one in East Boston on Tuesday.

Caller reports that across the street from the D&T Market on the third floor, someone is shooting air soft pellets at cars. Officer reports three youths with air soft guns.

911 call from Douglas Street regarding mother who cannot get her kids to leave the house. Officer reports daughter had her friend leave.

Party came to the station to report she is already having issues with her new tenant at Governors Drive. 91 and 93 respond to keep the peace while the owner does a walk through to check for property damage. Owner advised of rights in court. Units report the tenant left the apartment before their arrival and performed a walk through. No visible damage done.

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