Police Blotter 01-31-2013

January 21

Report that the entrance to Town Hall left unsecured. Units report all doors are wide open, no one is in the building.

Officers report stopping vehicle for speeding.

Caller reports a backpack was thrown in a barrel. Inside the pack is alcohol.

Caller reports a clothes dryer has caught fire.

911 Call

Call that a 3 year old needs ambulance.

Caller reports a large tracker trailer truck is stuck or disabled. Officer responded and truck is lost and needed assistant.

Female reports an assault by three females. Fled in a silver car.

January 22

Report of a construction crew obstructing the street.

Call for domestic disturbance.

Medical aid

Call of a fender bender.

Caller reports a fire at the end of Argyle St. Shed fire with oil trucks parked close by.

Caller reports an altercation between two people.

Call of an alarm.

Caller for an ambulance.

January 23

Reports of the glass door to the old East Coast Air Office has 5 or 6 bb holes in it.

Home lockout.

January 24

Caller reports her motor vehicle broken into sometime yesterday.

Male caller reports kids in car racing up and down the street going after a kid.

Alarm central reports motion alarm activated.

January 25

Officer reports finding a pocketbook on the hood of vehicle out of East Boston.

Party would like to speak to an officer regarding the theft of his motor vehicle.

Party came in to report his personal information was used to open a National Grid gas account.

Party requested EMS for his son who may have overdosed.

Party requesting EMS for his brother having alcohol seizure.

Report of a disturbance between the DPW crew and a business owner.

Two motor vehicles with same number plates are listed as unregistered and stolen.

Cell phone caller reports occupants of a white Dodge Durango were tossing items at passing motor vehicles.

January 26

Party came in to report while he was working in the driveway motor vehicle struck the side of his bucket truck.


Party reports their motor vehicle was keyed and had the tires slashed.

Alarm activated.

Party requesting EMS for elderly father.

Motor vehicle stopped for speeding.

Party requests an officer respond to a minor motor vehicle accident.

January 28

Custodian requests WFD respond for a strong odor of gas inside the building due to the stove burner.


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