Alternative to Liposuction: Cataldo-Favaloro Unveils New Technique at Epidermis

Michelle Favaloro-Cataldo (right), clinical aesthetician and owner of Epidermis Co-Med Spa, 260 Revere St., and Donna Alioto,i-lipo technician, are pictured with the new i-Lipo Ultra Plus machine, a non-invasive alternative to liposuction.

Michelle Favaloro-Cataldo (right), clinical aesthetician and owner of Epidermis Co-Med Spa, 260 Revere St., and Donna Alioto, i-lipo technician, are pictured with the new i-Lipo Ultra Plus machine, a non-invasive alternative to liposuction.

There is a first in Winthrop and on the North Shore and any adult who has thought about dramatically improving the shape and appearance of his/her body will surely want to learn about it.

Michelle Cataldo-Favaloro, clinical aesthetician and owner of Epidermis and Co-Med Spa at 260 Revere St., has announced the arrival at her studio of i-Lipo Ultra Plus, a machine that provides an intelligent, non-invasive alternative to liposuction.

“There are only two Ultra Plus machines in Massachusetts,” said Michelle, who traveled all the way to Paris to gain expertise and knowledge about the latest advance in aesthetics and technology.

Michelle said when people think of liposuction, they view it as “a surgical procedure in a hospital or a physician’s office and it would entail down time, bruising, drainage, and post care.”

“A lot of people aren’t opting for the traditional liposuction procedure any more,” said Michelle.

In its place comes i-Lipo Ultra Plus, a project to which Michelle dedicated much of the past year, journeying to France for research and education about the new machine. She said that Ultra Plus won the Best Slimming Treatment of the Year Award from Victorie de la Beaute’, “which is the most prestigious beauty award in France.”

Michelle, who is currently studying for her degree in Registered Nursing, said Europe is ahead of the United States in the new development of beauty projects and beauty treatments.

What prompted Michelle to travel to another continent in an effort to bring i-Lipo Ultra-Plus to her Winthrop studio?

“When I heard about this new technology, I wanted to see and learn all about it in person,” said Michelle. “Women and men complain about their cellulite and body fat. They work out and eat right but they can’t seem to get rid of the fat cells in the middle (stomach), hips, thighs, buttocks, legs, arms, chin, and face.”

Michelle now has the ability to perform the non-invasive liposuction treatment inside her studio in eight 20-30-minute sessions over the course of four weeks.

“Our Ultra-Plus machine uses low level lasers that break down the contents of  the fat cell and releases the fat that is stored in the fat cell in to your lymphatic [blood] system,” said Favaloro. “What you’re required to do after a treatment is to take a walk for 20 minutes so the fat cell is burned off and eventually leaves your body.”

Michelle that since the end of December nine people have begun Ultra-Plus treatments and the results have been immediate.

“One woman on her first visit had 43-inch waist and by her third treatment she is down to a 41-inch waist,” said Michelle. “Another woman reduced the size of her thighs by the second treatment. We have seen some very immediate and successful body transformations.”

Michelle and her entire staff of licensed aestheticians and technicians have been trained to perform the procedures on the Ultra-Plus machine.

“These procedures are non-invasive and that’s a facet of it that I want to stress,” said Michelle. “There’s no down time or lying in bed during recovery. There is no changing of bandages and no pain at all.”

Michelle said what has been most rewarding about the treatments is that “people end up feeling very good about themselves because they start to see they’re dropping inches” from their bodies. “I’m excited about it because this is a huge issue and we can remove the fat cells and make feel better about themselves and their bodies. People want to be healthier.”

An attractive 48-year-old mother of three children, Justin Perrin, 25, Michelle Perrin, 24, and Johnna Fisher, 19, Michelle is excited about the potential of i-Lipo Ultra Plus.

And despite her busy professional schedule at Epidermis Co-Med Spa, Michelle Cataldo-Favaloro remains a big fan of the Central Connecticut State University women’s basketball team where 6-feet-3-inch daughter Johnna plays for the Division 1 Lady Blue Devils.

“I’m really proud of her,” said Michelle. “I go to all her games.”

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