Police Blotter 01-17-2013

January 7

Break down near Governors Park. Officer reports car is off to side of the road.

Call of someone having a seizure.

Caller reports excessively loud music coming from  neighboring apartment.

Female called to report a neighbors house is open and no one is home.

Report of a burglary alarm.

January 8

Life line called to report needs help.

Caller requests a well-being check on tenants he has not seen or heard from in some time.

Call from manager of store to report his business was tagged.

Requesting ambulance for someone who is diabetic.

Caller requests an officer as he believes he is being harassed by someone in his building.

January 9

Party requests assistance with a fuse.

Party reports a motor vehicle has been parked for over a week and has not moved.

Party reports a male going door to door soliciting for an alternative electricity provider.

Party requesting an ambulance.

Party reported to being threatened by a party with a gun. Officers report subject is there and there is no weapon present.

Party reports a large knife in the area.

January 10

Party reports her driver’s side window and passenger window were smashed out.

Party reports a large deceased raccoon in the roadway.

Unknown medical emergency.

Reports from the CPYC there is a body on the shore.

January 11

Party came in to report a female threatened to damage his property.

Party reports a violation of a restraining order.

January 12

Party reports he was involved in a minor motor vehicle accident. No injuries.

Party reports a possible overdose.

Party reports her neighbor continues to harass her despite a harassment order.

Party reports a piece of her jewelry was stolen a few weeks ago.

January 13

Caller reports a suspicious vehicle.

Officer reports blue SUV illegally parked.

Caller reports small fire on Governors Dr.

Caller reports screaming in the area, possible fight.

Anonymous caller reports male party sniffing coke in a motor vehicle.

Domestic assault and battery.

January 14

Alarm going off for 30 minutes.

Domestic assault.

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