Police Blotter 12-27-2012

Monday, December 17

Attempt to follow up on a call regarding a stolen package (I-pod) on Walden Street. Caller unable to be reached to obtain further information. Message left, should party call back, please obtain information for initial report for further follow-up.

Party came into the station requesting to speak with an officer regarding his child’s welfare and school attendance.

Caller reports a subject is leaning against the fence at the Senior Center and seems to need assistance. Party called back reporting the subject just fell down on the sidewalk and may need medical assistance. WFD and EMS notified.

Party reports she observed a party on the roof of the Winthrop High School. Officers report it is the janitor working on a leaky roof.

Vehicle was parked in the handicap parking spot at Winthrop Market without a placard. The operator was issued a $300 parking ticket for the violation.

Party on Pleasant Street reports that her father is experiencing severe leg pain. WFD and EMS notified.

Tuesday, December 18

Suffolk County deputies enforcement unit came to the station regarding the seizure of a motor vehicle in compliance with a court order issued by Springfield District Court. Towed by their agencies’ tow company.

Party reported that a subject was laying down on the sidewalk at the old Winthrop hospital site. Officer checked the area to no avail. Subject believed to be headed toward the park area.

Party would like us to check on his nephew as he is not contacting his mother on Pauline Street and has disconnected his phone. Officer reports he got no answer at the door and a neighbor hasn’t seen him in a few days which is not unusual.

While officer was assisting traffic entering and exiting the school zone at the Gorman School, he stopped a vehicle. Calling party is following the vehicle as he believes there is a domestic disturbance inside involving his female friend and her old boyfriend. Officers questioned all involved an alleged victim states no abuse or issues.

Party from McCormick’s Flowers reports some items were stolen from inside the store.

Several 911 calls of a fight on Bellevue Avenue. Woman requests police. Units requests EMS for an evaluation. Fire, Action, units report no transport. Mutual assault and battery.

Wednesday, December 19

Officer requested WFD and EMS for motor vehicle accident. Tow truck also requested for at least one vehicle. WFD and EMS sent to extricate one of the occupants and evaluate all parties involved.

Party on Main Street reports his 88 year old mother isn’t feeling well and needs to go to the hospital for a medical evaluation. WFD and EMS notified.

Party on Court Road reports he has been out front attempting to have his ex-wife pick up their child but he gets no answer at the address. The parties vehicle is parked there and she should be expecting him. Officer reports no answer at the address. Call was made to the home – no answer. Officer requested WFD for a forced entry to check further. Upon arrival of WFD, subject answered the door.

Call of an argument taking place outside Cumberland Farms. Male subject was last seen leaving the area. Officers stopped the subject and report it was a verbal argument that took place. EMS was called for the female who has a medical condition. WFD and EMS notified. Female patient being transported to MGH for her medical issue.

Party requested we check on his wife who may be under the weather walking on Shirley Street. Caller also sounded under the weather. 91 dispatched to speak with the caller. 98 and 91 report a verbal argument over a deposit. They will return later when the owner of Crystal Cove Inn is on site.

Caller on Brookfield Road reports her mother was beaten by a man named Kevin. 93 reports EMTs for evaluation. One to MGH.

Thursday, December 20

Manager of Bank of America reports receiving an odd Christmas card from a customer. W92 spoke to customer and reports that all is okay.

Male on Wilshire Street reports that he was assaulted by his wife who is being treated at a clinic. He wanted this noted as she may call and report that he did something.

Report of a black truck is on the scene at a house on Pleasant Street and it is not the contractor. Caller reports there is a great deal of building materials there. W92 responded and reports the regular operator came to the scene and all is okay.

Caller on Shore Drive reports that her mother is on the floor and unresponsive. Call transferred to EMS. W91, 93 and 98 dispatched to location along with fire and EMS. Party transported to MGH.

Action Ambulance requests assist on Winthrop Street. Suicidal female being combative to medical services.

Party came to the station to report an on-going harassment of her daughter on River Road by another party. W93 spoke to the party, she reports she will complete victim/witness statement and return it tomorrow for Off. Feeley’s report. He will then forward it to the primary officer in the case.

Caller reports her vehicle was just side-swiped by another vehicle on Crest Avenue at Revere Street. Officer reports going off with vehicles. Both vehicles and operators are active. Officer reports one party in custody for OUI. G&J notified to tow. Charges: driving under the influence, third offense.

Mother on Crystal Cove Avenue called for out of control daughter. Units waited with the family for the best team to arrive.

Friday, December 21

Party on Wave Way Avenue came to the station due to his LTC being suspended. States his LTC was seized by MSP and is no longer in his possession.

Transferred call from MSP relative to a possible domestic. Officer Feeley is following up and may be seeking complaints against the caller if his investigation reveals assault and battery on male victim. Also, he will be following up on potential larceny.

911 call from upset female on Ingleside Avenue reporting that a male identifying himself as the property manager just was at her apartment threatening her. W93 dispatched.

Capt. Flanagan from WFD requests an officer to assist at medical aid for possible Section 12 on Putnam Street. W92 assists. Reports voluntary transport to Whidden.

Resident on Shirley Street called to say that another male came into his house uninvited. He is just6 sitting at his table. W93 Off. Curran responded and requests medical. EMS notified.

Caller from Grovers Avenue reported that his grandfather, who suffers from Alzheimer’s is missing from his home in East Boston. He is approximately 5’ 7” with gray hair wearing a long black coat and black hat. He speaks Spanish.

Female reports that a man fell on Beal Street and hurt his head. EMS and 93 Brown report man has refused further aid.

Male on Revere Street reports a 2 year old child is having breathing difficulty. EMS and 93 Brown reports female child going to Children’s. Might be the croup.

Saturday, December 22

Caller reports a large group of males and females walking on Grovers Avenue. Caller reports one male tried to get in a car with a female who was about to drive off in her car. He reports that the female who was a visitor to his home and she screamed and eventually left. Male left her car. Officers checked the area for the group.

Mother on Court Road called reporting that she needs an ambulance for her son who is on the floor. Son is being transported to the Whidden.

Caller at the Winthrop Arms reports some type of wire down. W91 reports anchor wire, not a power line and not creating a public safety hazard in the roadway.

Manager of Crystal Cove Inn reports that a guest caused significant damage to the property.

Detail officer McFarland reports hearing someone screaming from the area of PPYC and requests units. Several calls for a kayaker in distress, man in water. WFD and Harbormaster notified. Individual recovered, transported to MGH via Action Ambulance.

Caller on Hermon Street reports unconscious male on front lawn, possibly drunk. Fire notified. W91 reports male to BMC via Action for observation.

Caller reports motor vehicle without handicap placard parked in the handicap spot on Winthrop Street.

Report of wires down on Cutler Street. W92 reports downed cable wires attached to pole, not creating a public safety concern at this time. WFD assisted.

Caller from Showcase Coin Op Laundromat reports that a customer just passed out. Referred to WFD. Male suffered a seizure and was then transported to MGH.

Male on Shore Drive called to report his wife is unresponsive. Transferred to EMS. W91 responded and female was transported to MGH.

Caller on Johnson Avenue reports that dogs have been out barking all day and his has been an ongoing problem. Made a call to the owner’s house and spoke with dog sitter who stated that she would take the dogs in right away. Dog officer notified of ongoing situation.

Transfer from the state of an unwanted guest on Main Street. W91 and W93 responded along with restraining order.

Regarding above incident, female on Read Street called to report that guy has a knife. He refused to be fingerprinted during booking. Again prisoner stated he would cooperate and when they went to start the process, the prisoner refused to cooperate. Unable to positively identify prisoner at this time. Clerk Magistrate contacted and orders subject held until he cooperates with the process. Charges: assault with dangerous weapon, threat to commit a crime and attempt to commit a crime. If male does get bailed, the victims would like to be notified.

Sunday, December 23

Caller request a well being check on her upstairs neighbor on Wave Way Avenue. W93 requests medical for a male who had fallen.

Caller on Emerson Road reports male subject unresponsive. W93 reports party now awake, conscience and evaluated by Action.

Party on Read Street reports that her husband keeps losing consciousness.

Several calls of a male losing consciousness at St. John’s Church. W93 will assist with traffic.

Manager of Suburban Extended Stay reports some type of disturbance involving guests on the second floor. After speaking with parties, it was determined that there was a verbal argument between the two parties. Management no longer wishes parties to be on the premises and had them trespassed off. Parties left voluntarily and were advised of their rights. They will speak to management later today to resolve any issues.

Party on Nevada Street reports that his wife resides out of town and has a 209A no contact on him. He reports that she has been calling him. He has no order against her. He was advised of the law and his rights.

Vehicle was parked in a handicap parking spot at Governors Drive. $300 parking ticket issued.

Vehicle was parked in a handicap parking spot on Hagman Road without a placard. $300 parking ticket issued.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that her son came home from a visitation with a cigarette burn on his hand. Fire notified.

Reports of a woman who is unresponsive at the Winthrop Arms. Transferred to EMS and WFD. W92 Off. Curran responded. Party transferred to MGH.

Male on Maryland Avenue reports that an ex-girlfriend is outside and banging on his doors and windows. No restraining order in effect. W92 and W93 responded and report no one in the area. Caller was called back to come out and speak with the officers. He reports that the female left before their arrival.

Monday, December 24

Caller reports needles in the street at Short Beach. Located four needles. Will secure.

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