Santa’s Parade Route Set for Christmas Eve

Winthrop Firefighter’s Local 1070 have announced the approximate times for the start of 2012 SANTA’S ROUTE that will take place on Christmas Eve, December 24.  The annual event has been popular with local residents as Santa travels through the streets of Winthrop.  We know that Santa will take off immediatedly after the parade to start his delivery of gifts to children all over the world. The following is the schedule:

4:30PM**Start at Deer Island to Tafts**Tafts to Elliot**left on Elliot to Church Square**left on Shirley to Triton**down Triton to Bay View**Bay View to Shirley**left on Shirley to Crystal Cove

4:50PM**Crystal Cove to Park**left on Park to Beacon**right on Beacon to Beacon Circle**down Shore Drive to Tewksbury**left on Tewksbury to Shirley**right on Shirley to Veterans Road**right on Veterans Road to Locust Street**left on Locust Street

5:20PM**Locust to Revere Street**right on Revere Street to Sagamore**Sagamore to Grovers**left on Grovers**Grovers to Cliff** right on Cliff to Seal Harbor**Seal Harbor to Pond Street**

5:45PM**right on Pond Street to Highland Ave**right on Highland to Nahant**left on Grovers** Grovers to Highland**right on Highland to Cliff**Cliff to Quincy Ave**left onto Quincy**Quincy to Upland Road**left on Upland to Revere Street**

6:00PM**left on Revere Street**Revere to Golden Drive**in and out of Golden Drive**right on Revere to Harvard**left on Harvard to Payson**right on Payson to Main**

6:15PM**right on Main to Bowdoin**left on Bowdoin to Centre**right on Centre to Hermon**left on Hermon to Belcher**Belcher to Winthrop**left on Winthrop to Atlantic**left on Atlantic to Hermon**

6:30PM**right on Hermon to Main**right on Main to Winthrop**left on Winthrop to Banks**Banks to Main**right on Main to Pleasant** left on Pleasant to Lincoln**left on Lincoln to Brookfield**right on Brookfield to Pleasant**left on Pleasant to Waldemar**left on Waldemar to Pauline**

7:10PM**right on Pauline to Lowell Road**Lowell to Maple**Maple to Loring**right on Loring to Court**left on Court to Johnson**Johnson to Somerset**left on Somerset

7:40PM**Somerset to Bartlett**Bartlett to Pleasant**right on Pleasant to Cottage Park**left on Cottage Park to Bartlett Parkway**left on Bartlett Parkway to Orlando**Orlando to Bartlett Road**Bartlett to Pleasant**right on Pleasant to Plummer**right on Plummer to Francis**left on Francis to Sunnyside**left on Sunnyside to Pleasant**across Pleasant to Buchanan**Buchanan to Putnam**Putnam to Viking Gardens**Viking Gardens to Putnam to Buchanan**left on Buchanan to Winthrop**

8:15PM**right on Winthrop to Washington**left on Washington to River Road**left on River Road to Chester**left on Chester to Bowdoin**right on Bowdoin to George**left on George to Winthrop**left on Winthrop to Jefferson**Jefferson to Freemont**right on Freemont to Pauline**right on Pauline to Fire Headquarters**

9:00PM**Santa heads back to North Pole to load up his sleigh

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