New School Proposal: It Makes the Most Sense in Every Respect

After listening to Superintendent of Schools John Macero eloquently present the options for new school construction vs. renovation, and viewing the cost numbers, it’s clear that the construction of a new school for grades 6-12 is the best solution to the myriad of problems of our aging and antiquated high school and middle school. It is estimated that in order to renovate both schools, the cost could be as high as $50 million. When you break down the numbers, that isn’t much less than the cost of a brand new school (with the estimated reimbursement from the state).

If you’ve been to Winthrop High School lately, you understand that it doesn’t match up with the potential and exciting opportunities that a brand new, 21st century facility affords. The middle school also is an aging building that truly doesn’t fully fit the needs and technological advancements of today’s educational facilities.

We could sense Mr. Macero’s enthusiasm for a new school building. Moreover, the work that has been done on this issue by School Building Committee co-chairpersons David Dockendorf and Mary Lou Osborne and their committee has been outstanding.

Who wouldn’t want a beautiful, brand new state-of-the-art middle school/high school with a glorious new Miller Field nearby for our athletic teams and townspeople to enjoy? It is an investment that will pay dividends immediately for everyone in town, whether or not one has children is the school system. From a financial perspective, new schools always lead to higher real estate values in communities. In addition, new schools can become a community resource to be used and enjoyed by all.

The time for a new Winthrop middle school/high school is now. Let’s not waste time and let’s get it done.

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