Put To Good Use – Landmark Building Still Serving the Town

There was much discussion last year over what action to take on the future of the E.B. Newton School building after the School Department vacated it. Some suggested selling the landmark structure on Pauline Street to the highest bidder, with the end result likely seeing it turned into condominiums or apartments. There also were other ideas bandied about for the E.B. Newton.

But if you visit the top floor today, you’ll realize that Town Manager James McKenna and the Council made the right decision in keeping this building as town property. Long-time business owner Trudy Macero has taken over the top floor (formerly used by the Parks and Recreation Department) and turned it into a clean and spacious venue for her Winthrop School of Performing Arts.

Macero did a tremendous job of transforming it into a place where young dancers, singers, and musicians can enjoy their activities. (And we love the decision to keep the brick walls in the dance studio itself.)

It’s fitting that this is the 25th anniversary for the Winthrop School of Performing Arts because it also is a celebration of what can happen when the town (and McKenna deserves a lot of credit for his leadership on the E.B. Newton School) takes a pro-active approach and makes sure that the E.B. Newton is being used for the maximum benefit of the town’s residents.

Of course, there is the added bonus of the leases generating funds for the town. And there is still more space available at the building for other prospective businesses or non-profit organizations, but having a well-established business like the Winthrop School of Performing Arts at the building is a great start.

So let’s commend Manager James McKenna for his efforts and congratulate Trudy Macero on her milestone and for helping thousands of Winthrop children appreciate the dramatic arts.

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