Square canvases

Members of the Winthrop Art Association (WAA) will be taking advantage of the beautiful weather that is forecast for the weekend and offering art lovers a chance to take in some art, perhaps buy some art and still enjoy the great outdoors during Saturday’s Art on the Square, in French Square.

“The Association has been running this event since the mid-90s,” explained current WAA President, and local, artist Dawn Mahoney. “We started this event, and the Art in Crest Avenue Park event in August, around 1994 to build on the popularity of our annual Spring Art Festival.”

Though the two weekend events are not as large as the Spring Art Festival, they still represent a great opportunity to see the works of local artists, in an outdoor setting and even have the opportunity to purchase something. This year’s event will feature about ten local artists offering art in a variety of mediums including traditional mediums such paintings, photography, and more recently developed art forms like jewelry and crafts.

“There will be tables set up around the Square, where people can come down just to see and appreciate the art. They can take advantage of the opportunity to sit down and chat with the local artists or even paint with some of them and if they see something they like, they can buy some local art,” explained Mahoney.

Art on the Square event will be held this Saturday, July 24, and like its partner event next month (August 21), will run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The Winthrop Art Association has a membership of some 150 local artists and crafters, and Mahoney notes that though some of the artists at this weekend’s event will also participate in the Art in the park event in August. There will also be several different artists at the two events.

For more information about the Art on the Square or Art in the Park events, or to learn more about the WAA itself, please contact Dawn Mahoney at 617-846-2644.

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