Winthrop Rotary pledges$1,000 for Haiti Relief – Seeks local donations for more shelter boxes

The Winthrop Rotary Club pledged a $1,000 contribution to purchase a shelter box that would contain a tent and supplies for a family for the Haiti Relief efforts. In fact, the Rotary District of which Winthrop is a part, has so far donated some 55-shelter boxes to the cause, at an estimated cost of $55,000.

However, more still can be done.

“These shelter boxes are used to provide housing and supplies for up to ten people at disaster relief sites,” explained Rotarian Pat Milano.

To date approximately 33,000 people in Haiti have found shelter in these types of shelter kits, following the earthquake two weeks ago that devastated the country and has spurred relief efforts around the globe. However, with still more than one million people left homeless, more shelter boxes are needed.

“One of the things that the Winthrop Rotary Club would like to make clear is that we are happy to make donations for additional shelters, if local residents are interested in making donations to aid the effort,” said Milano. “Additionally, 100 percent of the donations collected for these shelter boxes will go directly to providing more shelter kits, as the Rotary Club is not passing on any administrative or shipping costs.”

Those who would like to learn more about what is included in the shelter boxes can visit the website

The shelter box website also has a link to join a facebook group, so that you can let your friends and contacts know about the shelter box efforts to help Haiti.

“This is really an effort to provide immediate relief to people who have lost everything in the earthquake,” said Milano. “Anyone from Winthrop who would like to make a donation to help us purchase more shelter boxes, can do so by sending a check to the Winthrop Rotary Club Foundation.”

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