Winthrop voters make a state-ment and back Coakley

Congressman Mike Capuano won Suffolk County but lost Winthrop and the state to Attorney General Martha Coakley, who won the Democratic side of the special election senate primary by a wide margin and now faces Republican opponent Senator Scott Brown in the election final.

A total of 2,811 Winthrop voters turned out Tuesday – 24 percent of the total vote possible, a fairly good turnout compared with neighboring communities where voter turnout was in the 15-17 percent range.

Capuano received 758 votes, Coakley, 1,053, Alan Khazei 253 and Steve Pagliuca, 310.

On the Republican side, Senator Scott Brown received 378 votes while Jackie Robinson received just 46, according to voting figures released by Town Clerk Carla Vitale.

Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo extended hearty congratulations to Coakley.

“Massachusetts needs strong representation in the United States Senate, and she is the Democrat who can provide that,” he told the Sun-Transcript.

Coakley received 310,827 votes or 47 percent of the total cast.

Capuano received 184,791 votes or 28 percent of the total cast.

Khazei received 88,929 votes or 13 percent while Pagliuca, the Boston Celtics co-owner received 80,248 or 12 percent of the total vote on the Democratic side.

Capuano was the top vote getter in Boston, and Chelsea.

If she is elected in January, Coakley will become the first woman Senator in Massachusetts history.

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