Yes, Basketball Season – Adult League is ready to begin

If the calendar says June is approaching, then it’s time for another season of the Winthrop Adult Summer Basketball League. We’ve always liked the manner in which Peter Grimes has organized and coordinated the basketball league in this town. Yes, the league is competitive, but it’s always been a fun-first type of league in which virtually all of the players know each other and respect each other’s abilities.

 Co-commissioners Peter Grimes and Phil Lundberg are getting ready for another season of roundball. There is a mandatory meeting on Monday, June 8, at 6 p.m. at the Ingleside Courts for all prospective team representatives.

 Sean Driscoll, director of the Winthrop Parks and Recreation Department, is available to answer any questions about the 2009 season. It’s great that Sean has made the continued operation of the league a priority. It always has been a wonderful summertime experience for its participants.

 The one question facing the teams: Who is going to be able to dethrone the Winthrop High boys team as league champion? It won’t be easy.

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